Voting and Recomendations On My Youtube Channel.


On my youtube channel I have started an entertainment voting on head to head on bands...or me reccomending songs or bands for you if you send me a message on my youtube account of the bands you like then ill end another message back to you reccomending bands or songs to you...(don't worry i'm not a stalker im 13!) anyway

plus theres voting like on head to heads or coming soon a ROCK/PUNK/METAL AWARDS Hosted by me. you basically see my playlists. see the different awards and catogorys and then send a message to me with your vote and then ill announce the voting to be finished then the results will be posted on my channel. (THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT ONLY NOT A MAJOR VOTING THING THIS IS JUST AN ENTERTAINMENT THING ON YOUTUBE!) SO SPREAD THE WORD AND CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL!!!!


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