emmm.. well, how do i start this.

let just begin when my dad promised my lil brother that he'll take us to a tourism object called owabong. its a waterpark in the middle java. well, actually my dad promised it in october, when my bro had his birthday. but my dad have just got the oppurtunity to fullfill his promise today. (hell yeah, im really tired n i've just remember that tomorrow i had a math exam.. o.O)

well, m not going to talk about math, m goin to talk about how fun this day is. it just like the most happiest moment in ma life. we swam together, played water, watched 4D movie, and a lots of funny thing. (oh, ya, and unforgottable gokart racing, m the angel of speed \m/ U_U\m/).

but u know, the most important thing in this part is not how expensive the game is, or how long the trip is, or, how beauty the view is. but i think, our togetherness encouraged my heart the most. it just like, those moments are very rare to find in my family (and maybe others), so i really greatful for this day. ^_^

wish u can have a great moment too.... muach

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