I don't know why I took so long to create my account here.
Ok. To tell the truth I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Linkin Park.
But I love them very much!

I noticed them in... I was about ten years old, at 2002, watching a concert at MTV. And I fell in love.
They were coming to Brazil that's why in tv there was their concerts on and all videoclips.
I thought it was so good. The instruments, the vocals, the lyrics... The music was great!
And... I even wanted to go to the concert but my dad didn't let me 'cause it was a rock concert and I was so young... You know...

They will be here at my city, Porto Alegre, TWO DAYS before my 2oth BIRTHDAY!
Like ten years laters... It's sooo much emotion!
It's gonna be a gift from my boyfriend also. So sweet *-*

Well... Musically speaking I like many different things.
I'm not one style type.
I like LP, Avril Lavigne [that's a passion since the beggining of her carreer], Taylor Swift, The Backstreet Boys [yeah haha], Beyoncé...
Well... It's a very ecletic musical taste isn't it?

However... I'm reallyyyyyyyy excited to have the tickets in my hands and then see them live here!!!
LP Thanks for coming. Usually the artists think Brazil is RIO DE JANEIRO and SAO PAULO.
The people here in the south is MUCH MORE CRAZIER AND PASSIONATE! You'll see!

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