It was the first day of school
Everyone was acting cool.

New kids piling through the door
New friends are In store

I see her by the car
All alone, im not that far

Take a chance and walk by
She’s cool with that I can not lie

Time passes bye
Best friends its no lie

A secret she reveals
The news knocks me of my heels

I except her for who she is
Trusting forever it’s a change

We did things together
We were in it forever

Loved each other
Like no other

Never had a friend like her
All my secrets I told her

No mater what came through
We always stayed true

Next came along two other girls
We were a group of four

Even though they’re were others
We were meant for each other

We had our ups and downs
But we managed to fix our frowns

The next year ruined everything
But let’s save that till the end

A new girl came
Spontaneous and fun was her game

A group of five
Who knew what would arrive

Then the day I had an emergency
Fled the country for two weeks

Tried to keep in touch
But I guess it wasn’t enough

She never stopped to say hi
It made me want to stop to cry

What shocked me was that the one
Who was always on the edge
Kept in touch

I returned and was completely ignored
What was I looking for?

Then came what was next
The offending text

I was left out
It made me go my own route

I felt betrayed by my own best friends

They took her side
Without even knowing the story full and wide

Only one who stuck with me was the one who was in the edge
She understood she didn’t betray

What had become of my best friend?
The one who said she’d stick with me till the end?

Frankly I don’t even know
She took a turn for the bad side, we became number one foes

No more conversations
No more talks

No more secrets
It was never really enough

In the end I found out the truth
Who my real friend was and the ones who were in it for glee

She may think I lost her
The truth is she lost ME

I still miss us all together
I dream of us forever

But the love is dead
It was all in my head

I do miss her
I can not lie

Will things change?
I can not say

Why do things change?
Why do friend ships have to change?

I think I can answer

Things cant last forever
Its what makes us grow up and mature

In the end you’ll figure it out, just BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE!

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