Well, how can I start?

- Their lyrics means a lot to me, of course for all of us here, each one of that guys have a place in my heart, and what I like most is the simplicity, honesty and respect they have with the fans!!

- So when Linkin Park came to Brasil(I don't like to write with the z :p) first time, I couldn't go there, and the same happened in the SWU concert in 2010.

- I got very sad but i knew that my day will come, so I keep waiting.

- So i never had imagined that this dream could be that good! First when they announced the show here in Rio, so I thought: OMG this time is gonna happen, I finally will attend to their show!!! 

- I was already a LPUer here, so I sign in to M&G, and was a really surprise when I got chosen, I saw the email and starts to cry, I didn't realized what that means until be in front of they and see that was true!!

Ok now the M&G part:

- I got very nervous when the time comes, when we take the pictures some how i just stayed in the back and barely appeared on the pic, at least I know that i was there LOL.

- When Joe shows up everyone was very quiet, when is was funny and weird at the same time. About the others guys I just said hi, thank you that kind of thing...I talked about my friend for Dave and I love You to Chaz hahaha But for Mike, i couldnt, I think I got petrified...why? Hehe anyway, at least he smile for me and said to me to have fun in the show, that was very nice of him *--*

- Before go there I thought: I will cry when get there! But it doesn't happened, well not before the show start :)

About the show:

- I was numb because the M&G, looking for my friends that was already in front the stage, but I couldn't find they, so I watched it alone, but at the same time with all soldiers there!!

- I think everyone that i know that went to there concert (the first one) wanted to listen to the APFMH setlist, and when it start to play all people got crazy!

- Was 10 years of energy from Rio's Soldiers that couldn't went to the firsts concerts from LP in São Paulo, and many other feelings getting released in that place, was insane and beautiful at the same time.

- And when started the medley, I couldn't help anymore and started to cry, is weird to cry for happiness, but is hard to believe that is really happening...was 8 long years...I waited for a long time, and finally I got it, Mike is playing the piano, Chaz singing LOATR and I was thinking exactly that...Then the tears run faster to my face when Iridescent comes and after I let it all go to enjoy the show. I cried more that that time of course, but that was the big moment!

- I always loved Crawling, when I heard that I will not listen to it cuz was not in any setlist I got sad, but again I won a gift and because my soldiers asked that much for it, Chaz sang a part of it (tears again) and the rest of the show was so good as this parts I wrote here, I wrote to much already so I think I can stop.

Before just a quickly pass of the day 2 of shows in Rio:

- Yeah, I went in this too, but this time with my mom, that are a Linkin Park fan as me, se loved the show, she said to me that couldn't lose it! I was far from the stage but i could watch it very well. I loved that I listen to WTCFM was very fun!!! That day they looked more loose in the stage that was good!!!!

Well I will stop for now :) 

P.S.: Sorry my English ;)


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