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At 2:38pm on January 23, 2011, vahid Djk said…
axat aaaaaalieeeeee.............
At 2:37pm on January 23, 2011, vahid Djk said…

LP is the best in the World.............


At 7:34am on October 1, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Haniyeh! ;D hehe ... you don't need to thank me :P it's ok! :P ah well, i think the same ... the new LP album is beautiful and also a masterpiece! i've heard it many times and i like it a lot :) i didn't see the whole LP concert in VMA, but i saw part of their show after that ... so, did you see it? ahahaha ... maybe it's kinda ridiculous that Brad played the piano XD but i think they're exploring new instruments or maybe they want to be like Mike, who plays many instruments XD lol
aww, thanks so much for telling me that you admire my behaviour :$
yup, i had a nice time in my trip :P so, did you already start school? how was that and how is it going? :P i wish you all the best with your second grade of high school dear! ;D you deserve it :)
aww, i wish that your cousin has a happy life too :) and i'm so happy that you had a nice time :D oh, i would like to know ... how do you celebrate weddings in there? :) i'm quite interested about that n.n
hmmm ... about me? i've been working these days in my research project and besides, i've been attending all the college stuff XD anyway, i'm doing fine ... and that's perfect ... besides, i had a surgery a couple of days ago, but everything went well and now i'm taking care of myself, so i'm getting better soon :)
what's new with you dear friend?
take care dear Haniyeh! ;D have a very nice day and a better weekend :) kisses and hugs! see you soon ^,^
At 3:32am on September 26, 2010, Midnight Soldier said…
Srry ab0ut replying late! This is mehr u know, every one's busy u know.. :-/
2vome dabirestan?? Oh yeah i remember that year. I was so scared ab0ut my choice! But dont w0rry, im sure u have the talent to keep up with it :)
And even if u felt ur not built 4 math and ur n0t intrested in it, u can make a Taqire reshte so simply!! So dont w0rry! :)
Yeah, man hoquq mikhunam!! kheili hefzi dare, me3 baqiyeye reshtehaye olum ensani!!! Terme 3 dare shuru mishe! X(
At 10:36pm on September 25, 2010, None said…
I like robot boy and iredsecnt(Sp?) :)
At 4:38am on September 22, 2010, NeGiN said…
che jaleb to az avalesham khoshet umade!!! its so good u feel each song!
..man ke bishtar az hame az iridescent khosham umad, ;)
nothing waiting 4 school! without doing anything!!! na manto kharidam, na ketab, sbte nam ham naghese!! :D:D
man sevome riyazi am, dabirestan,
what about u?
At 12:03am on September 22, 2010, Pouria Rahman said…
Are kheili ha bad nist the Messenger ke az hame behtare... ye meghdar gheyre montazere bud vali khob Linkin Parke dige... :)
khabari nist joz baz goshayie madares,man 17 salame ta daneshgah 2 sal vaght daram,vali na nemiram chon goftan eftetahiyast jashno maskhare bazi..lol..
chera hesse badi dare,man chizi hess nakardam,taze 1 sa@ dige mikham beram sabte nam konam :D !!!
At 1:53pm on September 21, 2010, kimia {cR@zY_ЭмѺ} said…
lol to negaran nabash! kasi sedam nemizane lol
live eshoon khoob bood makhsoosan new devide o kheily toop ejra kardan :D amma roo ham rafte yejoori boodan! nemidoonama amma be nazaram safeie joe sarma khorde bood lol makhsoosan too the catalyst lol mike ham ba lahje mikhoond :-S manzooram ye lahjeie kharej az english o american o in harfas lol
At 8:42am on September 18, 2010, NeGiN said…
u know at first I didnt like it at all!!!...then Love it...then hate it in the meantime like it!!
so confused!XD... but now I dont have such a dislike feeling,and also like it!;)
Im just understanding it...what about u? did u like it even at first time??
At 1:46pm on September 17, 2010, Midnight Soldier said…
Aww thanx!!! XD
Well i kn0w there r lots of go0d events w8ing 4 me there! But what i feel is sth i can not change! :S What im trying to do is to lo0k at the go0d aspects!

Btw the new season is begining! What r u going to do? Do u go to school or college? I just 4got! XD
At 4:16pm on September 13, 2010, None said…
Life is....well life i sucky, haha. But Im okay.
Hows your life going? Busy with stuff?
At 11:35am on September 13, 2010, Glacier said…
hi dear Haniyeh! ;D i'm fine, thanks and how are you? aww, you don't need to be sorry! :) it's ok, you know? i'm happy if you write, because that means you have not forgotten about me n_n so, don't say you're much lazy ass :P
i haven't heard the whole album yet hahaha ... but well, i think i like it! :) this time LP is benig more conceptual and not so rockers as they were in HT and Meteora, but i still love their music :DDD and i'm glad that you liked the album too ;D
i think my favourite songs are: Waiting For The End, Wretches and Kings and Blackout :) yup, i loved the video of The Catalyst ... Mr. Hahn did a great job again hehe :)
thanks for your support dear! ;D i really hope i can be that good player you trust i will be :DDD
oh, sure! i will add you on MSN again hehe
so, how was Ramadan? i think it's very interesting that you do these those things :) it's a very good action from you :D i think i admire the way you behave n.n
well, my trip was very good! ;D i had lots of fun with my cousin and i met new people as well ... now i'm back to college and to my research project and i'm having a great time with that, even though i'm busier than before XD lol
so, how is your life going? and how is school going? have a great time dear! ;D take care and i hope to hear from you soon ... kisses and hugs ^^
At 10:14am on September 13, 2010, kimia {cR@zY_ЭмѺ} said…
hamishe maloom boode ke mike porkar tarin o darvaghe hamekareie goroohe! amma too in album dige terekoooooooonde! too concert mike kolli baiad kar kone. va dar avaz hatta rob ham bikare chon drum e electric dashtan drumer bikar bashe dige yani hichi! va joe ham mese hamishe por kaaaaaaaaaaaar va chesteram ke farghe ziadi karesh nakarde! vali darbareie guitaristaie bichare baiad begam "!!!!!" :-" vagheeeeeeeeeeean bi kar mimoonan shaiad dar kolli album ina ye dasti be simaie guitareshoon keshide bashan lol
mike goft nemitoonim az album e moon farar konim belakhare too concerta ejra mikonan amma ham fan ha doos nadaran o ham khodeshoon rahat nistan :D
At 6:52am on September 13, 2010, Leila {EMO} said…
Heh yeah ... Im good ! Tnx
what about u ? Having fun ? Whats up ?
At 11:56pm on September 12, 2010, Pouria Rahman said…
Are etefaghan ghashange.taze gereftam,in jur ahangaro az LP entezer nadashtim vali kheili ham bad nist,manam khosham umad inam ye jur musice jadide dige,hala inam arum arum ja miofte M2M ham nesfe ahangash sholugh nabud vali kheiliha dusesh daran.
At 4:45am on September 12, 2010, Pouria Rahman said…
Salam.to chetori?manam khubam.kheili vaght bud nayumade budam tu net.mas'aleyi nist javab bede hala har vaght bud mohem nist.
man hanuz goosh nakardam mikhastam ta tarikhesh sabr konam,ba'ad dl mikonam vali hala mese inke bayad dl konam,vali az harfe mardom be nazar miyad khub nabashe,anyway LP harchi dashte bashe khoobe.''wretches &kings'' dl kardam ghashang bud ye jurayi shabihe ghadimiya hast.vali nemidunam behtarinesh hamine ya na??
At 3:53am on September 10, 2010, Midnight Soldier said…
Btw, u have really nice theme!
At 3:53am on September 10, 2010, Midnight Soldier said…
Hey haniyeh, nice to see u agian :)
Np ab0ut u reply, its ok!!
So u had busy days! I hope u enjoyed ur summer!!
Im so happy that u liked the new style of LP. Well i really love it and i enjoy it to0
! :P

Ab0ut going to teh, im still here in mashhad! Last weeks that im here! This is big change 4 me! I lose all my friends and i gonna make new friends there. Well this is exciting and terrible at the same time 4 me! I dont know how to feel ab0ut it! :S

Wish u have nice time, take care :)
At 12:53pm on September 8, 2010, kimia {cR@zY_ЭмѺ} said…
haha eshkal nadare :D
akhe midooni to minutes to midnight o kheily doos dashti! amma man too lhate metalam yani album ghabliaro tarjih midam. ba in hal dafe haie aval ke album o goosh dadam be nazaram EFTEZAH bood amma alan ye 10 dafei ham bishtare ke goosh dadam :D amma midooni ye jooraie badi bood ye ahange KHAFANAM toosh peida nashod! ahang khafan rock esh blackout bood ke shad bood! ziad ahang me3 leave out all the rest dashtan :-S kholase ke man montazere album e badam lol cya!
At 5:49am on September 8, 2010, NeGiN said…
hi, so so!! I heard that aTS and Im not very good!! XD
what about u?

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