You think social networking would be a perfect chance for cowards, chickenshits, passive-aggressive a$$holes, and the like would have to speak their minds, and be honest about what they think. But not so. They run from convo's, never respond to messages, ect. Really? The inpersonality of a virtual interface isn't enough of a shield for you to feel comfortable to speak your mind from? You have a problem with someone? Just freakin' say it, if you have a valid reason for it that is. Most times people don't and choose to keep their peace rather than sounding immature, or ridiculous if they voiced such trivial reasoning. I thought human beings had the ability to communicate to work through and eliminate barriers and misunderstandings. Appearently its changed to serve only the purpose of talking sh!#, and starting drama and further misunderstandings. Problem with something someone said? Voice it, nothing is done, or gained by taking a "disappearing act" approach and avoiding the matter entirely. However it this kind of thinking and reasoning that leads to relationships and friendships becoming uneasy, then falling apart. All because of words better said, left unsaid. And if you feel you can't be friends with someone anymore for whatever purpose or reason, is that so hard to say as well? Instead, most end up with unused numbers, social networking pages with more than a few people you don't really talk to, and wasted time and memories. I guess its needless to ask if people have really become so insecure that they end up this way, after all, in a world where people need and use status, money, material possessions, social standing, appearance, and any other superficial means to place themselves above their fellow man to feel valid, or superior to speaks for itself. Some believe man is capable of progressing on his own, and is the sole highest order of living beings. I say, "With such blatantly obvious proof we're regressing and degrading as a race and society?" We're a race of fools honestly. To fall into the same mistakes over and over, and to fail to acknowledge and correct simple problems (like I was discussing previously), how can anyone say we're going anywhere?

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