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At 8:04am on October 19, 2011, Marta said…

JOEYYYY JOEYYY joeyyy :D yoo man!!!!!! whazzzup??!

i havent heard from u for ages!! how have u been doing??

and u know what?? im in high school since september and its terrible haha xD

At 1:00pm on June 3, 2011, Marta said…
hehe thx for comment man :)
At 3:57am on May 3, 2011, Marta said…

hehe sorry joey i dont understand yor last question xD

and werent my finishing high school not in high school yet...

im in "gimnazjum" its a polish name...its a school before high school..there go teenagers aged 13-15...i finished my exams which will let me get to the good high school :)

in poland we have different system :D

hehe i also let my hair grow longer..ive cut them recently as u can see on pics ;//

but never im waiting impatiently to holiday :)

hehe peace with u and rock hard xD :*

At 3:22am on May 1, 2011, Marta said…

whoAA!! joey! :D mann! xDD whats upp??? :D

im quite ok...recently ive had my final exams and ive been a bit busy;/...i dont wanna know results xD

but i hope itll be ok xD

what about u? hows everything? :)

At 11:18am on January 12, 2011, Marta said…
aHH good to know joey :** :)
At 2:16pm on January 8, 2011, Marta said…

oHH it was pretty full of studying but i have to say that in 2010 i started to play guitar so i think it was one of the best things that happened to me :)

what about u joey? :P

At 2:06pm on January 8, 2011, Marta said…
ehmm i dont really understand ur question joey :**
At 2:01pm on January 4, 2011, Marta said…
ohh thx joey :** :)
At 12:22pm on January 1, 2011, Marta said…

JOEYYY :************ happy new year for u too :))

i hope ur dreams will come true :D

At 6:29am on October 29, 2010, Marta said…
ur also very nice joey :DDD
At 12:32pm on October 23, 2010, Marta said…
aHHH i wish i was on LP concert!!! would be cool!!! as you probably guess im playing my guitar hahaha like always xD
joeYY why u think im cool? hehe anyway thank u soo much my friend :************
At 9:35pm on October 20, 2010, Marta said…
yeSS joEYY :** its me :D
i connect to ...for example yesterday haha
but i have too much to study..thats why im not here every day :/
anyway how ru? :P
At 9:26am on October 11, 2010, Marta said…
joeYY :D im fine thx....:P what about u? :P
i played guitar at my school..was great xD
thats cool that LP was in brasil but they wont come to poland :'(
anyway see u on chat one day hehehe :)
At 10:19am on August 5, 2010, Marta said…
hmm thats great!!! xD
At 1:28pm on August 4, 2010, Marta said…
ohh no leave studies ande take guitar xD hehehe
i wouldnt be able to survive one day without guitar but during camp i had to do it :/
anyway i hope everything is alright ;P
At 5:44am on August 4, 2010, Marta said…
heyyy i came back from my camo hour ago hehehe xD
im fine thx...what about u??? :))))
At 12:30pm on July 8, 2010, Marta said…
thx for adding :P
how r u ? :)
At 9:23am on February 4, 2010, Alê Di Matteo said…
thanks for add =D
At 9:09am on January 30, 2010, Bárbara Melo said…
tenho siim : D
At 7:04am on January 30, 2010, davidkyoku said…
Hi! What's up? ^^

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