U cal it "Alternative rock" , buddy ?!

A : U call it Alternative rock , homie ?

B : What the F@#$ U say , What do U mean ??

A : I mean LP !!!!!

This was the dialog between two friends , fans of Linkin Park that can't tell " I'm listening to a Rock music when they listen to Linkin Park nowedays

yeah , it's true they have changed their Genre !! cause I didn't heard any guitar or drum in their last song , Blackbirds .

I don't know why , but their genre is now Teen Rock , hateful pal !!!

Rock means the sound of guitars , electric guitas , drums , shoutings not synthesizer !

Rock means Elvis , James Hetfield's voice , Joe Satriani's guitar , Nicko McBrain's drum !!

I like What I'v done , Hybrid Theory , Xero not this LP

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