Hey LP Fans from all over the world, for me Linkin Park just toke it to the next level in "A Thousand Suns" it's like they bring a new genre to us n I like it, once again they prove they are not afraid with taking chances cause in the album they welly toke a risk with this change but it work for me n for many fans I think.
Now let's talk about the one thing that make me depressed wich is they came up with only 9 new songs n we though there are 15, however I just hope we dont have to wait another 3 years to bring a new matriel.

With all my wishs of best to Linkin Park and there Loyal Fans.

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Comment by BHARATH PARK on September 10, 2010 at 2:01am
Hey u r so right when linkin park released the tracklist,not just me but everyone were goin crazy about that there were 15 tracks bcoz it was the highest they had released I thought there would be atleast 3instrumentals but not 6!anyways I really liked the album but obviously not enough tracks and hoping LP atleast release another album in two years!
Comment by Kamel LP on September 10, 2010 at 1:38am
Common guys, where is your opinions in the subject, I mean maybe if many of u (LP Fan) discusse this than Linkin Park will comme with new shit soon.
But hey, Don't think i'm not enjoing ATS, cause it just Rocks (Thank u Linkin Park)

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