'' Going trough a storm from nowhere to see ''

You're going trough a storm

Going trough a Thunderstorm in Heaven

Going trough God's anger

Over us people on the ground

We're going trough a Thunderstorm

Verse 1:

You've never being in the Hell under you

Whether you'll be the S**t in our world

Could you just bring it

You're losing yourself

You fainted when you saw a ghost

Look at the wall cloud

The you might see a tornado


Verse 2:

Did you ever go through the Dark

Living for our world

But never lived in Thunderstorms

God? Could you please forgive us?

We still believe in you. -> Bridge 1. ( 4x )

Chorus. ( 2x )

Bridge 1. ( 8x )

Verse 3: ( 3x )

For every step in heaven you cry

For every step in heaven you fear

For every life in heaven you meet ( You cry )

For every soul in heaven you meet ( You fear )

For everyone in heaven you cry.....

Bridge 2. ( 2x )


Power chord. ( 2x )

Bridge 2.


Power chord - > Outro.

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Tags: Lyrics, Thunderstorm, V.1.0.


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