I am so incredibly disappointed in Linkin Parks new CD A Thousand Suns. I wish I hadn't pre-ordered it and spent the $12. I should have listened to the the samples fist and I probably would have only purchased 1 song.

This is not the Linkin Park I have always followed and loved. The CD sounds nothing like their ground breaking stuff from over the years.

I won't stop liking Linkin Park because of this but I certainly wont be telling anyone to go out and spend the money to purchase this new CD. It's kinda like Eminems CD he put out before recovery everyone was like WTF that sucked and then he came out with one that was really good.

I hope that Linkin Park has the same plans because this is BAD.

I hope somehow this and everyone else's disappointed feed back get's back to them so they get back in the studio and put out that AMAZING Linkin Park sound we all love.


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Comment by Night on September 14, 2010 at 5:13pm
I am also very upset with this CD...very...very upset..I guess I have a new paper weight now

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