Everyone ready to hear some of the never heard before, juicy, scandalous, shocking, horrifying, details of the Yankees/Red SAGA???????????? I'm sure MANY wish I wouldn't, but I'm ready to share. I'm the biggest RAT out there and PROUD of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here we go.......... There's a lot to share, may not have time to share all today but I'm going to try my best!!! Obviously, it goes without saying that my ex-husband is an INSANELY huge Yankees fan, but anyone that wishes to show some support for Anna and Emily can send cards, gifts, and flowers to the last known physical address I have for them which is: The Archstone, 66 Sable, Los or Las Flores, CA. I don't know the zip code but I'm sure it can be located on google. I live at the Woods Mullen wet shelter across the street from Hampton Inn and Suites. Anyhoo, two or three months ago, a woman named Mary Helen showed up, an older woman who claims she's from Northern California. She seemed pretty friendly and nice, one day about a month ago we went on a Boston Duck tour together and then out for cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory. What's interesting about Mary Helen is that she claims she worked for many, many years in the restaurant business for many years in CA. When I mentioned to her that my ex-husband worked at Il Fornaio restaurant in Irvine, she said that she knew the owners of the restaurant Il Fornaio.That's some insane coincidence that she should show up in the same shelter as me. I actually think it'smore than just coincidence. I think she was sent here to cause some drama, bull-shit, etc. I told two or three members of staff about this, and all of them were like, what do you want me to do with this information?? After I became aware she was shady, I stopped talking to her. She stopped coming to the shelter maybe a week ago. Oh yeah, before she left, she asked me if I wanted her to find out if he still worked there. I said sure. So a day or two later she came back to me and said he hadn't worked there in a couple months. My ex-husband's father, Ralph Mattera Jr. owns a business in East Greenwich, RI called E.G. Formals. I'm not sureif he's a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan but I believe probably a Yankee. My ex-husbands grandfather Ralph Sr. was also a huge Yankees fan. It's doubtful the insanity skipped a generation. Obviously, my "parents" Kathy and Paul Jacobs are the biggest Yankees out there, they started this whole sordid mess. As far as I know, my "father" works for Raytheon in Andover, MA. and also owns a company called Metron, Inc. He always made it seemlike it was this small company, but I googled it, it's a company that does work for Homeland Security, army, navy.

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