It’s been exactly 2 months today since I went to see Linkin Park in Stockholm at Ericsson Globe Arena with my friend! It was our first concert with Linkin Park and we were so pumped to finally see them! 

We got our tickets as soon as they got released and were super excited about the show, it was only like four months to go in school then off on a train to Stockholm to see Linkin Park! And not just that, few days before our little journey to Stockholm both of us received a mail each from LPUHQ - about Meet & Greet with the band before the show! 
I cried so hard, so much and for so long back home in front of my computer. Tears of happiness of course, who thought that would really happen?! None of us did, it was like living the dream. I felt so unreal, first time attending a LP concert AND first time MEETING them… too much to handle almost. 

Also none of us had never been in Stockholm before either… so that’s was another adventure itself to visit the capital of our country, Sweden! 
After like 6 hours traveling we were finally there, one day before the concert! Oh dear how lost we were, such a big city with subways and the whole carousel.. lol I felt like an alien. Small town girls in big cities, worst combination. Took us awhile before we came to our hotel! Unpacked everything then went out to eat, then back at the hotel.. I don’t know what we did to prepare ourselves for the next big day. I can’t remember, think we just I don’t know … died? Then the next day resurrected? Something like that haah! 

However, the next day had finally come and we were so PUMPED, not even tired after our trip and sleepless night. We woke up 8am in the morning! Ate breakfast then ran to the arena to wait in line, no need to really since we had Meet & Greet! But we wanted to hang out with other fans/soliders so + we had planned to meet some girls later in line who not got Meet & Greet. Also I had been talking to these girls months earlier and it was so good to finally meet in real life!
It was so much fun, met a lot of new lovely people, it’s great being at a place with so many others who share the same common thing with you. My mouth dropped plenty of times just by seeing other fans/soliders walking around with LP-shirts/merch. The whole area around Ericsson Globe were filled with so much LP love. I’ve never felt so much home while being so far away from home, lol you know what I mean? 

As the hours passed me and my “new” found friends went to the LPU pick up spot and waited there for like an hour. While waiting there I met one of the Music For Relief volunteers from the concert, a girl I had only spoken to once. Didn’t recognized her at the first few seconds but when I did I got really happy to meet her too! 

Lol I keep writing like this happened yesterday… lol it was two months ago! I can’t remember much of the Meet & Greet, cause everything that happened there went so quickly and I was so nervous, after getting our wristbands/M&G passes we went down a winding stair. Felt like it was a never ending one, but when we finally had reached the corridor I remember how shaky and nervous I got. Felt nauseous and all giggling and crying at the same time lol. 
We were asked by the LPU staff to stay on a line against the wall while waiting to enter the room where Linkin Park was. 
I heard Chester’s voice talking in Hugo’s walkie talkie, in that moment it all hit me, things was about to get real. It wasn’t a dream. It was real, and it was me standing in some corridor underground below Ericsson Globe with my friends waiting to see Linkin Park, to get my ATS+ album signed, to meet the band I look up to the most. The band that have helped me through so much. It was all there in front of me, all happening. 
I wanted to cry out so much of happiness but somehow I didn’t and I’m the most sensitive person ever. I cry so easily. But in someway I manged to gather myself up because all that, everything that day, in that moment was world important to me! 

I had a really important thing to ask Chaz and I knew I couldn’t stand in front of him crying then. Meeting them was unreal, everything went perfect and I managed to talk to Chaz! ♥ What I wish now afterwards is that I could remember exact everything in detail. I guess that why I’m writing this kinda of novel, just to help myself to remember!

The girl who I meet at the pick up, cried so hard after Chaz had hugged her, I comforted her and we’re now really amazing friends. I just keep log into msn, every day just to chat with her. That’s the only reason why I use msn nowadays.. to stay in touch with her. Cause she is truly amazing. Wish to see her again someday very soon. <3

After the Meet & Greet it was just running up the stairs, getting sweaty before even entering the concert lol. Ran as fast as we could to make it to the show. And it was a SICK AMAZING show! Linkin Park did so great and it felt so good, to finally stand there in the crowd of fans/soldiers screaming at the top of our lungs with them and Linkin Park. Such a relief to finally letting all out. I swear of God my heart jumped between every drumbeat. The concert was epic. So much love.

After getting back to the hotel, I sang Papercut all night and my friend literally threw a pillow on my face just to make me shut up so she could have all her fantasies about Mike. LOL Sorry for writing this down here (A) 
Everything was amazing, God, I miss it so much; June 14th 2011 in my heart forever ♥

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