The Harbingers Of True Music.......LINKIN PARK

Many Greats were Born, Many Great will come but there is No Great of this Era other than LINKIN PARK.. Some say them the Kng of Hybrid Music.. Some say them the God Of "Nu Metal Rock".. But to me they are not a group, not a band, and not mere indivisuals but They are One Type of IDEOLOGIES.. a type of road towards REVOLUTION.. Many Critics of them say Their Music is not great But Their Lyrics are the one which can truly describe what "LIFE" is.... Others they have one great hit on the billboard and Done.... But the most unique feature about LP is they dont give a Fuck about topping billboards, every Lyric,, Every song,, Every Album of theirs is something which cannot be matched.. and thats the most Unique Feature of them is that They give everything for every tune and wordings of their Song... And If someone ahtes them, Well I just want to tell Him/Her "IF YOU HATE LINKIN PARK, THEN YOU HATE TRUE MUSIC AND LIFE"... and the most great thing about this Band is "MUSIC FOR RELIEF OF SOULS, OF SOCIETY and OF HUMANITY..." Their most Unique feature to me is every type of relief they have provided to the world and to me thats why they are TRUE ARTISTS...  But sorry my Readers I cannot give a well written off Description of each member because I have never seen them as Indivisuals But as a combined and United BAND.....and now comes the part how they inspired my life...Well I am a Writer and more likely to say a Poet and if You ask a poet who is Your Inspiration many names will come off starting from "KEATS, TENNYSON, MILTON, SHELLEY, SHAKESPEARE" and so on.. But honestly speaking I have never read anyone of these poets work except the one I read at school,, To me much to the amusement and surprised looks of My Mates and Teachers MY INSPIARATION is"LINKIN PARK".... To me they have shown what is Humanity, What is Love, What is Society and What is Life... I never believed in God but If He ever gives me one Wish I will ask for seeing Linkin Park performing on stage Live... If any member of LP reads this by taking valuable time from your more precious work Please come to perform Here in INDIA... I hope You will not regret Your Trip...... Now about the songs Well To me Upto thsi day mY fav. Song is "HANDS HELD HIGH"... Well I am so addicted to this song that the first time I heard it..There were real tears in my Eyes (P.S I had never cried in my life before)... and so came "WHAT Ive DONE" and "NOT ALONE" who can say these are songs,, to me they are a message to the laws governing the society and Humanity,, They bought out the real face of Whats Out there in the World.. They gave us a reason to Rebel,, To Revolt and For Revolution.. Well I am not a music maniac I just listen to LP and Some others like Tools, Oasis and Dash Berlin.. and I have yet been dissappointed either and so I dont give a Fuck about other So-Called Musicians and Singers.. Why to Go to something When You have LP enough in Your Veins...

Lastly, I just wanna Say THANK YOU LINKIN PARK for Inspiring me and KEEP on ROCKING THE WORLD WITH YOU..... ALL HAIL LP.........AMEN!!!!!!!

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