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At 6:12pm on January 13, 2011, Rana -- LP luvr said…

Thanks you're so so sweet and adorable.

Wish you the same and the best  :)

At 5:57pm on January 11, 2011, Occy Linkinpark said…

anything's ok xd.

how about your new year :D

At 4:26am on January 11, 2011, firman L.P.Underground said…
hi jg
At 2:32pm on January 9, 2011, Mica Bennington said…
Hi :D
Im fine n' u ? n_n
At 8:52pm on January 8, 2011, Fyldha Shinozaki said…

asik nih.. XDDD


ngga kemana" dirumah memandangi poto AA' Shinoda yg lagi pergi jauh.. D'X XDDD

At 5:08pm on January 7, 2011, Occy Linkinpark said…

yea... i'm here.. xd

how's life ya..

At 1:43pm on January 7, 2011, Rana -- LP luvr said…

Hey Hey dear Laricya  I'm good ThankGOD.

Hope so , wish you the best . Hoo,take care sistah :D

You too have a great day 

At 4:42am on January 7, 2011, Richie Reanimation said…
heh, nyonya Eko! :p
At 7:18am on January 6, 2011, Occy Linkinpark said…
hyyyyyyyyyyyy xd
At 2:02am on January 6, 2011, firman L.P.Underground said…
ai ai
At 6:17am on January 2, 2011, Fyldha Shinozaki said…
hay juga kak.. maap baru bales..

ooo... :D status kakak bagus-bagus..

dirumah doang sambil maen petasan.. XD

Happy New Year Juga~

kakak.. tahun baruan kemana???
At 4:04pm on December 31, 2010, Rana -- LP luvr said…

Heeey Sweet Sis :) How cool to call me sis 

Happy New Year From Egypt :) Hope all your dreams come true :) miss ya too 

At 10:41am on December 31, 2010, Mica Bennington said…


Happy New Year ! =D

At 9:13pm on December 29, 2010, Fyldha Shinozaki said…

yang ini loh kak.. "living with the holy heart,, God what a wonderful bless... hopefully there's something nice with the life :D


kabarku buruk.. D: kaka gmana??


hahahaha baek mah kak dia,,, ngomong" si ROb gmana??

At 6:27pm on December 29, 2010, cindy mendoza said…

Hi Laricya!!! Miz yah! Have a Happy 2011! God bless!

At 7:10pm on December 23, 2010, Rana -- LP luvr said…

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Laricya !!! :D 

Sorry for mine too, Today i feel so hungry xD Just wishing i could do fine in the "upcoming exams" OMG that's sooo cute :) I wanna meet you too ..Hope so maybe in the  US :D we can watch a concert Hope you have a good time and take care <3 :)

At 6:36am on December 23, 2010, Mica Bennington said…


Im fine  n' you ? :P

At 7:16am on December 21, 2010, Fyldha Shinozaki said…
kk.. statusnya kenapa??
At 6:52pm on December 17, 2010, Mica Bennington said…

Hi np :D

nice to meet u too n_n

At 2:49pm on December 16, 2010, Rana -- LP luvr said…

Sooo "ouch" :D ..  It's ok don't be sorry

Me tooo!!! That would be AMAZING !!! Maybe i'll come to see you

Wish You Great luck and time :):)

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