1. When the finals [eg. most important exams] are over, what do you do?

  • I run around, jumping with joy, shouting 'yea! yea! yea!'
  • I run down the stairs, taking three or more steps at a time, banging on the wall after the flight of stairs.
  • I go around wacking people, saying 'it's the end! kill me before I do it to you!', and run off.
  • I start scolding the person-in-charge, telling him/her that the thing was too difficult.
  • I sit at the corner and cry, afraid that I might not get the result that I was hoping for.
  • Everything goes on as usual. Nothing special happened to me.
  • I go straight home, switch on the CD player and blast Linkin Park music, making sure that everyone in the neighborhood can hear.
  • I ask every person who is going mad with joy to shut up.

2. What do you do when you face problems?

  • I struggle with it. Juggling lots at one time.
  • I sit at the corner, wishing I can change whatever has happened.
  • I shout at everyone trying to help, asking them to leave me alone.
  • I ignore it and try to find the real me who won't have so much problems.
  • Everyone expects me to solve my own problem but I want to be who I really am, the person who needs lots of help.
  • I want someone to hear me. To pay attention to what I have to say.
  • I can't get on with it. I am afraid that what has happened will happen again.
  • I sit in the corner and cry. I've been too trusting.

3. What do you say when you see the word 'friend'?

  • They impede me. They hinder me from what I want to do.
  • They cannot be trusted.
  • They push me around.
  • They ignore me, not giving me any respect at all.
  • Friend...
  • They don't know the real me.
  • ... ...
  • They constrain me, forcing me to do what me don't want to and embarass me.

4. Describe yourself.

  • Tired of living up to expectations. I want to be free of all constrains. I want to be my own person.
  • Tired of being pushed around by others. I want to reclaim my identity. I don't care what the consequences are.
  • All I want is to be heard. Tired of being ignored.
  • I realize that I am too trusting and naive at times. Fed up with being pushed around, I want enough confidence to finally confront everyone.
  • I am still out there looking for myself, trying to see who I am and where I should be. Someday, I would know who I really am.
  • I live my life wishing that there were certain things that I could go back and erase. I run from my fears, past, present and future.
  • I let my past actions affect my present. I've learned my mistakes. Unable to believe my fears and obstacles, they still impede me.
  • I am in a constant struggle with myself. Often haunted by my past. Self analyzation and self doubt is a recurring theme for me.

5. Which member of Linkin Park do you like?

  • Chester Bennington
  • Rob Bourdon
  • Brad Delson
  • Joseph Hahn
  • Phoenix
  • Mike Shinoda

6. One word to describe your life.

  • Lost
  • Ignored
  • Not Alone
  • Difficult
  • Fake
  • Unfacable
  • Untrustable

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