After a whole day watching the computerscreen, I've Finaly made my second Video on a song. Maybe I've could worked a bit faster, but mixing voices is also nice :-D, Not that I'm Friendless or Lonley or Insane or whatever, It just filled me up :-) After all the Crap that has happend on school. I deserve a little Happiness. Don't you agree? I do Anyway. But however, I'm finaly done. And I'm proud of it. again, I'm proud on, like, everything... That I've made by myself. BTW, I'm Realy Paphatic, Who the hell on this F***ing Planet is going to watch movies on youtube, with people who are making music with sounds of Windows XP 'nd Windows 98. I know, I do. You know what, I'm done. I'm talking Bull Sh***.
MuchLovePeople xKris

Ps. My cat hit me in the face with his elbow. Sounds pretty weird.

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