Heya LP fans! :D

Last Sunday, I had an awesome dream about LP and would like to share it with you below. Its written in chat language, and I have no immediate plans of translating it to English (unless LP members ask me to ;D).

i ws @ an LP concert in Boston & suddenly Chaz asks "who wants 2 rap
instead of Mike?" & i put my hand up & scream "PICK ME!!!" Mike

Mike: there's a girl there; lets give her a chance, Chaz: c'mon up *extends
his hand 2 pull me up 2 d stage* i get up there & get an encore.

I whisper in Chaz's ear: actually, performing wid Mike is on my 'things 2
do b4 i die' list; so can we all perform 2geda? He begins to think

*i pull out a stupid lookin notepad wid 'things 2 do b4 i die' list on it;
it includes LPU membership; which is striked out (yayy!)*

Chaz reads d list, grins, & shows it 2 Mike (most of d things hv sth 2
do wid Mike ;D). Then Mike says 'ok, lets perform 2geda!' :D

lookin @ Mike smile & say that fills me up wid emotion & i get tears
in my eyes... Mike & Chaz hug me turn by turn sayin 'chill! its ok'

After i'm done wid my mini-sob; Chaz: Which LP song's rap do u know fully?
Me: ALL OF THEM! Mike: jeez! even i don't remember all my rap!
u must b a die-hard fan! its gr8 2 hv ppl lyk u among us. *i almost faint; bt sumhow control myself*

Me: Lets sing With You! :)
its got overlappin rap so we (me & MS) can perform it well 2geda. Chaz
& Mike: cool! lets go! We then perform With You really well & d
crowd gives a HUGE encore (we had 2 cover my ears; except Brad &
Joe...they had headphones!) Bennoda make me bow lyk d Faint live guy :D

Then, Mike (in a scary, serious tone): meet me backstage after d show; we
need 2 talk. *i shiver*

after d show i go where Mike called me...

Mike: (aftr Qs like 'wats ur name, where u frm' etc) do u hv ne idea y ur
here? Me: (still shakin) No; wat hv i done? (i'm freakin out)
Joe & Brad sneak out frm behind curtains*

Joe & Brad: 'BOO' Me: AAAAAAA...

Mike (smilin): u have reserved urself a place in....

*Joe & Brad clap like sissies* I stare @ Mike lyk i saw a ghost! then....

i wake up :(


Please write your comments below. Also, tell me which part of the dream you liked best. My favourite was the part in which Mike & Chaz try to console me :)

I seriously hope this dream comes true! :D

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Comment by JanV on June 18, 2010 at 9:31am
Haha, thanx Meg!
Well, since diary is kinda old-school, my friends & i r writing our LP-related stories on our blog (i may post some dreams there too). Check it out: http://lpstoriesfromfans.whuatever.info/
Comment by Pinkymuffin on June 16, 2010 at 6:23pm
You need to write a LP-dream diary :D
Comment by JanV on April 16, 2010 at 12:19pm
thanx :) guess what, 1 of my friends liked the dream so much that she's writing a story on it :D check it out here: http://fanworks.org/view.php?storyid=44085&start=1 work in progress though! ;D
Comment by LiftMeUpLetMeGo on April 16, 2010 at 1:39am
this made me laugh ur dream was awsome:)) i liked best when chaz read ur list and when u met mike after the show :D.


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