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At 2:02am on February 1, 2011, Mandy Hsu said…

Well, I've never seen snow in person. Here in Taiwan, snow is pretty rare to see. But I think I'll love snow by the time I can touch it and feel it :)

Yeah, all my exams are finished, my grade is fine and how about yours?

btw, Chinese New Year is coming, I guess I'll have a great time but I'll probably gain some weight, hahahaha XDD

Happy Chinese New Year :D

At 9:10am on January 19, 2011, Denise_LP said…

Hey dear! My mail came back me'll send it again tomorrow, I should write your address true this time..hope this time is going to be better. My winter holiday is nearly here, exactly on 28th of this lasts 15 days, so less! My exams finished today yihhaa!yours are already finished, wow how were they? :)  we both're going to have holidays, I think we can catch each other on msn.. Bye for now!

At 12:03am on January 14, 2011, Mandy Hsu said…

It'll be great if you come :)

hey, the winter vacation is coming :) I'm so excited about all the new year's stuff and can't wait to meet all my relatives. Now here in Taiwan keeps raining and it's freezing everyday in the early morning and at night. I even caught a cold few days ago :(

How's the weather over there? I hope spring can arrive soon lol

Take care. Bye :D

At 12:11pm on January 4, 2011, Denise_LP said…  check it out dear, this song makes me feel so different..and also this one ... it's lyrics.. I like all these!
At 11:11am on January 4, 2011, Denise_LP said…
but why are you making yourself so sad? I know you had a big lost, one of the most important people in your life...dear, that is the law of nature, we all die one day.but do you know what is important in this life? sharing love, happiness; value friendship and your gave the enough dearness for your grandfather, he knows how you feel about grandfather was also gone, I love him soooo much! I feel his soul, always with me,helping me,saving me.and not getting sad for his death cause lots of years passed.your grandfather doesn't wanna see you upset for sure, right?so u should keep staying strong, improve yourself at anything and prove that you're his grandchild. and also be grateful for your parents who are alive. I believe you'll beat this trauma day by day, cause time heals all wounds.I was thinking that I can't live anymore when my grandfather died, but I'm still alive... oh death is the hardest case, so tragic, painful.. it is really frustrated to never can see the gone person anymore...just feel his soul, it's better to see with heart eyes my honey.
please be excited about this year cause an amazing future is waiting for you to discover it! nevermind all the studies, pains, goals...just believe and trust yourself, you're such a wonderful person u know? I really love you so much like hundreds of people around you.. I wanna see old Shaw back, u get it? :) why my letter haven't arrived u...I'll find the commitment paper and go to post office to understand the problem.hope we can find it or I'll find new things,it doesn't matter lucky I am to have known someone who was so suitable to stay in touch..再見 親愛的 肖...(???:D)
At 8:28am on December 31, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…

Thanks :) Think positive really helps a lot, and things do become better as time pass. Now things are better now, I guess part of it is because I start to look at it on a brighter side.

I wonder if you saw the fireworks of Taipei 101, it's great :) but it's SO cold over here, I'm freezing xDD Happy New Year!!

Our traditional new year is coming too :D hey, remember to let me know when you come to Taiwan. Good luck on your school work by the way.

At 7:30am on December 31, 2010, Denise_LP said…

Holaaa Shaw!!!!!! how are you? you're great for sure! It's New Year's Celebration time here and I'm feeling super happy!!! :) I'm hoping that 2011 will the most fantastic year for everyone, thanks God or whomever ( for me it's the soul of the Universe)...

I'm with my family, everybody is looking so excited cause has a lot of hopes about new year..all of them will come true,yeaaa,!!so how did u celebrate x-mas or new year's coming? tell me your news & also wishes about this new year...really lots of love!

At 8:39am on December 24, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…

By the way

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year xDD

At 8:37am on December 24, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…

High school has started for four months. Lots of things happened, different situations for me to handle. I was once confused, but now I'm fine. Tell you though, being popular isn't a hundred percent perfect. I mean, you can feel people staring at you when you walk down the hallway. People like you, but they don't know who you are...

Hope your holiday can erase all the tiring feelings :) And hope you enjoy your coming holiday. New Years Eve is coming, time to take a breathe lol

Take care :)

At 11:12am on December 19, 2010, Denise_LP said…

oh dear!

I really understand your case, but please stay positive :-)) wowww....when will you pick me up with your car??:D :D that is amazing... how long will you take the driving lessons? I have to be 18 to take driving lessons and they last 6 months or like this here.. I'm dreaming about a caravan, nice?

congrats for your first step success, ciao bella honeyy!!!

At 9:09am on December 11, 2010, Denise_LP said…

hey honey how have you been?I miss you, have you received my mail?

it was snowy today, the first snow of the year,aww is so beautiful..:D what about there? take care, lots of love:)

At 12:30pm on December 2, 2010, zahra said…
ya true ,,,,but its still very different ..faint : burning in the skis ...when i think of the difference i get sad
At 11:29am on November 28, 2010, Denise_LP said…
I wrote your name as Xiao Zhang...the surname should be first,right? and also wrote Jigingmen Street..awww..
school has started 1 week ago. my exams at school and special classroom have also started..and I'm doing pretty bad at them..feeling so depressed. I missed a lot of classes, didn't go to school..thought that I can finish the topics at home by studying on my own. but I could not..My parents are shouting cause they are paying for special classes...and I am not good at them...fucking stresful.YES exam is unsuccesful,too.well,I'm like an idiot
.. oh wrote you a 3 papers letter..when I come home from an exam which was very bad, saw your gifts..and you made me feel very happy! Sponge Bob mask is too cute, absolutely not stupid..It's not childish for me, Sponge Bob is always happy & funny, we must be like it..I love it!!! and the keyring is so beautiful, I thank you so much for the awesome gifst and your kindness.. Your letter was very heartly..and I'll spend the new year's day with my friends at afternoon and with family in the night.. will you be alone? I really like this plan, cause I wanna be alone in christmas, in a different place away from the other people...
I believe you'll hit the best marks on your finals, wish you the all best
At 7:34am on November 27, 2010, Denise_LP said…
Hey I received your gifts yesterday and posted somethings to you today...But I forgot your address at home when I was in post office, called my mother to read it to me from the paper which I wrote your address..I hope I heard it well and wrote the address true.. also hope you're fine dear
At 1:19pm on November 24, 2010, zahra said…
i hated ATS at first but now i think its just okay ...what i feel like doing is killing RICK Ruben for changing lp so much ,..its all his fault! XD has changed ! ,,,,no one can say it hasnt !
At 4:20am on November 21, 2010, Denise_LP said…
oh I see, you'll have a new life at the next year, how fantastic!!!:)) umm, we just celebrate the new year's coming on December 31st,not Christmas...what about in China? and I thought I can programme my brain to perfectness via can be in the future maybe..I think i am a good person, cause if i wasn't; I couldn't attract great people like you to myself lol,,,,the law of attraction includes that.. and also it's hard to find a personality like you, thx for being in my life dear... and I'll tell you when I find gifts for you, you can find your Eng. address till that panic:D
what about your exams?mine are starting from this week,gosh!!!! wish me luck, love you!~
At 7:38am on November 19, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
Hey, everything is fine. Having fun in my new high school life now :)
Everything is new to me, I become quite popular in the school now xD
but dealing with tests and people makes my life quite busy lol Just don't really have much time to think things about life... How about you? How's everything?
At 9:50am on November 16, 2010, Denise_LP said…
being 180cm must be so cool,hahah
okey I'm waiting for your mail to come, thx thx! it's festival of sacrifices here..muslim people cut cattles(like cows, sheeps) Muslims do this, and distribute their meals to poor people..but what a pity for animals,ahh poor them! I find this festival very very very bad..So dear, every official place is close in the festival;(including post offices).I'll find you gifts in this week,and send another week. you'll go to America this year? just wow, I thought it will be next year, wish you the best my dear
Pschologist didn't make me hypnosist, just make theraphy,lol...I thought very different about it:Dhaha nevermind:D
oh shawn I miss to talk with you in msn,hope to catch you online!bye bye..1.000 kisses
At 8:09am on November 14, 2010, zahra said…
fine i guess . what about u !?

did u hear the new demo cd for lpux?!!
At 4:50am on November 12, 2010, Denise_LP said…
yesss it's a little bit cold here dear, but I'll wear it though..:D t-shirt is amazing!!!, I liked it when you showed me at the first time.. and it's size is okay with me, like what I what! the pen is also sooo cute,hahah I felt realy happy when saw it:D also thx for the lovely letter, I'll reply it..but need to know your size, I think you like baggy clothes.. I should find a cool T-shirt for you honeyy! ohh mask?:D hahha so creative I'm sure I love it! you made my day wonderful, sooo thx dear!:D I studied math for 1 hour today, and feeling very clever,,lol....TOEFL is yours, visualize that you've already passed it,, the results of my YES exam will be out at 22 of this month..but I'm not very hopely about it, bu maybe I pass it who knows?:D
Shaw!! Shaw!!! I'm tooo exciting, cause I'll haqve a hypnosis seance and meditation theraphy about 2 hours later!!:D omg, I was waiting for this day and my heart will fly now,..I'm really an asocial person in my daily life, don't speak with other people so much..and can't concantrate on my I decided to go to a fact a 'theraphist'.. I read theraphist's biography and beliving that she'll help me a lot to beat my fears..wish me luck honey!:)
don't forget to write your size, and which colours or artists you prefer.and,I wrote a lot many hugs from me,love u!!

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