The concert in Norway + Meet and greet!


I haven't write about my third LP concert yet! So.. Here it is x)


Me and two friends went to Hove festival the day before the concert. The festival camp was open, but not the festival area. We were there pretty late actually.


The next day we woke up, ate some breakfast, I had to shower (I couldn't look like shit when I was going to meet LP!) and then we had to leave. Birgitte and Jannice left before I did (since I showered) and then a guy who worked at Hove said we had to move our tent! Birgitte and Jannice left because they wanted to stay close to the stage, so they were waiting there... I couldn't move the tent alone! I left without saying anything more to the Hove guys, and it actually went well. They hadn't moved our tent, and they never came back.


I was going to the stage, and there they were. With two brand new wigs.... A orange one, and a bright red one... They wanted to be noticed by LP xD We were sitting there for an hour or so, before I went away. I checked my e-mail for sooo long, I hadn't got my e-mail from LPHQ. When we were in Leipzig, Birgitte got the e-mail before 1 pm :p So I went to check out main info box, but the old lady sent me to some other place, so I didn't know where to go x) I was kinda nervous. I thought I had to wait till 6.30 pm, cause that's what it stood: Info was available 3 hours of the show at the info box. But 4.30 I got the e-mail ;) haha. So much concern for nothing! Birgitte even said that she thought the meeting point would be right for the stage, and it was.


I went back to see Jimmy Eat World. Then I discovered that my camera was nearly out of battery! I couldn't let that happen, when I was going at a Meet and greet! So I had to find the charging station. It took a long time before I found it xP But I charged it for an hour. 6.30 I stood infront of the stage, watching All Time Low! I discovered their music when Hove festival announced that they were coming, in January, and I really like their music. So different from LP, but yeah, I like them too. I took a few pictures, but I couldn't let my battery be empty again just because of that.


During 30 Seconds to Mars, I sat by the LPU banner to wait. I couldn't really care about 30 STM, I was too nervous! I didn't sit by the other LPU'ers, because I'm too shy, and then I was too nervous too. But a Norwegian security came out, and I was nearly running to the other people. Lol! He didn't know anything, though. I was so excited!! After chatting with some of the other LPU'ers, a woman came out to us and we got our M&G passes. We were going in backstage, and one of the first persons we saw was Jared Leto... We winked to him, he winked back xD

We met Hugo and another woman and they talked about what was going to happen, and answered some questions. We even got a bandana and ear plugs from Music for Relief :) During standing there, we could see all the members xD Phoenix and Chester walked by us, Brad was talking to someone... :p We also saw Jimmy Eat World. We in LPU took a picture, and suddenly we were walking, and there they sat, on the other side of the bus. I was so surprised, because I had no clue they were sitting there! x)


The walk pass the table went super fast. I only remember Chesters (beautiful) eyes, Phoenix and Brad talking to each other, Rob's nodding and Mike's excitement. It went so fast, and I wanted to say a sentence, but before I could think about WHO I was going to say it to, I just had to say it to Mike (he was sitting at the last chair xD) "I saw you... for... in... uhm.. 10 years %#¤!")¤ (<--- nervous face and vocabulary) no! days ago." I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! I think he took it fine, because he said "Oh, nice to see you again!" Lol!  I was standing in the other line for 2 minutes or less, and I was going to take some pictures of them, but there was people in front of them and I hadn't any time to do it. Birgitte was lucky because they were a lot more people there... All the sudden Brad sat in front of me and the other members were standing there with us and we took some pictures. When that was done we had to leave :( During walking to the stage, I saw Zack Merrick from All Time Low ^^

In front of the stage, it was CRAZY!! So many people and everybody pushed each other. I was standing in the middle, but I just couldn't stand there. In front of me it was some really tall boys, so I went outside the crowd. It wasn't easy at all! It was so tight between everybody... But I came to the right of the stage, I was standing in 2. row. A little too far from the stage. When I was standing there, I could see a lot of people be pulled out from the crowd, and they were handed by the security guys. Some of the girls had passed out, had breathing problems and so on. So I was really glad that I had moved. Even though I couldn't see that much, I was happy that it wasn't ruined by passing out or something. It was a really great concert, even though the concert in Leipzig was better. :) (The band is ABSOLUTELY GREAT - but the set list in Leipzig was much better I think, since they were playing more of the new album, like Burning in the Skies and Blackout <3)

After the concert I met Birgitte and Jannice, they were exhausted! They had been standing there for 11 hours or something, and that had been infront of the stage until LP came on, then the pushing part started, and they were dragged back in the crowd. They were telling me that they were laying at the ground, beaten, and Birgitte had a blackout... It was her worst LP concert ever - and she has been on 8 now!


Mike said to us: "Are you with us right now?! You guys are f*cking rowdy out there. I'm sure it's to me this is maybe one of the craziest f*cking crowd we've been played to on this tour. So all I'm going to say to you is really f*cking important, okey... All you guys along the front, they've been pulling people out already, they've been pulling ALOT of people out of the front. If you guys see anybody who doesn't look like they're alright, you let these guys (the security guys) know, okey, we want to keep everybody healthy over here. Are you with us?"

Chester: "You guys are gonna keep each other safe down there, alright? We got nothing but love for you, everybody has a good f*cking time"


Another time, Chester said: "You guys are f*cking bad ass. I would not wanna f*cking run into anyone of you in a dark alley. You're f*cking crazy!"


They're saying the right things. :p In Leipzig, Chester said: "This is like... The perfect audience. Perfect, in every way, thank you very much!" 

And I'm sooo agree to that. We were perfect in Leipzig, and crazy in Norway xD


The rest of the festival wasn't that good. We were on some concerts, but nothing that we really enjoyed as the concert with LP. Tuesday (the day where LP was there) was a sunny day, really nice weather. Wednesday and Thursday wasn't that good. It rained constantly. A new world in some ways. It had been so much better if it was nice weather. Friday was good, though.


And another thing: MY CAMERA WAS STOLEN!! We were sleeping in our tent, and someone had been inside, stole my camera, Birgitte's toilet bag, and some beers. I regret that I didn't take my camera with me (we had two "rooms" where we slept and a "hallway") :( Gladly, I hadn't take any good pictures at M&G, but anyway :/ )


Now, I have been on 3 concerts with Linkin Park, 1 Meet & Greet - and that only 8 months after loving them for the first time (and seeing them for the first time). I can't wait for the next concert I will be attending, even though it is a year to or more. I really hope they're having a Europe tour next summer!


Thank you, Linkin Park <3

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Comment by Vivienne Ng on September 19, 2011 at 7:44am
Geez! You are so darn lucky! I have been a fan of Linkin Park since 2005, and I went to 3 of their concerts, and they were all amazing! Actually I got to see them 2 weeks ago, and I went to the M&G too! (Hmm my very first one xD) Eww I truly miss them now! :'(


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