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At 3:40pm on October 22, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

I terribly got occupied by school and other stuff sorry wbu?! >;0 and your miens so no body can have ya! ;P unless we break up xDD jk ;p

you better be yourself and don't change in a bay ..always loving U!

peace out, bestie <3

I've became so numb, i can't even feel you there..

Crawling is my Skin be smooth and stay with me!! ;p

At 2:47pm on October 21, 2012, Tina Tartaglia said…

Nice to meet you too! :) When I said lover of all things dark and unusual, I meant it more as in my style tends to lean towards more of a gothic victorian style. But more the things around me, not my actual appearance. Anything related to halloween and gothic architecture :) And I sing and play guitar and piano :) Do you play any instruments?

At 1:46pm on October 21, 2012, Tina Tartaglia said…

Hello :) I'm good thank you, how are you?

At 4:20am on October 21, 2012, iida said…

Hello, Handsome ;D

Wow, u are here? What time it is there?

At 9:37am on October 20, 2012, iida said…

I'm fine, like always when u are here :))) Hang out with my friends, gonna stay over night here, at my friend's house

How are u? Why did u wake early? 


At 9:19am on October 20, 2012, iida said…

Hiiii!! :D U are wake early :)

At 6:18pm on October 19, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Wait what? :O no I was thinking  ..Boy + Girl = Yays! xDD

Uh wait sorry apologizing for not properly replying back to you and well how would Ik  if u r single, u can be lying my bestie well :O  Idk I gtg g'd night <3<3 :*

At 6:02pm on October 19, 2012, RedYellowStars said…



;00 ! :3

At 1:33pm on October 19, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Boo ! what? :O 0mg yea duh I hope I get married at age23 ;P ..xD

wbu? :3 altho' I don't even know if your single atm xD :OO I WANNA STEAL YOU AWAY AND MAKE YOU MINES! >;P. xD jk hmm eatign CEREAL, FR0STED FLAKES ATM!! >;D <3<3<3 my fav. cereal wbu well I'M N0T ALWAYS HUNGRY and it's not my fault I work out most of the time ;P

90laps in 15mins or less ha! well aweee bad connection? D= why what happeend thats why? THATS WHY U'LD TEXT MEH! ;P so u don't get meh worried dw we are besties remeber? ;D so whatever happens I will always b by your side ;0 and whaa no poison!! xD

awe you missed meh S0 much? ty <3 *HUGGLES AND DON'T LET U GO* ..u shud cook for meh ;P gtg now Imma go eat fried rice now x3

At 5:36pm on October 18, 2012, iida said…

At 5:35pm on October 18, 2012, iida said…

His net doesn't work, i think... :/

At 3:16pm on October 18, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Dude, Ik I'm sorry 4 not msging you buh like how're you? r u okay btw..HAVEN'T HEARD FROM U..mayb I'ld forget you ty! xD jk </3 I'm your one ;0 xDD

At 10:01am on October 18, 2012, Amanda Meeks said…
haha..we are all doing well thank you!
At 5:03pm on October 17, 2012, Tais Ribeiro said…

Hi, how are you?
Nice to meet you too, I hope too!
Have you added your group!

At 5:10pm on October 16, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Tbh..anywyas um ... yea sicne both of us ar ebusy and I'd liekto tlak to much bu hI dk buh anwyays U BETTER STAND UP TALL EVEN  if I'm not away :O . *poke* ;D

At 3:28pm on October 16, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breathe

;D..xDD LP <3<3<3 0neStepCloser anyways omg u know u lvoe meh, don't hide it xD yes u knwo I lveo you wow I'm in your life? 0___o" anyways I've been rlyl busy wif school and hopefully Imma get into DISNEYCHANNEL!! ACTING <3! :O I hope u tc and behave ya self dw u let meh spank you and I will cook u steak! ;3

At 6:17pm on October 15, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Tbh, your so grateful 2 b on the known S0CCER TEAM 0mg hwo did u make it btw? ;D well dw I'll alwyas b tehre for ya and waiting there, sumwhere near cheerign for ya so give it all your best! ;D

if you slack, Imma give u a wedgie 0_o" jk! xDD. 0_o

At 4:59pm on October 15, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Crawling is mY happy with such words O_O" anyways 0GM I JSUT REALIZED I RAZORED MY THUMB ugh and razored my hair well hairsystle and omg today in school some girls or my friend as "sis" tried biting my ear jsut casue she hungry O_O

Hi! ;D

I Love You, Lp not u xD jk

At 3:21pm on October 15, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

Idk..well u jsut lvoe meh so much eh? xD

jk anwyays 0GM IV;'E TO PEE atm oops and me no monster u r! D=

AHH HIDE UNDER THE C0VERS ogmg eww your the boogie-monster jk :3

hmm Idk anhhh I <3 CAKES MROE THAN pizzas ssorry well I HEART ICE-CREAM!!  dayumm that's mines! <3 ICECREAMS!! <33333333 icecream cake jsut makes meh mouth sorry anwyays Idk if the 6 of us ar still gonna do the guitar band .. >_> I don't get it..shh your like 18 buh you type weird? don't get offended ;D

Love Ang <3 I'm your #1 =^0_0^=

At 6:39pm on October 14, 2012, RedYellowStars said…

. . . wha well -_-

0mg. cook for meh ;0

jk Idk sorry now it's awkawardness I shall nto speak no more! ;D


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