Hey there guys. Remember the time when Linkin Park looks like this? Compare it to...


How 'bout when they look like this?

Compare it to this...

Do you guys saw the difference? Those are pictures I got from the net; pictures of Linkin Park from the late 1990's and early 2000's to 2011. What's my point here? I guess "old" is not the right term for it Let us say they've matured.

I watched a video in YouTube; a video of Chaz, Mike and Brad.

"I think were not cool anymore 'cause were old now." Chester said.

Mike agrees with him. This video is a LPU TV; the Cupholder (thing) episode. I know it wasn't serious but it made me think. Are they not cool anymore because they got older? Personally, I'd say HELL NO! All or almost all of LP fans will agree with me.

But, yeah. Their songs today, not including Burn It Down and the rest of their song in the soon-to-be-released "Living Things", aren't heavier like their old ones. An example is Iridescent and One Step Closer. I know you guys already listened to those and have seen the difference.

"...They've killed themselves in this song. They used to play heavy rock songs..."

That was a comment in Leave Out All The Rest music video. But, HEY! Those differences doesn't imply that their latest songs today aren't good. Actually, they're AWESOME!

"...Linkin Park's really great. They could make songs like this. It's not always Chester screaming his ass in every song. And, take note, Mike is a rapper..."

That was a comment in Waiting For The End official music video in YouTube. That doesn't make their old song not good either. All of Linkin Park's song is AWESOME-ly GREAT! There could have been reasons why they don't produce songs as heavy as before. OR they'r just exploring and trying to produce different kinds of music; different kinds of songs. Whatever that may be, Linkin Park music will  always be AWESOME! Their looks? Yeah, sure. They look good when they were younger but you know what? They just look even great today. Linkin Park is Linkin Park. Whatever they've become, you, we could always expect the BEST from them. THEY'RE LINKIN PARK. THEY'RE THE BEST!!! Bet "Living Things" will be GREAT!! Can't wait!!

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