the undead world vampries and werewolves


When vampires and werewolves take over, and there are only 100humans still alive. October and the last of the humans must fight to stay alive, but there is a war going on between the vampire and the werewolf world. Can that be the reason for the killing? There’s more to the story than meets the eye as October well soon find out. Well she be the answer every ones been looking for, or well this been the end of all humanity and the world?

December, 21 2010 2:30 p.m.

(T.V.)” There is a break of Vampires? and what’s this Werewolf”.

The news lady said on live news with the vampires killing people behind her. I and my family were watching the news. “The u.s. is being asked to board up your homes and stay in side until they can get this situation under control”. I looked at my parents. “Ahhhhhhhh” the woman screamed. She was being eaten. “We better get started”. My dad said.

July, 4 2017 12:00 pm
It has been 7 years sense that day happened. “My name is October raven blood and I’m 16. I am going east if we do meet I can help you ageist the undead.” I said in the voice box. I am in LosVages, Nevada. Me and 100 other humans are on the run and are fighting for our lives. My parents and brother are dead. I’m alone I have no idea of my friends Sam, Tyler, Scarlet, Raven, Cole, Kyle, Skyler, Ti and lily were still alive the undead or dead. I was in L.A., California when the out break happened. I haven’t found a human that was alive. I have killed vampires and werewolves. There are wide verities of vampires and werewolves.
Superior vampires- sparkle in sun, have the be torn apart and burned to
Be killed and a werewolf.
Normal Vampires- burn in sun light, have be stabbed by a wooden stake or holy water pored on them. The cross fends them off but it dose not kill them. And a werewolf can kill them.
Superior werewolves- can turn into a wolf anytime they wont to, can only be killed by being stabbing the heart or by a vampire.
Normal werewolves – only turn during a full moon, silver bullets and by a superior vampire.
I’m heading back to liberty, South Carolina where I am from. Where I hope that my friends are. Its going to take me at least a week or 2 on foot. There was a plain 2 towns down. I got in and the keys in the cup holder. I started it and It was now 3:00. it was almost time for the night to come and it was a full moon. “ I better hurry”. I punched it and I left LosVagas , Nevada. I was going to stop in North Carolina and drive from the to my town. It was going to take 4 hr. and 35 min. When I got there it was 7:35. and the sun was going down. “oh shit” I had about 30 minutes be for the sun was gone. There was a car right in front of me it was a 2010 Mercedes Benz. I ran and jump in it ,and hit the floor and was gone on my way to liberty . I was going 120 miles per hour, but I was to late when I got there it was 8:50. I had to stop to go to sleep. “Thank god the car was black” I thought. I drove in to Sam’s drive way lock the doors and went to sleep……..
When I woke I wasn’t in the car I was in Sam’s house. “How did I get here”? “I brought you in here”. I knew the voice I just couldn’t remember the name. “Who are you”? I asked. “You mean to tell me you can’t remember me”? “No”. “It’s me Sam”. There was a long pause. “Wait how did you know it was me”? “How could I forget that red and black hair”?“Well let me see that its you Sam”. He turned on the light. It was Sam truly it was. I jumped up and hugged him. “Oh so now you remember”? “Of course how could I forget that red hair of yours”? He hadn’t changed much sense I last seen him, but when I hugged him he had a wolf and vampire bite on his neck. I back up in fear. “What’s wrong with you”? he asked. “You’ve been bitten”. I answered. He stepped closer saying; “Ya so what’s your point”? “Stay away from me Sam I mean it”. “You don’t have to be scared of me I won’t hurt you”. “B.s” I said besides i don’t like human blood only animal blood”. I wasn’t really paying any attention to him I was looking back to that day. “October”. “OCTOBER”! He shake me. Are you even listening”? I looked at him with the eyes I had that day fear and hate filled them. “Tell me what happened”. I sat down on the floor. “Long story short he was a hybrid like you well almost he was half vampire half human and needed a place to stay then on day he was blood thirsty and he attacked; I was knocked out when woke my family was dead”. “Did he bite you”? “No if he did I would be hunting humans for blood not to help them kill the full brides now would I, but I was bitten by a werewolf”. “What do you mean bitten”? I pulled back my hair to show him the bite mark on my neck. “Ummm October that’s not just a werewolf bite there’s a vampire bite with-in the wolf bite”. ”what, no way”. He ran and got a mirror and showed me the bite. He was right.” Oh my gosh but if I was bitten then way am I not thirsty for blood”?” maybe you’re a hybrid of werewolf, vampire, and human“. “Ok maybe that’s the reason I’m fast when I kill and why I can here things no one else can and why I’m stronger than any human”. “Ya that are your answer to why you found that vampire dead after you woke up”. Sam thought. “Wait I never said that about the vampire is there something you’re not telling me can you read minds”? “Ya and its cool to do wait I never said anything to you can you do the same thing”? “Apparently”. I said. “What else can you do”? “I don’t know.” “Well lets see.” He toke my hand and we went out the door to a room that was white walls it was a training room. “W.t.f Sam”. This is the room that I take hybrids to see what type of powers they have if they have any at all”. “Ok so were to first”? “Right here”. We were on a plat form. “When do we start”? “Right now”. He came at me with blazing speed. He tried to grab me, but I dogged him and kicked his leg to be he would fall. I grab a wooden pole and put it to his throat. “Well then don’t give me a chance ea”. “I don’t give chances”. “Oh really hum”. Next thing I new I was on the floor. “What the hell just happened”? I asked. “I just put you on your ass”. “I can see that jerk, but how did do that I didn’t even see it.” “He can do that to any one”. A boy said. “Hey Tyler, Raven, Scarlet, Lilly, Ti, Skyler, Kyle, Cole. What’s up?” I looked at Sam. “Why didn’t you tell me they were still alive”? “You never asked”. “Who’s this”? Cole asked. “You can’t remember her”? “No”. “It’s me October”. “Wait; October”. ”Ya”. He ran and hugged me thigh. ”Were in the hell have you been”? “In LasVages”. “Well no wonder we couldn’t find you, you weren’t even here.” “Ya I missed you so much I thought you guys were dead”. “Nop we’ve been here looking for you.” Tyler said. “Cole has been looking for you non stop.” Raven said. I looked at Cole. He had his back turned to me. I looked at Sam because he new what I was thinking and I new what he was thinking. “Can I jump on his back?” I asked.” a you can.” Sam answered. I jump on Cole’s back, but there was some thing different I went to fast. “Wtf are you a vampire?” “No I’m a hybrid of werewolf, vampire, and human that all.”“Oh ok then”. Cole said. What your powers?” raven asked “We don’t know yet.” Sam said. “You interrupted us be for we could find out.” I said.“Well excuse us.” Skyler, Kyle, lily and, Scarlet said at the same time. “Hey I was just saying.” “Shall we get back to that?” “Yes we shall.” We went striate back to what we were doing. Come to find out I can control water air, fire, earth, lighting, lavation, transporting, and reading minds. “Well then are we done now?” I asked. “Ya we can rest now.” We when to bed. “I couldn’t sleep that night knowing what I know now. I couldn’t help but to think this. “What am I supposed to do now? Why didn’t I knots any changes in anything about me? How was I able to stay alive this long this has been 7 years ago?” I was on the back porch of Sam’s house thinking of all this when I heard a voice behind me it was Sam. “What are you doing out here by your self? “ I’m thinking of what I found out to day."

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