“This is dedicated to the kids!” (We think)

I think #LinkinPark (or each member seperately) is very arrogant to play old songs or changing up the setlist. Each day when they play a show, you can basicly recite what songs will be played. If you ask them, why aren’t there more songs they haven’t played awhile they will say: We don’t want to alienate new fans, there are not many hardcore fans at the show, we haven’t practice it, we need to relearn it - and the most newest BS answer to it is X Y or Z doesn’t like that song, so we won’t play it. I’m sorry but even me as a hc fan has to ask: WHAT THE FUCK? Because X, Y, Z doesn’t like the song abc you won’t play it? Sure you can say “Oh come on! Country X never gets to see #LinkinPark and if they play there for the first time, they want to hear the radio and more well known songs. If they play an old/live unknown song, then the crowed will be confused and will hate that they didn’t play song W!” If look up fansites, who collect the setlists like cocaine (omg what did they play!! what did they play????? - Oh just that song…) you can see that about 90% (probably more or less) of their nearly 1 an a half year tour, the setlist never changed. Sure one song or two has been kicked out, some songs got extended with a new rap part but that’s all. Super rarely (or one time only) will/did they play a cover song. With a song roster of 53 songs - 69 if you count the special and rare song. But they only rely 25-26 core songs. Really there is no “room for improvment”? No “suprise” moments? No improvisation? For a Band who sold more than 50 million albums, you would think those 50 million would know the 53 songs inside out. #LinkinPark is not a new Band and it’s not their first tour. And no, it’s not like their existing just for the last 3 years. They have been together for 15 years! So the fans aren’t that green to them and their songs (I hope). So what can they do?

Well here are some tips: First of all: “CHANGE UP THE SETLIST!” Shuffling songs to pretend it’s a new setlist, isn’t very funny nor creative. And playing a song from the old albums won’t hurt the fans. Second: The Band (or each member) need to swallow their pride and be willing to play the song they might hate. Third: If you don’t remember your own song: Practice it! Even bigger bands like Metallica pratice everytime before the show with songs that they have struggle with. Optional tip: PLAY A LONGER SHOW! Playing roughly a 1:40 h show isn’t very long for the rising ticket prices.
But optional.

This is all I have to say tonight.

Good night and so on.

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Comment by Ivan Tham on September 26, 2011 at 2:41pm

Lol that just shows me, that you aren't willing to believe the facts. As soon as you can't give any more reasons, you step out. Nicely done. If you don't care about my last post at all, then don't comment on blogpost at all.

I will go obsess over some other band, maybe later. But first I have to get the LP shrine with their hairlocks ready. (-_-*).


Comment by Ivan Tham on September 26, 2011 at 1:34pm

Of course I'm fine with them playing 98% of new stuff from the ATS, it's their first time ever that they play almost all the new songs constantly live. (The hybrid theory tours 2000~2002 doesn't count because that was their first album=so not many Songs to play. But even back then they fill one spot with a song from htep)

Hmm besides shuffling the setlist they should, i don't know: Switch out some older songs?! Or extend the setlist!? 6 of the songs on the setlist are the "filer songs" for transition (empty spaces,wjl,the Radiance, Fallout, The requiem and Jornada del Muerto) That leaves with 18 songs on the setlist.

LP songs aren't that long (tltgya is with 6:24 and the catalyst with 5:40 the only long songs- over 4 mins) They could/should easliy add 3-5 songs to make it a 2 hour show. So that't not the issue.

But I imagine that jumping around under hot lights and singing for more than they do would probably exhaust them! If you've never been on stage to experience those lights, then you wouldn't get it, they fucking suck!

Maybe I haven't experience these condition but look at other sucessfull bands. Bon jovi, Metallica, Foo fighters, RHCP etc. They can play last 2 hours or longer and still they can variate their setlist everynight. So why don't LP ?


If they DIDN'T play One Step Closer, I know a lot of people who be upset, myself as well, I love when they end a show with it, it has to happen. 


Ok so your and the people you know, say that the current setlist that they played from the beginning of last year till now, should never be changed again? Because if osc, given up, crawling, in the end, numb, faint, new divide, what i've done, Lying form you, Breaking the habit  etc. if they are missing for one day the fans will be upset?


So that leaves one song to pick as a filler. If they play Faint one day, and Points of Authority the next, on top of a shuffle, you'd shut up?


If they do change at least 1-3 songs for other songs (real other songs not sotd or loatr they are counted as regular switch songs) - Yes, I would shut up. Then I wouldn't have to write this post. Duh. And why only 1 song?


Seems like you expect too much.


Really? I expect from them too much? Isn't it you "with all the people you know", that expect from them everytime to play f.e. osc live? I'm and "the people I know", only expect from some song switches or an extended setlist. 

You expect them: "Please play osc, or faint or crawling or numb. If not I will be upset..."

So you think about that.


For example the conversation with the crowd. What do want them to do? It takes away from the show's high energy, so maybe that's why they've cut it shorter this round?


Say what? "Takes of the show's high energy"? Interaction with the crowed between songs is a necesarry part for a live show. the reason is pump up the audience, for the next song. Or just to take a few sec. break.

Sit down on a stool with a cup of tea and ask you about your day?

Wow, how low is that. Do you really think I mean: Interaction with the crowd this?


You're gripe is unfounded and illogical...

No, you and the others are too tolerant on what you get. You wouldn't question even a thing on what they do Live (except the length, but you allready said the lights are the responsible problem). You and the other are the one who want to keep the songs the same. Sure every on the records, (that are on the current setlist (ats excluded) ) should never be changed again. (I'm repating here)


And it also seems that even for a "hardcore fan" you spend a little too much time analyzing and complainin

Comment by Ivan Tham on September 24, 2011 at 6:06am
Forgot to say this @Emily as I hope you read the whole post/comments i posted allready: I KNOW that THIS tour is all about ATS. And I DON'T have ANY problems with them Focusing their Setlist with 98% of the the new Album (robot boy and the messenger are missing).
Comment by Ivan Tham on September 24, 2011 at 5:48am

Emily to your point about "hating song"/ don't know how to play them: I didn't invent this statement.

If you are a member of the LPU, you will most likey joined the band chats. I can link you to a fansite with the chat transcripts (from this year) around august with brad and from chester in august too. BradTranscript: "He said they liked to rotate setlists, and they like to make sure they play songs that people want to hear, rather than lesser-known songs, and also some of the songs, they don’t know how to play." 

Chester Transcripts :"Chester doesn’t like Runaway." "He doesnt think they’ll play Easier To Run again, Dave doesnt like it." (Eventhough in Dave Transcript also 2011 june he said: "Hardest song for him to play live – there isn’t one.")


Mike is the same : "

  • He talked a bit about setlists, he said that for everyone one who wants to see one thing live other people will be bummbed for whatever they take out of the setlist to make room for it. He asked us what our favourite Linkin Park songs are and what song we would be dissapointed to be not on the set list if we went to see them live.
  • About No Roads Left live, he said they practised and recorded it and there was something he didnt like about the performance when they played it back.
  • They’re sticking to the current set lists while they get used to playing them again.
  • He said he appreciates that people would love to see song live that are not a part of the regular setlists, but that, particularly for festival shows where the crowds are not full of die-hard Linkin Park fans its difficult as these crowds will want to see the singles that they know-of being played."

So that's why the "rant". I'm not imagine my statements. And your 5 year old toy comparison doesn't make any sense.

Comment by Ivan Tham on September 22, 2011 at 3:23pm
Ryan As I stated allready I don't mind at all when they play their recent songs from ATS, I only mind that they don't have the freedom to keep 2 or 3 places in their current setlist free for others songs to switch they haven't played yet on their current tour cycle. My blog post isn't saying: "why are their playing only new stuff on the new album!" My blog post "When they play their old songs, why do it have to be the same "core" songs over and over again? Now I never said I don't like their core songs.But as I stated in my answer to AdieK84 "The setlists are getting repetitive." (The rest of the songs! Not the ATS stuff). Hope you understand this point of view.
Comment by Ivan Tham on September 22, 2011 at 3:08pm

Well of course they aren't our slaves but, only relying on the "core" songs isn't (in my opinion) very a artistic freedom. I never said that I hate the new music direction ; in fact "Ats" is a great album. My problem is that they are to limited in their setlist. The setlist are getting repetitive. As I said shuffling songs in a different order isn't that creative. If you look up sites like lplive.net you can review all the setlists that they played in the past till now. Back in the days till pr 07 they played new Intros for their songs, b-sides (qwerty, High voltage, Step up Medly) and covers like wish or improves (like sweet child o mine). And (one point I missed in this post) where did the conversation with the crowed go? Like here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Epdg75-X7qA (sth like that/ maybe a bad example) Now it's like just a "Thank you" and "You are the best fans". And only for the last song "are you ready to do this?"

Their live shows have some kind of a bit stepback feeling. Or a automated thing where show up play their show and then gone.Well "A place for my head" was like you said, last year and one time only. A more recent example of a two time only perfomance was cure for the itch. Only played in Las vegas and the MFR secret show. Where is the fan service?

"I'm pretty sure they know how to play all their songs and even if they had to rehearse them again, it wouldn't really be awfully time consuming." You are right with that, and that's the main gripe in my "rant".

Comment by Ryan Voight on September 22, 2011 at 2:50pm
This blog is irrelevant and though everyone is allowed to have an opinion, this is a a good example of why some people dont understand something because their not a very well known rock band. The reason LP does this is pretty simple and they dont need to *practice* as you say songs that they dont play as much anymore because they have played hybrid theory and meteora tracks many times on the ATS world tour. If you dont like or understand why they play their more recent songs then I would suggest learning a bit more about the situation before posting something like this.
Comment by AdieK84 on September 22, 2011 at 12:17pm

Don't agree with most points out of one reason: the band members are the artists who created the music and who perform the songs, so in my opinion they have the right to decide for themselves which songs they want to play and which not. They are not our slaves who have to do whatever we want them to do. So why should they "swallow their pride and be willing to play the song they might hate"? As a band they should have artistic freedom and if you don't like the setlist, then don't go to the concert.

I think it's the same as if they are doing an album. They are the artists, they decide which direction their new music will have and you eventually decide if you like the music and buy the album or not.

Also, I think you're wrong when you say that they don't play other songs because they have to relearn or practice them. Just think about their Paris show last year, when they performed "A place for my head" unrehearsed. I'm pretty sure they know how to play all their songs and even if they had to rehearse them again, it wouldn't really be awfully time consuming.

I agree with your last point though. A longer show would be really cool. Just one or two more additional songs would be great. =D


Good night :-)


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