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At 3:34am on March 15, 2011, Crimson Rose said…
Hello my old friend! I'm very sorry, I haven't written for ages, but I was having serious health and school problems... It was the most tiring time of my life and I hope it's already behind me... I'm trying to get back to the real life and I hope I haven't lost all my LPN friends for ever... So how's life nowadays my dear? (Do U still remember me...? :) )
At 11:20am on November 17, 2010, Vale said…
heey bro!! :D so have you done with exams??? eheheh come on tell me what you did in the night with girls all over the parties xD seems like you have lot of fun :P abt me i just enjoy the time with my gorgeous gf and i look for a course to find a good work then :)) i will go to a concert on december and from 21 to 28 i will fly to barcelona!!! i cant wait a christmas alone with my 2 best friends!!! :D abt football as roma started to play football finally!!! we even won the derby and we are playing very well now :D abt man utd?? im not that updated abt premier league!! :O btw i love ATS even if older LP were more "energy".. do you like new performances??? they are rocking everywhere as hell!!! except here in italy!! dammit seems like next year will be the right one for us =) tell me your news cya soon! ^^
At 10:46am on October 27, 2010, Glacier said…
i had a surgery in one of my tooth ... it was really bad and i had an abscess due to that ... so, the doctor told me that he had to put it out ... i was really worried about that and i had to take antibiotics before the surgery, to take the infection away ... after the surgery, i felt a bit weird and i had to rest the whole weekend ... i didn't want to, but if i got up, i felt dizzy, so i prefered to do what the doctor said ... now i feel great! the abscess almost disappeared and the tooth is all ok :) the wound is also ok, the doctor said :D
my weekend was really busy this time ... i had to prepare an exposition for college and besides, i had some work >.< but anyway, i could play some videogames hahahaha ... now i'm playing CS and Amnesia: The Dark Descent :P
besides, yesterday i went to my basketball practise after so long! :) it was great! :DDD
have a nice day! :) hugs! take care and see you soon!! ^-^
At 10:39am on October 27, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Sourav! ;D yeah, it has been a lot since we don't know from each other ... God, i've been so busy lately and i can't come here so often u.u i'm sorry for this late reply =/ i missed you too! aww, i understand very well what you meant ... i mean, today i got some time and i decided to write you :) i hope i can get some more time, so i will be able to not getting so lost or something XD oh, did you finish your exams? those are good news ... how did the go? it's great that you have got holidays ... did you have fun in parties and stuff? i'm glad that you could meet your friends again :D i just hope you had taken care of yourself during those days :)
awesome news that your project was successful :DDD hahaha ... it's true! sometimes, the process is a bit boring, but when you get the goals, everything worth a while :P
great that you could practise soccer again ... did you do a good performance? :) and did you join the district team? cool! how is that going? :D
oh well, about college ... all is going well, but not as well as i would like ... i mean, i'm kind of perfectionist and i want to improve myself even more XD so, i hope to do it well from now on :D i'm just trying to enjoy college as much as i can ... today, i went to a seminary and it was very interesting! i had fun knowing more about engineering in navy :) my exams went well in many of the subjects, but i still want to know about the other subjects :P i have to wait my teachers tell me my qualifications ... yesh, i went to LP's concert and i had so much fun ... there were so many people in there ... all of them rocking with LP :D LP is a really great band and Chester is so kind! i had the chance to meet him and he gave an autograph :) the shopping was pretty boring, but anyway, i needed to do it, so there was no excuse XD i don't like shopping because it takes so much time from me ... time i can spend doing some other stuff XD hahahaha ... anyway, i do shopping fast and then, it's over lol.
At 5:04pm on October 1, 2010, Vale said…
hiii bro!! :D so how is your university going?? i bet you are doing it so great!!! ;D abt me i just found the perfect girl 4 me!! at least i hope that!!! i love her more than everything and she makes me happier and happier everyday :))) the girl i have always been looking 4 ^^ abt your girls?? :P well abt football as roma finally started to win some matches especially the one vs inter!! so im happy abt that :D hows man utd doing so?? ;) and do you like ATS?? you bought it??? i definitely love it yeah!!! =) tell me news and see you soon dear buddy!!! =D
At 8:10am on September 30, 2010, Glacier said…
what's new with you? what have you done lately?
i haven't got the album yet =/ it's just because of the lack of time ... but i think i will get it tomorrow :) but i've heard the whole album and i liked it very much ... it's some kind of masterpiece, even when Meteora is my favourite album ;D and my favourite songs of the new album are: When They Come For Me, Waiting For The End, Wretches & Kings and Blackout hehe.
well, i will try to study some more, because i have an exam tomorrow :P so, have you got any plans for the weekend? have a very nice day :) take care! :D hugs! ((())) see you soon ^-^
At 8:04am on September 30, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Sourav! ;D i'm doing fine in here hehe ... just working in my research project and besides, doing some stuff for college ... it has been a bit stressing anyway, because a new period of exams it's starting =/ and i can see that you're in the same situation i am ... because our time is very short really, even when in your case it's because you're closing the semester and in my case, i'm starting the first period of exams :S oh, you already finished your project? how was it in a general view? wow! so, the disease comes from a mosquito ... is this mosquito usual in India?
aww, i know how you feel about so much study stuff >.< it's not so good when you have to study a lot, because it takes too much time from you and besides, it makes you feel angry for no reason apparently :S that happens to me too! and the time is so reduced, that you don't even have time for sports or personal activities ... it's exactly the same with me ... not even weekends are part of my rest now >.br /> right now i can't say i'm enjoying college so much, because exams period makes me nervous XD but i have fun sometimes, when i can spend some time with my friends :)
i'm glad that you're not attending hospital duty right now ... that made you get mad XD anyway, you have to focus in your exams and i wish you all the best with that :DDD
well, i'm just going to spend some time out of my city, because i will go to LP concert and i hope i can have some rest with that and besides, to waste some energies in there XD ahahaha ... and well, tomorrow i will go shopping with my mum, because i want to get some stuff for the LP thing ... i don't like shopping stuff ... i'm quite fast when i go and buy something XD but sometimes it's necessary to go shopping, so i will have to do it =/ and about basketball, i've been playing a bit ... not that much and i really want to play, but i'm having some rest of a surgery now and the doctor said i had to take care of myself, so i won't do stupid things XD
At 11:18am on September 13, 2010, Glacier said…
and about videogames, it's even worse, because my time is not so much ... but last weekend i could play CS and i was so happy about it ... i hope you can play so often :DDD
i've heard some songs of the album and i think i will have it soon and i think it's a good album ... anyway, i've realized that this time LP wanted to be more conceptual and not so nu metal as in HT or Meteora, but i like it anyway :DDD what do you think about it?
my life is going well till the moment and besides, i think i'm just doing some research work and college by now XD and that's all ... what about you? how is your life going?
have a nice day and a great week dear! ;D hugs! take care and see you soon! :) bye ^^
At 11:13am on September 13, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Sourav! ;D i'm just doing fine in here ... what about you? :) aww, you don't need to be sorry about your long silence! :P i understand if you were busy or something n_n i missed you too, dear! it was a while hehe :P oh, sounds pretty interesting! and you have been busy with a project as well ... that's so nice! :) hehe ... even though i know it can take a lot of your time :S i know that malaria is a disease, but i'm not sure about all the concept ... anyway, i think it's a great project and you will be able to help others with that, which is basically the ethics of your career :DDD sounds really interesting! ;D and well, i know that projects take a lot of time :P anyway, as you said ... it's a nice exprerience :D
well, i'm still working in my reserach project and it's going well ... now i just have to attend some meetings and then, make some informs about them ... and for the moment, there's nothing much to do :P that gives me some rest hehe ;D
thanks for being glad for me n_n my first semester of this year was good and well, now i started another semester and it's going well till the moment :) how it's going college for you? :P
yup, i like Maths and my career has lots of that XD anyway, i like them, so it's ok for me ... and i'm glad that you like them too :) but as you said, you don't have so many Maths in your career, because your career is much more science than anything hehe ... mine is much more Maths :P and well, i totally agree with you, because even though i like science a lot, i don't have them in my career, because my destiny brought me to Management and like you, i'm really happy about what i'm doing right now :DDD
those are not good news that you can't practice soccer =/ but well, when you don't have time, there's not much that you can do :S in my case, i'm trying to practice basketball, but i don't have the chance to do it as much as i would like to =/
At 8:27pm on August 13, 2010, Vale said…
hey bro!!! :D i missed your news i hope you are alrigth now tell me everything!!! ;) you know i am so fucking fine now!! i finished high school the result wasnt that good xD now its hard i have to see what to do and its not easy actually :/ abt summer its going great i have many bonfires and now i got a lot of girls O_O im very happy finally!!! :D abt football inter vs roma is coming soon!!! what do you think abt the catalyst anyway??? cya soon hugs to you buddy!! =)
At 12:08pm on August 3, 2010, Glacier said…
yesterday i went out in a short trip to my native town with my mum and we had a very good time in there ... the weather was so cold, but i tried to enjoy as much as i could ... i went out with my cousin and he was so happy to see me! :DDD and me too! we will go out so often :) what about you? what's new in there?
have a nice day dear! all the best :) hugs! see you soon! ^^
At 12:03pm on August 3, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Sourav! :D by now, it's not all about exams ... i'm a bit free of that and my only final exam of this semester will be on August 6th ... after that, my winter vacations will be official! ;D but that's now, because before i could have some rest of college i was really stressed out ... i know you understand it very well :P in general, my marks are good, but not as good as i would like to ... i'm very strict with myself ... i'll give a final exam in Statistics :S i'm a bit nervous about it, but i'll do my best ;) what about you and your exams? hmmm ... about my research project, there's nothing new, because my boss wanted to take a rest of it and now we're not working on it :P oh, i love maths! that's the truth :) i like Statistics a lot, even when it's a hard subject =/ but i like it! :D do you like maths? well, bio science sounds like an interesting subject :) yes, i think my boss is very kind to me ... she's a very special person :P and of course this break gives me some rest :)
oh, it's good to hear that you got some rest of the hospital work ... are you still taking that rest or are you back at work? wow! so, how was the trip to the village? did you have fun and take some extra rest? :P oh, and that's even better that you will try to play soccer ... could you do it? hahaha ... i've noticed that when you don't practice sports for some time, you get unfit ... because it's the same to me ... lol ... right now! i haven't been able to practice basketball, because of the weather and i miss it so much! :S and about videogames ... i've just played Counter-Strike! i want to take some training before i play online XD
so, did you hear the new single The Catalyst? what do you think about it?
you're welcome dear! of course i will get concerned about you ... you're a good friend for me and i want the best for you :DDD
well, right now i'll like to read some books taking advantage of my holidays of college and i'll teach maths to a friend :)
At 11:41am on July 23, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Sourav! :) i'm just doing fine ... what about you? i'm glad that you have your PC back ... haha ... and yes, they're machines ... you just have to be patient with them XD
you know? two exams left to me this week and thank God i haven't been so stressed out as i thought! i've tried to take things easy :D about my research project, my boss told me that we would take a break and then, we will be back to work :P but you're right, work and study is very hard and you understand me so well because you have experienced it :)
hmmm ... i think tonught i will stay up till late, because some classmates and i want to study for our Statistics exam :S thanks a lot for your kind words! :DDD i wish you all the best in your hospital work and with college too :)
thanks again for being happy for my progress at my research project! it will help me a lot to do it well on it ;D i'm not able to take naps now, but some rest refreshes me a lot ... hahaha
i imagine that you are in trouble about playing soccer because you feel that a lot of energy it's inside of you ;) i've felt the same ahahaha ... i know! medical university cannot take part of many championships because you're quite busy all the time =/ well, i've been not able to practice basketball lately, because of college, but i've been able to play Counter-Strike again and i was so happy about that :DDD
i think that's the main criticism to the World Cup finals: that there was not so much sport on it =/
i was very happy when i heard that a new LP album would come out soon ... i hope it will be cool! and i will buy it as soon as come out ... what do you think about it?
my week has been good ... my marks are improving, thank God! :DDD hahaha ... i'm glad that you went to a party ... i know you like it! the most important thing is that you don't get too much drunk ahahaha ... i would be very worried if you do it ... how are things going for you lately?
have a nice day dear! take care and see you soon! all the best ... hugs! ^^
At 10:39am on July 16, 2010, Glacier said…
anyway, i have to study a lot because next week i have 4 exams :S
so, what have you done lately? :) how is your life going?
have a nice day too and have fun this weekend! :DDD hugs! ((())) bye ... see you soon! take care :) ^^
At 10:32am on July 16, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear! :) don't worry for the late reply! :P it's ok ... i understand if you have been having problems with the server ... that happens sometimes XD they're just machines :P hahaha ... i'm fine, feeling much better now actually ... how are you? my health is getting better too! :) yes, i think my stress is because of the research work and besides, for the exams i have to face at college ... that's killing me! XD my research project won't finish yet i guess, but now i'm taking a little rest of it ;) thanks for being concerned about me, dear Sourav! you're so kind! :) well, now i come home so tired that i sleep like a baby, but sometimes i don't sleep enough because i go to bed very late and i have to get up early in the morning ... anyway, i'll try to sleep more or to take a nap from time to time :P
my project is going well till the moment ... that's cool! all my efforts have worthed a while :) in what moments you feel you enjoy your trainee work at the hospital?
i'm glad that you like to watch and to play football! i like people who enjoys doing sports :DDD hmmm ... but it's not good to know that you're not having time to practice it ... well, we're in the same situation, i don't have so much time to practice basketball ... anyway, i go once a week to practice it ... and i'll try to start practising it twice a week :P and dear, maybe in the upcoming days you will be able to play football :)
yeah! it's true ... Germany played really well, but Spain played better in that particular day =/ anyway, i didn't want they won the World Cup ... but they did and there's nothing we can do about that ... but the final match was a boredom for me! what a bad final match! ¬¬ hahaha ... what do you think about it?
my life is going well, i guess ... i can't complain! XD and wow! i enjoy so much playing basketball ... it's my passion! :DDD today i will go out with some friends and i think i haven't got more plans for the weekend :P
At 1:42pm on July 13, 2010, Vale said…
hii bro!! :D you know here i have finally finished with high school!! now im so free and i have too fucking much fun enjoying the summer!! ;D the world cup was a big shame spain won but i wanted netherlands or germany to win.. and uruguay with the phenomenon forlan was amazing!!! what do you think abt it so?? and are you still partying?? XD i go everyday to beach and i have fun till late night with friends i love summer!! <3 :D what do you think abt the LP's news??? ;)) cya soon buddy and keep on rocking good!!! x))
At 9:54am on July 2, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear! i'm fine, thanks for asking ... how have you been lately? i'm very happy for you dear Sourav! :DDD you already finished your exams! it's cool that you're out of that freaking stressful situation XD and well, i'm glad that your project is over too! :) and i see that you will start to rest now ... awesome decision! :DDD so, how is that going?
well, i've been very busy with my exams at college and with the research project ... it has been tiring! XD but anyway, i like it ... i think my health is better, even when maybe i'm getting too much stress ... i don't sleep enough, because i go to bed very late and i get up early ... for example, yesterday i went to bed at 4 AM and i got up at 10 AM yesterday with a headache ... i now i have to rest, but the problem is that i don't want to sleep ... could that means i've got too much stress? well, my research project is hard work ... i'm conscious about that ... i have to read a lot of articles in english and then, translate them into spanish and to resume the main topics for an inform :P thanks for your nice wishes dear! i really hope my project rocks! XD and thanks for your concerning :DDD you're far too kind! :)
well, yes ... i enjoy watching football on TV and i'm very happy with Chile's participation at the World Cup ... and i'm glad that you liked the performance of my country :) yes, i know you love football ... so, which country are you supporting? i really want that Germany wins the World Cup :D
i'm glad that your life is going well now and i hope that continues for you ;D hmmm, so now are you working at the hospital again? :/ does it too much stressing? well, my life is going good besides my research project hehe ... well, i'm happy because i can go training basketball so often now and that's pretty awesome for me! :D so, any plans for the weekend?
have a nice day too dear! take care! :) hugs! and i hope to see you soon :P bye bye ^^
At 1:11am on June 29, 2010, Crimson Rose said…
Hello my dear... I'm really sorry, I couldn't be here for such a long time... I had many difficulties, I had to go through in my life... Now I have holiday, although it didn't start well, I've got some free time, when I can do what I want, when I don't have to think about things which have happened recently. How are you, what's new in your life? I missed our conversation a lot... I hope to hear from you soon! Hugs and kisses :)
At 8:54am on June 26, 2010, haniyeh641 said…
hellooo my friend! :)))
heyy, thats ok. u can answer whenever u have time :) cool, i am glad ur exams r all over. and now u can have lots of fun =) my exams finished too and i'm sooo happy about that :D
well no, i should go to school in just 1 mounth of summer, so i have 2 mounths vacation...but ya, i get stress about that =/....and about my final exams, ya i had a good result =) it's 19.83 from 20. i think it's good and i'm satisfied from it =DDD
it's hot here too. but these days it rained abit and now the weather is better :)
so far so good :) and i try to have some fun these days. like hanging out alot with my friend :) and that's cool, i enjoy it =))
thx, u have a nice day too and take care! kisses and hugs. bye bye :)
At 10:50am on June 21, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear! i'm glad that everything is going fine for you!! :DDD it's great to know that you finished your project within an exam!! :) i'm so happy for you! :D i imagine that you're able to rest some more this time :) and of course that helps you to be free of stress and all that stuff XD i hope that the exams that left to you are not so stressful :)
well, i'm just doing fine in here ... i'm felling better, but last week was not so good :/ i was feeling really bad and i caught a cold again ... i had to go to an exam, but i don't know how i did it ... i had fever, chest ache and headache ... it was so horrible! but i rested at the weekend and now i can say i feel better ... i just hope i can feel really good in a few more days :) hehe ... yeah! i'm doing a research project for the college and it's a reserach about the Corporate Social Responsibility and its relationship with profitability and value creation ... it's has to be a lot with the career i'm studying, so for that reason i decided to participate on it with two engineers XD i'm glad that you enjoy the work you do at the hospital, but i know that enjoying something doesn't mean to rest when you do it ... i get tired and stressed out when i'm doing my reserach too ... it's hard work, but i like it! :) thanks for your wishes for my exams dear Sourav! :D i hope your exams go very well!! :DDD
well, i don't have so much time for videogames too, but sometimes i play in the PC and yeah! hahaha ... my favourite games is Counter-Strike ... it's just a cool game! XD
i think that's funny to stay under the rain sometimes ... but sometimes it's better to be at home when you have a cold ... hahaha ... like me! :D
my life is going well hehe ... i think i'm having a good time by now ... i'm very quiet! what about you? how is your life going in general? and how have you been dear?
have a nice time and take care :) my best wishes for your hospital work and for your exams ;) hugs! see you soon ... bye ^^


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