I thought I had wrote a blog post before, but it seems it didn't happen or something? :p

Anyway, I AM SO EXCITED!!!


As I wrote in the last post, this festival called Hove that was going to tell us a headliner January 18th, have done it. They had these hints before: "American group, lots of fans, who haven't been mentioned much here, not been to Norway before, including both drums, bass and guitar in the lineup."

I was hoping for Linkin Park of course, but these hints where probably right for many other bands...

But I got my will !!! Linkin Park are going to Norway this summer!

We have been waiting for them in ages, and finally they are coming. I haven't been a fan in a long time, but I'm lucky enough to see them twice within a year!

There are so many people that are complaining about that LP is coming because "they were popular for 10 years ago!" or "I hope you book better performers soon!" and it's so many that want Kings of Leon or 30 seconds to Mars. It's okey for me, cause I got what I wanted!!! :D


This is at the website for the festival, and I'm so happy when I see it!! ;D


As I can translate:
Sometimes it happens something that you thought was impossible. Sometimes it comes something really cool right down from heaven (is that a metafor in English, too? xD). It isn't few organizers that have been trying to get Linkin Park to Norway. The closest we get were "Norwegian Wood", that was going to have them on their list in 2003. But the band had to cancel in the last moment. Since then it have been much petition and initiative to get the band to Norway, not at least on Facebook.


And when Toffen (the leader) got to know that Linkin Park wanted to come to Hove, he became a bit shocked. This was something the crew and the fans of Linkin Park was dreaming of in our craziest dreams. But with "Waiting for the End" that have been going on at the list of P3 (a radio channel), and the latest album "A Thousand Suns", are the band back stronger than ever before, and after 10 years in the game they have built some great set-lists. It's a bit extra fun that Jay-Z played his version of the Linkin Park-song "Numb/Encore" when he visit Hove in 2008.

Anyway: This year we'll get the original version. Served by one of the greatest american band in the history. This is something to look forward to!

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