I became a fan of Linkin Park when I was in 5th grade, 2004 to be exact, someone on my school bus let me listen to Papercut and I loved it, I loved the loud and emotional music that rocked my senses and even helped me get through teen depression. I love the old music Linkin Park had, and I enjoy the new music they make. But it's not the same, it doesn't have that same feel to it, that emotion, that power and force in it. Papercut was by far the best song they made. Chester, Mike, I know that you're trying out new music, but I miss that old style and feel you had to your music, I hope you go back to that awesome era you had and not become a pop icon like some other bands that did, I felt like they let me down because their music just wasn't the same anymore. If you can, I ask that you try to top the epic feel of Papercut, as if it was a part of Hybrid Theory but an even better piece, something beyond what I saw and still see as perfection in music and by far one of the best songs I've heard in my life.

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