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At 11:08am on March 18, 2012, Glacier said…

Hi Shiv! :) Same here. I don't really come around that much, since none of my friends seem to use it that much after LP Chat died :( I've been great, thanks. What about you? How is university going? I will start college tomorrow and I'm already nervous. This year is going to be tough as hell XD Hope to hear from you soon! Hugs ^.^

At 12:26pm on March 5, 2012, Glacier said…

OMG! Shiv! How have you been? It has been such a long time. I've missed you! ^.^

At 9:05pm on September 17, 2011, Fasya Pradipta said…
At 3:26am on July 1, 2011, Vale said…

hey dear shiv!! :D  how are you?  are you finally on vacation or still studying???  i see your father is a little exigent abt your studies? :O  abt me im looking for a little summer work to get some money =)  abt barcelona it was fucking amazing!! according to me its one of the best cities of this world!!! its a must!! you have to go there one day if you can ^^  its full of italians there lol  i never climb up something or do those extreme sports xD i am some scared ahah :PP  btw i saw LP at the sonisphere festival at imola some days ago!!! ♥ :'))) 

see you soon dear! hugs to you too! <3

At 4:13pm on April 21, 2011, Glacier said…

Hi Shiv!

This time I will have to give some excuses and apologies for the late reply. But I guess you already know it's because of university XD

Nice to know you increased your GPA! :) I think 8 is a good one. So don't feel so bad about it hehe.

Well, I've heard of Holi. It's very popular in there. But why didn't you have a crowd?

Yeah, I'm enjoying university. It's hard, but still I enjoy it :D Haha. I understand how is that. It was just your first reaction about university and now you matured that reaction and you feel cool about being at university :) That's cool! And about friends, well ... you can still talk to them once you finish university :D

Oh, it's so nice to know you're doing something to help Japan in your university. How noble!

Keep me posted on your side too :)

Take care and have a nice weekend! ^^


At 3:47pm on December 14, 2010, Vale said…

heeey dear shiv!!! :D  im very fucking fine and so happy too!! everything's going so perfect for me!!! ^^  abt you?  are you still studying?? :)  im going to barcelona from 21 to 28 december i cant wait!!!  alone with my 2 best friends ;DD 

see you tell me your news hugs to you too =)


At 6:42am on November 18, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Shiv!!! OMG, it's great to receive some news from you :D I was so happy when I got the notification on my e-mail :DDD At last you're here! :)
Aww, yeah! I've missed you very much :/ But it's ok, you're here and it's all that matters :)
It's good to know that you came back because you missed us :) It's a pleasure to have you in here :)
I'm fine, thanks. Just some busy with college, but I try to have fun with my friends anyway :) College is going fine. I've got good qualifications, but I think I can do it even better :) I'm really happy that you got such good qualifications Shiv :D Hahaha. I think you will have to get qualifications up to 9.0 so XD
So, what's new with you? Have a very nice day, take care and catch you up soon ^^
At 9:24am on October 1, 2010, Glacier said…
hi Shiv! ;D how have you been? :) it has been a looooong time that i don't talk to you :S i miss you! ^,^
At 12:37pm on March 27, 2010, AlexmadhouseDavidX said…
Hey :) .. it's ok no problem, we all have other things to do :) .. Have you managed to persuade them yet?? .. Hahahaha well as long as he's having fun and getting used to LP :) .. No i'm going to make one, are you?? ... i haven't the time ^^ everything is jst going really fast, not enough hours in the day :P
Take care and have fun :D ........... Alex :)))
At 10:45am on March 21, 2010, Faby said…
Hey shiv!!!

sorry for the late answer - but somehow i didnt find the time to answer here... and when i had time i was too tired..;) but finally i'm back...

Haha yes i shok hand with Chester, it was funny.:) DBS is cool live! ;)

Awww what you tell from Shaggy is so cuuute! its sweet that he has a friend now! damn he bust be big now! i saw the pics and he was sooo little and cute! how much did he grow?

Well i'm just studying and studying and looking for a job for after my studyies in july.... always the same. my life isn't that much interesting now.:P

tc and loooots of loooove!!
At 2:30pm on March 10, 2010, Vale said…
hii shiv :D well im always so damn busy and stressed/busy with school and i try to hold on as well :// i hope u are doing better than me in school not that bad at least xD i wont make the video cause i havent time and i wouldnt win 4 sure :P abt your one?? wish u the best hugs to u dear =)
At 11:40am on March 8, 2010, Faby said…

awww bad uni... :P well we have a lot of exams now too..=/ i'm gonna die.:P

well the medal celebrations were cool! :D aaand DBS was awesome too! Handshaking with Chester..:P it was sooo great! xD

yeah 3 month... but 3 month witha looooot to do...

sooo tell me your news beside exams!! and how's shagggy??? =P

loooots of looove
At 11:13am on March 4, 2010, AlexmadhouseDavidX said…
Hey Shiv!!! I'm good thanks xD ... it's ok cos we all have things to do other than b here answering our friends :) .. How r you?? ... Hahaha they picked you?? so you're not normally a persuasive person .. did you persuade them?? and get what you want?? ..Haha yes that's one thing i do have a lot of patience xD . it does take alot to get me mad but once you do ^^ you will b very sorry :P lol!!! ... I bet you he is sooo sweet and can do no wrong :) wait til he gets a bit older and into yr stuff :P .. Make sure you start him on the right path of music \m/ ...
That's a good line of work to b doing :) ... how long have you got to finish?? ... I don't mind maths jst the algebra part ^^ ... But i have a 5 hour maths exam on the 1st of May soo not looking forward to that :/ ... This wkend i'm doing some coursework and cleaning the house .. so a great wkend for me :P .. wbu?? any plans??
Take Care ....... Alex :)))
At 2:23pm on February 28, 2010, Vale said…
hii shiv! ^^ weekend was soo awesome and great i enjoyed it a looot ;D i played football , watched the as roma match and went out with friends celebrating a bday!! abt your?? will u make the video abt LP part of my life??? hugs to u too =)
At 10:42am on February 27, 2010, Faby said…
Heeeeelllooo shiiiv! :D

Study further???????? are you crazy?? :P nononono i've studied enough now, i wanna work!! :D maybe if i will get a job as flight attendant, i have to study for 2 month more but that will be okay.;) and no i only have now 3 month left for studying.
well i think too that some countries still spend too much time for studies. cause i think that practise work is a lot important too. there are some high educated people coming from the unis, coming to big companys and then they change everything in to another thing - which sometimes isnt working - cause they NEVER worked in practice! something can be really bad for a company. my grandfather had the same in his company. he had a new boss - out of the uni - and this guy wanted to change everything and my grandfather after had to tell him that he cant do this, cause its not possible with the way the people work... tztztzt.. you nderstand what i mean?

well my plans for the weekend: one of the guys who live near me just won a gold medal at the olympics in skicross. yesterday he came back home and tomorrow we are gonne celebrate... and beside this im going out with friends.. what about you? :) and then i also have to study... -.- btw: hows your dooooog? :)))


At 10:02am on February 25, 2010, LenaLP said…

weekend?uhmm idk^^ i want to go shopping :D u?
At 12:23pm on February 23, 2010, LenaLP said…
school is going supergreat^^ what about there?:P
keep rocking;D
At 12:22pm on February 23, 2010, LenaLP gave Shivakshi Rana a gift
At 5:41pm on February 20, 2010, AlexmadhouseDavidX said…
Hey Shiv!!! im great thanks xD ... it's the wkend and i'm talking to all my friends xD .. Hahaha thanks :) ..

I work in a nursery with kids age 3months - 5years :) .. i am in the 3-5yr old room, they can b a handful at times :P .. i have been there for 6 years and i go to college to do my level 3 child care and development course, which finishes in July woohoo :) .. What do u do?? ... Have a great wk :)

Take Care ......... Alex :)))
At 5:14am on February 20, 2010, Faby said…
heyyy SuperShiv! :D ;))

well the 1rst day have been alright... the 1rst week was okay too. its really something difficult do come back after one year of working. and i've to study now a looooooooooooooooot. and then searching a job in sommer that i can work from now on... its difficult...

well oh yes deal! i'll be your guide for sure! :)

hmmm some color in your hair... hmm what about red? ;)

sooo how is your weekend? sorry when i dont write that lot. i need to study accounting....

huuuuuuuuuuuugs take care


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