At saturday I saw Linkin Park in Leipzig, Germany. It has been a really good weekend, and I just have to tell everything that happened!


We were leaving my house between 1.30 - 2 pm at Friday. We were going to take an earlier train since we wanted to spend a little time in Oslo before we had to move on again. It takes 45 minutes, but after 15 minutes the train stopped!!! We were stuck in Asker for 1 hour, and we didn't know what we should do. Everyone wanted to take a taxi, and that's too expencive for us. We were calling someone, but nothing happened. Suddenly Birgitte's father said yes to drive us all the way to the airport!! We are so grateful for that! He actually had work that night so spending time to drive us instead of sleaping is so nicely done of him.


Too much things to handle when we were 1 hour from the destination point, and some places on the way it was queue -.- But after hours of worrying, we made it! It didn't take long to get into our plane then, and we had been in the tax free before that. Stressing, but sooo happy that we actually made it.


The plane arrived half an hour earlier than expected. We walked to the train station at the airport, and it took looong time before we found our train. The same thing happened in Berlin. We didn't know if we were on the right train. (But we were.) We stressed about getting the right wagon, we just sat on one after all. And when Birgitte were going in the train she was almost crushed into the door, but she made it fortunately!

We had to switch train in Bitterfield. We were going to go out, but we couldn't open the door :| We tried a little while, and we were soooo stressed! Finally we got it open, but then I stumbled out, because the stairs were really weird and I was afraid for the gap...

And then we thought we had good time, since it was 11 minutes between the trains. But it wasn't :| 1 minute! We ran, and the doors were getting closed, but Birgitte yelled and some girls opened the door for us...


Finally at the hostel in Leipzig, we had to fix our beds in the dark since everyone had gone to bed already.

But it was a great hostel!



We woke up in a room full of strangers (we couldn't see them in the dark the night before of course) and Birgitte talked to me. We talked like we knew there was no one that could understands, and suddenly Birgitte asks "is there someone in this room that understands Norwegian?" (in Norwegian of course.) No one answered. After a while the guy in the bed under mine talked to us in Swedish, and he actually could understand Norwegian >:( embarrassing! x)


We fixed ourself, and then we walked out. We were on a shopping centre and ate food at Burger King. Not the best breakfast I have had.... We bought food and drinks, and then we leaved the city and went to the arena. About 50 people were there already. We sat there for 2-3 hours, and we could here some music from the scene. Don't know if that was really LP or someone else. We came inside the arena at 3.30, and we raaaan! We were lucky to land on 5. or 6. row! And then I was standing there the whole time. Birgitte was there with me until 6 pm, because she had to leave. She was at the Meet & Greet! Her 4th!! x) hehe...


I was alone in front of the scene, and watched the before-bands. I sat during all the songs of the last band, because I was so tired. I actually played solitaire at my phone, because the time wouldn't go!!


Before the concert with LP, they sent the LPUX video at the screen at the stage, and I saw Birgitte!! xD She's at the video since she was on LPU Summit in London. She says "I'm from Norway", so it will be SO FUN to see the same video before the concert in Norway June 28th. XD

I was so excited (started to scream, lol)... Right after that, Birgitte called me. We didn't expect that she would be back where I stood, but she passed the securities, because she showed them the M&G-pass! Many people were angry at her, but she just showed them the M&G-pass and then she came to me!!

To share the experience with one of my best friends, and my best LP-friend was GREAT. I don't know what it would feel like not to have her besides me right there...


Okey, so LP came at stage. SO !!!! I don't know what word is the most describable. It was just SO MUCH BETTER then last concert I was on! (In October, we sat far away from the stage and we couldn't see that much.) Now we were only max 5 meters in front of them!! They played "Burning in the skies" and "blackout", they didn't do that the last concert. And they played "Lying from you", my favorite!!

Chester pointed at us!!! And Phoenix looked at us xD He was in front of us almost the whole time. It was just so great to see the guys that I've been talking about all the time since last concert. It's unbelievable...


And when Chester came out to the audience, everyone pushed their self to him, and me and Birgitte ended up on second row!!! So close :D Could touch the fence, lol xD At some point, Rob threw a drum stick (that I didn't saw) and all the sudden, Birgitte was lying on the ground! With another guy XD I didn't knew what was going on, so I got reeeally worried about her... The securities were on their way over the fence to stop it, but Birgitte dropped the stick to make it good. Bad that she didn't got it, but she got a bottle of water that Mike threw afterwards :)


After the concert, we bought a t-shirt for me, and we ate and drank alot. I hadn't eat since 3.30 xD

It's so many things to digest, so many impressions. I haven't realized it yet. That we actually saw them so close. I miss them so much. I can't complain, tho, because I AM GOING TO SEE THEM IN 8 DAYS!!!

At Hove festival in Norway. We have had the ticket since January. Now I have paid for LPUX, and I hope I get Meet & Greet XD Haha... I don't know how much chance I have. But Birgitte has met them 4 time, why can't I meet them once?! x)


Yesterday, we were at a shopping centre in Leipzig. Didn't know it was open at Sundays, but it was! :) We just walked around there for hours, and I bought three jewelry. We left Leipzig 3.51 pm, and everything went well this time. At the airport in Berlin I suddenly met my aunt!! The world is SO SMALL! I didn't know that she was in Berlin this weekend. It's actually most likely that we were at the same airplane down to Germany too!


The train from Oslo to home was delayed because it was a addicted person at the train that they couldn't just leave, because he would take his life then... They sat he down in another wagon, but when he walked out again he said: "I'M GONNA DIE! PLEASE, HOLD MY HAND WHEN I'M DYING!" It was really creepy, but the police came and we could finally leave. I was home at 2.30 am....


Even tho we had sooo much almost-accidents on the way down to Germany, we have had AN AWESOME, GREAT, FANTASTIC weekend!!! :) I LOVE LINKIN PARK, AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM IN 8 DAYS!!! <3 <3 <3

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