Seriously, Linkin Park used to be one of my all time favorite rock bands. I loved every single song off their first two albums. After that i honestly do not know what to think. You guys really need to go back to your roots cause i simply can not stomach your last two albums.  Please for the love of god, for your fans, do something that actually rocks and isnt all techno and pop like. I know you can still scream chester... Please prove it with your next album or this band is dead to me until you do something that does not suck. I'm sure you gained alot more pop followers with your last two albums, so just do a half pop, half rock from now on to appease every one. I'd much rather have half an album i love than a whole album that is.. whatever you call your last two albums.

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Comment by LP 4 Heisman on September 6, 2012 at 4:12pm

I call the last two albums pure greatness! Sure, I love their first two albums as much as anyone. But, it is nice to hear new epic sounds and styles. I always find songs I prefer on everyone album, but that doesn't lessen the greatness of the other songs. If you want to enjoy the same sounds and songs, then keep listening to the old music. What exactly would be the point of making a new album that sounded the exact same as one before it? Does that make any sense to you? Think about. Then open up your mind and try to enjoy the new songs. If you just can't get into them, find another band you like.


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