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At 2:45pm on July 2, 2013, Glacier said…

Stephen! :D OMG! It's been so long ever since we talked for the last time. I was really glad when I saw you message on my page. I'm doing great, how about you?

Yeah, I also prefer the old songs better, but Living Things is a great album and I can't wait to hear the next one.

Life in Chile is good and the weather is stormy lately. It's raining a lot today. How about Ireland? What have you been up to?

I need to start drawing and painting again. I will show you as soon as I finish some :) I'm glad you like them.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.



At 12:00am on February 18, 2012, addianshah said…

i like u linkin park :)

At 1:30pm on February 15, 2012, Shauna O'Brien said…

Hey (: I only saw your comment there ! I havn't seen LP live YET !!! You're freaking lucky to have seen them :D They didn't come to Ireland on there ATS tour ): I hope your year is going great ! Nice to meet you Steve ! :P

At 8:46pm on July 3, 2011, destinee anne said…
hiiiiii! i finally went to a LP concert ! IT WAS AMAZE BALLS!  but i didnt get to meet LP! but my BEST friend KAYLA did she said they were suber nice!!! xoxox! XP
At 5:51pm on May 29, 2011, Glacier said…

Hi Steve! It has been a while, but it's alright! :) Don't worry! I've been good, thanks. Just a bit busy with university and work hehe.

Oh, last time we talked, it was back in March I think. And I saw Linkin Park live on October, 2010. And you were right. It was absolutely amazing! :D Unfortunately, I couldn't be in front of the stage due to some problems I had in the middle of all of that people. I liked when they played When They Come For Me, In The End and What I've Done. I sang out loud One Step Closer though and I almost lost my voice because of that haha. And the good memories will stay forever.

I'm glad you have been keeping fine :) How is Killzone 3? I haven't played any game of the saga. I've been playing just a bit. Though I had some amazing gaming night at a friend's place on 360. I played Black Ops, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Marvel vs. Capcom and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Well, I like other bands, indeed. I've been listening to Breaking Benjamin, Celldweller, Deftones and Slipknot lately. Besides of listening to Linkin Park, of course. I've been also into Swedish hip-hop lately.

Well, now I work as an assistant teacher at university. It has been a good experience, although it's hard, but I try to do my best :] How about you?

Hope to talk to you soon. All the best.


At 8:36am on May 22, 2011, Lêeo Charrrz said…

thanks \ o /
I'm fine and you?
Actually I have no preference I love all of *uuu*

I also short Bring Me The Horizon, Alesana, Fresno, Gloria, Dead By Sunrise, Fort Minor, etc. ...
At this moment I'm listening Styles Of Beyond - Nine Thou .--.

I have no band, I'm trying to mount an LP-style is more difficult :/
 and you? a band?

PS: sorry for bad english, I'm Brazilian D;

At 8:57pm on April 28, 2011, Elena said…
Hi!! how are you? At me all super! Thanks for such responses))) Are a pity on a site I can come seldom. New album Linkin park super)))
At 2:29pm on March 11, 2011, Glacier said…

Hey Steve! :) I'm doing great, thanks. How are you doing?

Thanks. I hope you're alright too. Life is going well, thanks. Just resting from college till the moment.

Oh, it's alright! The most important thing is that you reply from time to time. Besides, it was about your health. How is your voice now? Wow! It feels strange to not speak. How did you handle it? Hehe. It's nice to know you're starting to feel better of your voice.

Chile is not so good lately. Right now we have tsunami alarm all over the shore and well, my family is worried as we live close to the sea. I just hope we're alright. In God we trust :D

How is Assassins Creed Brotherhood going? Nice! I heard that it has a nice gameplay and graphics. It's like Prototype gameplay, so it must be a good gameplay.

Yes, I do love FPS. Right now I'm not playing much as my PC died. I will get a new one soon, so I will be able to play videogames again and Counter-Strike.

Well, I'm on vacations till the moment, but I will be back at college on March 21st, so I will enjoy the last few days that left to me :P

As for news, I've been hanging out with friends and visiting my native town lately. But I've been working on a business project also. Oh and thanks a lot for supporting my art work. You're very kind :)

How is life going for you? Tell me some news about you, ok? :)

Have a great weekend :D Take care and best wishes.


At 5:37am on March 4, 2011, kharisx loyola said…
het .. im study in highschooL .. and aLL song of Linkin park so nice .. my favorite is no more sorrow .. Live out aLL the rest and waiting for the end :) i want to see chester ..
At 8:19am on February 11, 2011, Glacier said…

Hi Steve! It was very nice to hear from you again too :) Nice to know you have been keeping good. I've been great, thanks for asking and of course I've been rocking with Linkin Park :) What about you?

I agree to you at the point that old LP albums are such great albums :D Personally, I love Meteora, because I feel very identified with the songs in that album. I also listen to ATS very much. I love that album and the great evolution LP did :) Waiting For The End is a nice song as you said. I just love it.

How is your work going Steve? And what about gym? Oh, I haven't seen that movie yet, but I will check it out as you said it's an amazing film :D Well, I haven't gone to the cinema lately, but I will soon. I want to check The Green Hornet and some other movies :)

Right now I'm at my best friend's place. As I'm on vacations from work I decided to spend some time with her. It was a while since we don't see each other, that's why. We have been into videogames, movies and series :) I also spent some time at my native town a couple of days ago and it was nice. I played basketball with a group of boys. It was funny as they thought I was not able to play it. So, what about you? Tell me your news my friend :)

Take care and talk to you soon. Best wishes, Ruth.

At 8:25am on January 31, 2011, Glacier said…
Hi Steve! ;D How have you been? I've missed you :) Hope to hear from you again soon ^^
At 11:25am on November 8, 2010, Ulrike Piehler said…
hey Stephen thanks for your message:) I totally agree with your opinion about ATS
I missed mikes rap parts too.
I know only a few of the bands you told me. But I think the prodigy played at Rock am Ring didn´t they?
My favourite band is ofcourse Linkin Park but I also like Placebo and SOME! songs of thirty seconds to mars.
ohh and you told me sth about your hobbies:) For myself I like to play volleyball and handball:)did you already were at a concert at the new tour? I really wanted to go to someone but I had no time:(:(:(
Hope you´re doing well
At 6:29am on October 23, 2010, I-Yareast said…
Hey, Stephen !!
Long time no c !!
Did you miss meee !?
At 12:16pm on October 7, 2010, Glacier said…
Thanks so much for your lovely message Steve! You’re a very nice person to chat and of course I will try to come here so often.
By now I’m just working in my research project and then I will go home to pack my baggage and then I will take the bus to Santiago.
How are things going for you? Talk to you more soon. Best wishes, Ruth.
At 12:16pm on October 7, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Steve! ;D How are you today? It was very good to hear from you too :) And you don't need to thank me about my message. Anyway, I'm glad that you liked it :D Aww, thanks! I think you were totally right when you said that when I came back to my college routine, I wouldn't be so sad. And it has happened that way. I have no time to realize I'm not on vacation, because I have been really busy with college and with my research project. I work in a research project about Corporate Social Responsibility and how this can create a value for the corporations. Oh God! I love your job Steve. I like to read a lot and I remember that since I was a child, I wanted to visit a huge and antique library and staying there for hours and hours. So I understand why you enjoy your job a lot. Ah well, you're right! Sometimes it can be tough, but it's good to know that you enjoy it and that you're grateful of having it. I wish you all the best in your job :)
Aww, you’re welcome! I like people who enjoy doing Sports, because I do it too and swimming is one of my favourite Sports. You’re right! If you train as much as you do it can be tough sometimes, but staying fit can be tough for sure. I play basketball twice a week and it’s very hard training, but I love it :)
I’m so happy that your knee is all better Steve and that it doesn’t hurt anymore. It has happened to me that I train and even though I can have a sore, I forget it, but after the training, the sore shows itself and it can hurt a lot :P I have been listening to A Thousand Suns almost every day too and I like it so much. And you’re right! Every song is good in its own way. Mr.Hahn’s got talent for sure and I think that every film is perfect if he directed it :)
Well, today I’m going to the capital city of my country, Santiago, because the concert will be there :) I’m so excited about the LP’s concert! :O I can’t believe I’m going to see the guys. I will tell you the details when I come back, ok?
At 9:08am on September 24, 2010, destinee anne said…
yaaa i dont really know from what part..:( but i did see lp proform om mtv they were soooo awesome their really cute too. haaaahaaah mikes bangs are too short haaahhaahahhah lmao!!! :P
At 12:50pm on September 20, 2010, Ulrike Piehler said…
Hey Stephen thanks for your nice comment.I agree with u .. Chesters vocals... I can´t find any words to discribe....I bought the new record today. It´s diffrent from all I´ve known. but the more you listen to it the better it is:D Tell me what you feel when you listen to it:D
At 3:14pm on September 8, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Stephen! ;D I'm sorry for this late reply, but I've been a bit busy lately with my job and college :S
It was nice to hear from you again too :) Well, since a week ago, my vacations are officially over, but I'm not so sad about that because I had such a nice time on my vacations ;D I enjoyed my free time a lot and I made all the things I love :) I'm so glad to hear that things are going cool with you at the moment. I hope they're the same yet :P What do you do as a work? Wow! And you train on a gym. That's awesome! :) Oh, thanks God you're better of you knee ... How is it now?
Wow! "Resistance" game sounds cool! ;D I like games with a first person shooter :P
When I saw the video of the single "The Catalyst" I thought it was so awesome! ;D Mr.Hahn did a great job with the video :) And yup, for me it's great to see something new ;D And Pretend To Be is a nice song too. Did you like it?
Oh, do you draw? :O That's pretty cool! I would like to see some drawings of you :) Oh, come on! Thanks a lot for telling me that you like my art ;D
I want to see "Legion" and I think I will rent the movie. If you say it's brill, it must be ;D
Yup, October 9th will be an awesome day for me because of LP's concert. I just can't wait to see them live >.< And yup, I've got my tickets ;D
I hope they play new and old songs in the concert :)
Talk to you soon Stephen!
Well, about me. I'm just working and doing stuff for college since it started. It's a bit stressing every day, but that's ok. It's normal I guess. What about your life? ^^
At 11:23am on September 4, 2010, destinee anne said…
good!! wat about u? thats cool that u live in ireland my dads gradparents are from ireland!
At 1:06pm on September 3, 2010, Meso_LP_Barca_Milan in My Heart said…
hey stephen !! which team do u support barca or Rmadrid ?? yeah but whAT'S ur fav LP song ?? cya later !!

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