Wake,open your eyes

Bear witness to life

A work no brush may recreate

A palette abundant,spilled over

Let no critic,or 'reason by functionality'

Belittle the beauty and purpose of you and I

A world painted with every color known

Should the eye behold wonder in the great and small

Open your heart to the glory behind them all

Let us write the story of our lives

And God guide our hands

Our brief prologue justified in eternity

We can fill the pages with pain and regret

And our story may be cut short before its end

So let what's written be our truest feelings and thoughts

The song of the heart is carried in the melody of life

Played for ever in the waltz of the fallen and redeemed

An aria to bring serenity to the soul of discord

We all have our place,the choice to rise is ours

Let the voices of the wounded,the lonely,become one

For we all wear the scars of life's trial

To walk hand in hand with another who understands

To take the time for what matters most

Each a brush stroke in the portrait we all can create

A collage holding a piece of us in harmony

A concept by divine inspiration

Art found in the beauty in and around us


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