What makes Linkin Park the greatest musicians and band of all times?

LINKIN PARK! Hearing this name everyone knows who you're talking about. These guys are not only famous and popular all around the world but also popular with many musicians such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dog or Rock bands like Adema, Slipknot, Skillet and and and.... I mean at the beginning of their career there weren't so many people who believed in them. Their producers told them that after ''Hybrid Theory'' their way of success would be over and they should leave music buisness behind. But we all are glad that this didn't happen. They showed everyone of them that they were wrong and ''voila'' now they are on top of the world. Furthermore, it's this special connection Linkin Park has to his fans. It's not the typical celebrity-fan relationship but something completely different. They not only say they love us but do so, They not only say the would give us the greatest performence we've ever seen but do so. And they also don't promise to produce a new great album and new great songs without doing so. Their fans don't admire them because they're famous but because they know they can trust them, rely on them. This band is spreading in music buisness every second. They already accomplished so much and don't think of an end, not at all. We always can rely on a new album,a new single, song, whatever. Ok as a matter of fact we always have to wait very long for a new album but when it's time and the new album is out it's just unbelievable great, AWSOME! Also to mention is that with LP we've got the best of the best connected in one band. The best drummer ''Rob Bourdon'', the best guitarists Dave ''Phoenix'' Farrell and ''Brad Delson'', the best DJ ''Joe Hahn'' aka ''Mr. Hahn'' and of course the best singing duo in music ''Chester Bennington & Mike Shinoda'' with the best MC (rapper) in the world and the man with the ''greatest voice'' I've ever heard. So, with all that in mind, and I'm sure there are still more reasons in my mind to consider Linkin Park the greatest, I've to say that since I listend to LP for the first time music became much more worth to me and it got a completly new meaning to me. LP is the impression of artistic freedom, a whole new level of rock music and the greatest in music buisness.

What do you think? Do they deserve more approval like awards? And what do you think about the blog?
Comment to me! I'm open for praise, agreement but also disagreement or criticism. ''In The End'' it does matter to me.

Hope you enjoyed reading! See ya! Add me if you want. I'm open for every LP-fan! ^^

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Comment by Melina Badii on May 23, 2010 at 12:35am
another thing that makes them special is that they're like children...all of them...they're not like grown ups.(specially mike who is always laughing!!!)...but all of them are like that you can talk to them and will think about what you are saying and care....I love them sooo much too!!!and I hope I be fourtunate enough to meet them in future...
your blog was great:-) (but you should have added the word DEAR before introducing them!!!;-) ) (kidding:-) )the blog was great:-)

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