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At 5:50am on May 3, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
yeah it would sound awesome :D
yeah I know what you mean the teachers pick silly songs don't they?
sth from LP would be awesome :D
At 6:54am on May 2, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
oh doesn't sound too good
^^yeah just say you sang Numb: I've become so "cough" I can't "cough" you there become so "cough" so much more "cough" all I want to do is "cough" (^^ my fav part) and be more like "cough" I've become so "cooooouuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh" ;)
At 6:00am on May 2, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
oh that's not good what have you got for an illness?
haha^^ awesome :D
At 2:05am on May 2, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
so how is your hard earned (mine is^^) weekend?
At 9:45am on April 30, 2010, ErbseLP said…
Hey hey, wie gehts? Was mach die Kunst? ^^
At 9:42am on April 28, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
well that's a good question I mean maybe that'as the demo of an album song but I rather doubt it, don't you?
At 7:19am on April 28, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
yeah that is the best part in the trailer :(
do you think they'll develop it more?
At 6:11am on April 28, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
yeah I finished it a while back :D
why did you expect more?? I agree there should have been more rapping
At 6:00am on April 28, 2010, Bella said…
Danke, sehr nett xD

Na Gott sein Dank ^^
cool, muss ich mir bei Gelegenheit mal angucken.... sieht bestimmt toll aus!

jaaa, stimmt...... Schule kann man immer für was sinnvolleres als Lernen nutzen ;-)
At 7:15am on April 27, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
not good
why can't you jailbreak it what's the prob maybe I can help?
At 8:57am on April 26, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
It can't be that bad :D
8-bit rebellion is out :D
have you played it yet?
I bought it and it's the best iPod touch game ever :D
At 5:18am on April 26, 2010, ErbseLP said…
Soweit ganz gut. ^^
Naja, hab mich nur gestern beim Inlinerfahren hingepackt... schöne Schürfwunde... mal gucken wegen morgen Schwimmen. oO
Ich binn noch nie mitgeschwommen... xD
Hach ja, Schulsport... ^^
Aber eig. wollt ich fast immer, konnt nur aus irgendwelchen Gründen immer nicht, mein Körper will das nicht. xD
At 2:25am on April 25, 2010, Bella said…
Hey!! :)

Danke, mir gehts auch gut. Bin nur ein wenig erkältet....

uuuhhh..... das hört sich ja nicht gut an^^
und? phase wieder vorbei? ich hoffe doch :D

At 11:35pm on April 24, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
well I haven't got probs in Maths :D
but I agree it's so unlogical why french is so important !!
sometimes it just doesn't connect with your brain
and have you noticed that everything always has to sound perfect in French?
^^ yeah
At 8:43am on April 24, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
^^I suppose there will
I got German essay on tuesday but I find with them you can either do it or you can't
i always get 2 so I'm happy (3 sometimes but seldom)
what about you?
At 12:05am on April 24, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
here it's a bit more sun than cloud but still pretty cloudy
so have you finished your tests for a while now?
At 4:32am on April 23, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
why not??
how's the weather over the boarder then?
At 6:04am on April 22, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
It's real fun isn't it?
do you play volleyball?
At 2:51pm on April 21, 2010, ErbseLP said…
Heeeey heeeey wie gehts?! :)
At 9:31am on April 21, 2010, LinkinParkElite said…
sounds funny^^
nothing much really went to school then to a friend who's got a awesomely big trampulin :D
have you got one?


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