A junkie stalks the alleyway

In search of a cure to take the pain

He sees the shambles of his life

But cannot see the end in sight

Do you see this shadow of a man?

Would you take the time to understand?

If all he needed was a gentle hand

Would you offer it or turn your head?

There is a beautiful woman, vain and proud

Her words as thoughtless and empty, as much as they are loud

Yet no amount of money or layers of concealer

Can hide the ugliness she wears even deeper

Look at the poor one by the way

You wouldn't give him the time of day

You think him ignorant, dirty, and dumb

Because he's plain, humble, and lives simpler than some

You'd never know the beauty of his mind

How one could be so thoughtful and so kind

His riches aren't found in superficial, material things

But in the honest belief in God with the promises he brings

As for the rich man you must beware

His wealth has made him empty, without a care

Don't be fooled by the smile he wears, he surely has sins to bear

To avoid his child's lonely stare, he gives money for love he cannot share

A girls has learned what it means to live

Though a callous disease eats within

The hope and tenderness she shares get her through

This is how she's begun anew

You could think she would despair for she has so little time

Take a look closer to see the light that shines within her eyes

A group of youths adorned in the latest fad and trend

Desensitized, demoralized for ease of fitting in

Blinded by arrogant self-centerdness, deluded by self-deception

They've lost the ability of simple self reflection

And now the kid who walks the streets alone with no place to call a home

He's seen and been made to do things a child should never know

Every night he trades his dignity for shame in order to survive

He keeps a dream inside, and one day he'll leave it all behind

If by chance you met this boy wandering around the corner

Would you take a second glance or even care to bother

Nevermind his bluntness, he doesn't mean to offend

What he seeks is the comfort and honesty that lie within a friend


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