The Essence Of The Sound Of The Strings

Greetings Linkin park,

I am Suhas from Bangalore, India. I am an LP fan since January of this year. I just want to tell a few things, like in a few of your tracks like Faint, Points Of Authority, No More Sorrow i.e. all the songs belonging to metal genres(nu metal, rap metal etc.), there has been much of rhythm and lead guitars in those songs, now that is the best part of them next to rap and hip-hop styles included in some of those tracks. But in a few other songs(rock genres) their hasn't been much of guitars, all I am trying to tell I definitely like all the tracks no doubt about it, but a bit of more rhythm guitaring by Mike and lead by Brad would definitely be good, in fact much better. So I would just like to tell that all other things are perfect they are falling right into their respective places including the unique singing style of Chester, but if there is something or somewhere where LP is lagging behind is the lack of sufficient guitaring. Your innovation is great but I suggest or rather request to implement more and more of guitars including acoustics in their upcoming new albums.

Thanking You

P.S.  The person who has put up this wall post is an hardcore LP fan and has heard almost every song from their each albums.

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