My "mother" works at the Stop and shop on Quaker Lane in Warwick, RI. Just about anyone that works at Stop and Shop in RI are Yankees fans. Some of the major Yankees that I know of are: Scott Williams-produce mgr. at coventry Stop and Shop, Tommy Pallente-the produce manager in Johnston, RI. Chris Gallagher-produce manager, don't know what store he works at now. The last time I worked with him was in the Stop and Shop located on Adelaide Ave In Cranston/Providence. Here's an inteesting tid-bit. I was promoted to assistant produce manager in the new Pawtucket store on Cottage St/Ave. A few days after i got there Bobby Hammond posted a photo on the backroom wall. It was a display of loose Idaho potatoes. On top of the display of potatoes, there was a sign that said," New home of the World Famous Red Sox, but loose, what a disgrace, maybe next year!" I immediately went up to him and said I didn't think that was funny. He said, "Well, we all have skeletons in our closet." He was always wearing a Red Sox hat, but I think he was in camoflage. Another major Yankee, a really very cocky Yankee, his name is Rob Brooks. He works at the Atwood Ave. store in Cranston. After my divorce, I worked at that store and knowing I had two young children to care for, he made me work the 2pm to 11 pm shift. At that time I was still talking to my parents, and had to have my "mother" babysit for me. I can only imagine the shenanigans that were going on while I was at work. Then there's Cathy Palmer, she's the produce manager at the Westerly store. I worked in the Westerly store when I was pregnant with Anna. She's a Yankees fan as well. Here's another Yankees fan, the last one I worked for before I quit Stop and shop on August 20, 2007, his name is Bobby Lavoie. He's got a son that works for the company, they call him Snoop Dogg, he looks just like him. I think i've covered all the major Yankees produce managers. Now for the Yankees store managers. First and foremost we have Christina Johnk. she was the store manager in the Westerly store when I was pregnant with Anna. How can I say this, let's just say she has VERY high self esteem. Then we have Jay Albanese, he was the store manager at the Adelaide Ave/St. store in Providence/Cranston line. You wouldn't believe the stuff that went on in this "store." Everyday, I would work my ass off, while all the other full-timers and the store manager in the store punched in and disappeared for the rest of the day. Oh, we got a Yankees florist manager named Donna Vessella. Everyday she came in with literally nine inch long nails and full mask of makeup, and I think she may use a full bottle of hairspray everyday. She's another with cat scratch fever. Another store manager that is a Yankees fan is Matt Lindley, he was the last store manager I worked for, I submitted my resignation to him.


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