(VERSE #1) When u just keep crashin all my dreams,and make it steams,from gold to ashes,ur hurt smashes,brain bashes,my memory flashes,leave me alone!No i wont be weak again,i am gone,i am new person,i am sick of ur hits and strickes,i am just sittin here with no attack,and crawlin back,ur heart is so cold and black,how could a cute face like yours fucked my life with pain force,ha wow i was such a jerk,i saw ur smile then i was yours in a while!U r so fake and thats smthn i cant take! Drink from ur hurt lake, Swim in ur lies pound ,walk on my misery ground,leave me alone for god sake,it is over it is the brake, as a gentle bye with hands shake,but u refused u screamed "no" ur rage was stronger than haiti earthquake,what do u want from me?For god sake,u want to suffer me? U did,u want 2 lie,u did,u want to hurt ,u did,u became a headche in my head, u made walkin dead,i dont feel that i will find a medicine or a heal,the worst thing that i am aware of that all is real,u shot me with ur words like bullets ,i have no armor,and u r shootin more and more,stop that i dont want it. thats not my war,i am sure some ppl hurted u, and u want to revenge by sufferin me,ok,i promise .ur tears will be all u c,

(CHOURS)just wait,hell is ur fate,,sooner or later i will show u whats the meanin of hate...

(VERSE#2)U scream i yell,do u feel our mistake?It is like hell,to be togather forever,,we wil fight no matters who is wrong and who is right we just fight,anger is our sight,arguing is our breathe haha yes,i hate u,u hate me,buT we cANT leave each others,cant u c?It is a level between hate and love,all things above,but when we face each others,too heavey we be fuckin strong,untill one of us show the other that he or she is wrong,worse than mr n mrs smith,becuz we r addicted to death,u killed me with ignorance,i killed u by hurt, i put ur face in dirt,but u were so flirt,i hate u but i cant live without u,i know thats crazy,both of us full of pain,both of us r insane,both of us have tears more than rain,when we will stop?No start or end, theres no up or down,u just hide ur pain behind a smile,i hide mine behind a jokes of a clown,,u r the reason,

(CHOURS)just wait sooner or later,i will show u what is the meanin of hate,just wait,hell is ur fate,sooner or later i will show u how much i am hater,

(VERSE#3)did u remember how many times u fake a smile?I do! Since the first time i met u.Oh damn,well u dont know how much i hate u,u lied u alot i wont just kick ur buTT,u have a big talent of the aCT u made dont know what is the fact,i am kinda afraid of u,my eyes on u,when u walk or talk.I just wanna kill u becuz u were the reas0n that my life broke,waw and aww i dont know what to do n0w,just when and how,u r a wind in my mind,u r a worm in my heart,u r a storm of hurt,like fire or water!They r the oppiste,u r the shit,i wonder why didnt u leave the whole things?Questions rings,why i reached a level becuz of u i wanNA die,,i had dreams i thought that i can fly and touch the sky,buT aCTUALLY i just could touch the shit and got hurtin hit,leave me ,i am not a fish in ur net,i can be a shark,i can eat u in the dark,thats wont be enough,i want to be so tough and ruff,untill u cry blo0d, and yellin"help me god" i was good buT with u i will be so rude! Just wait,hate is ur fate..

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