Hello world. We won't go into the Got to Dance audition, I have pretty much ignored all my friends FB messages asking how it went etc cos as far as I'm concerned, that never happened.

So what with that and my search for a job not going great I'm getting fairly frustrated.
Had a job interview for Lush this morning, hope I get that. Cos I'm getting fairly desperate, plus, all the rejection is not good for my self esteem.

Sorry, I'm just ranting.
On top of all that my bf seems to think that just cos he's got college and I dont have college or a job to go I can do all the housework.
Havn't talked to him yet but if he doesn't realise what he's doing anytime soon I'm gonna blow. I wouldn't even mind but he's got feck all college hours and it's not like he's doing any work at home. He's playing LOTR online all day.

I WANT A JOB!!!!!!!!!
Stupid recession.

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