I wonder: the love, which in my mind lives these days ...
Where do I get so many iluciones?.

That is, I personally love today I concluded that comes from the heart,
seems to be a state of mind too that's just the mind.
Me and my mind will not accomplish much, I'm stupid.

O. .. yes: Stupid is equivalent to amorous,
but not worth a word more than the other? ...
Or who save, I already lost everything ..

In your brown curls deslizava I like a roller coaster ...
It was just crazy to think that this tour the barriers of your arms to hold me ... ivan
Your skin color shakes my being,
Beautiful body ever from Michelin is on par with my run ...
I did not expect this to me was gonna happen ...
But it is no longer I get the old memory ...

Now I have the sweet''security that when the cold comes for me, I know you will come and warm you give me''

... But today I read that stinging note of your new love and the cold has invaded me!
All it crossed my mind that I planned with you ... is frozen ...

Here is very cold
My heart is frozen
My warm tears falling, splashing in my soul, and breaking my heart ...
Everything has been destroyed, I just see different planets,
With stars felicez and United two ...

This sub-zero winter disappointments nobody deserves
But so,
is simply the season of heartbreak,
and appears behind you ...


Winter/Invierno In Spanish/ESPAÑOL

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