Yesterday was the best day of this year !!

Yesterday was the LP concert in Zurich !! I was there with my sister and her boy friend ;)

It was awesome !! No, it was more than awesome !! The playlist was awesome !! Awesome songs !! (No, I can't take an other word than awesome xD) Awesome !! Awesome !! I take some really good photos from the
concert ;) Chester and Mike rocked the Hallenstadion
!! Not "only" Chester and Mike...Joe, Dave, Brad and Rob rocked it, too
!! =) They created a really good mix with their songs !! It was awesome
!! (xD) I love the scene who Mike played his guitar, and then he put it
back and rapped !! You can't see this by every band, that's inimitable
!! That's one of the reason why I love Linkin Park, they do and play
thing, you can't see by every band !! You can see it maybe by one or two
other bands...;)

And after the concert, I gone home with my sister and her boy friend, in the train, a boy said to his friend (they were on the concert, too) : "The guy with the headphones looked really bored !!" I figured :
"That's Brad !! The looks bored but he isn't bored !! That's his style
!! It isn't his style to jump around himself or some thing !! It's his
style to stand there, play his guitar and (maybe) looked bored, but he
isn't bored !! It's Chester's style to jump around the stage, scream and
go to the fans !!"

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Comment by DarkRumor on November 7, 2010 at 3:44am
@Arvindhan Sutharsan
Nit nome du...!!
Comment by Arvindhan Sutharsan on November 5, 2010 at 10:48am
I vermisses so sehr :(


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