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At 9:52am on April 7, 2010, d3d3lgohan said…
Hi linkingabo :) sorry for the l8 i'm so busy ><" so how r u? i'm happy for u that u'r feeling better now ^^. So ok no prob i can help u for the french ;) just ask me what u want me to tell u ^^. I saw your drawings, design & so on... waow it's awesome :D i love it! mine sucks next to yours xP the T-shirts that u've done r great too :), it's really nice what u do ;P; me i draw just ^^ but i would like to learn drawing :D i would like to be like mike xP. Do u learn drawing? Well, why u've no time for playing video games? ^^
I can wait to be in holidays >< i must waiting 2 weeks :( doh! xD. abt u when r the holidays? ^^ I saw on your profil there that u'r studying computer graphics? o_O cooool!! me too i would like to a stuff like that :D instead of what i'm studying ><.
bye see u soon :)
At 10:50am on April 2, 2010, ExDzire said…
im sry for the freaking long comment :S didnt thought that it was that long >./body>
At 10:49am on April 2, 2010, ExDzire said…
it's ok :) im also reply late these days as well x] nth much goin on here lately so i seldom signing in :P

yea... my LPU redeem code has expired though >.< well... i really enjoyed my time in LPU :D i get to watch vids that i nvr really watch b4... i wish i could continue join the LPU... but the cost is three times more expensive than US and i nvr really purchase anythin online... but even if i'll be joining LPU again... it'll probably take another few years... x] hopefully not too freaking long :P

yea... it's better to have chicken pox when we're still a kids... we probably wont be suffering much than we're getting it when we grew up XD maybe u can go sit beside someone who's having chicken pox... im sure u'll get it pretty soon x] but i also didnt know how do i get it... i just got it suddenly... and that was after i had fever... maybe i got it when i was in the clinic... someone must be having chicken pox when i was there though... eventhough it's good that i was at home for 2 weeks... but for the 1st few days, it was pretty miserable... i had a freakin painful sore throat for nearly 3 days... it's real painful to swallow anythin... i didnt bath for bout 3 days... coz im afraid that i might burst any blisters which might leave scars... and my body was constantly itchy... having chicken pox was a miserable experience for me XD

lunar new year is like a new year celebration :) chinese new year can also be consider as lunar new year :D

btw... i saw ur post of mike and chester video chat in LPLive x] so did u enjoy ur chat with them ?? :P and what do u think of "blackbirds"?? :D

and... do u remember the madtv vid of mike and brad or joe (i think) that u've uploaded before in youtube but get removed?? of which ike and bobby asking mike to sing out their lyrics?? i was wondering do u still have the vid with you?? :D if u still have it... can u send the vid to me?? coz i was planning to download it from youtube... but found out that the vid has been removed >./body>
At 2:03pm on March 27, 2010, Petra Nagy ☆☆☆ said…
Hallliii :)
nem gond, a suli az első és hogy meg amúgy?
köszi megvagyok :)) nem majd másfél 2 hónap mulva lesz az írásbeli után a 1 hónap szüni és a szóbeli... De én ennek csak örülök... :D h még ennyi idő van hátra...Nálam semmi csak a tanulás... meg itthon vagyok...
nincs semmi konci stb...
kicsit lgem van már.. de gondolom te is ki vagy már :(
no, légy jó majd Re ha van időd.. :)
Pussszzz szia
At 4:33pm on March 25, 2010, Salvador Palacios (Pimp) said…
ok :)
At 2:15am on March 25, 2010, VickyLP said…
heyyyyy! i am so happy to see u again! i really missed ya! everything is going great! schools here close on monday for 2 weeks! i love easter holidays! i am going to relax finally! wau sweetie? :D :D :D
At 10:55am on March 24, 2010, PollyLp said…
heloooo ) nice to see you again!))

no,i didn't mean to mix jam with caviar

oh,i haven't been here for a long too
study studyy >.br /> + photocourses
and i'm ill a bit (
At 10:58pm on March 22, 2010, Caitlin said…
oh haha ^^
No I didn't won :/ and the concert was a month ago ;p it was really awesome, I saw chester from 2 m distence, normally at a LP concert the closest you get is like 30 m? (:
I looked some vids on youtube but I didn't find myself, I should search better but I don't have time for that^^
anyways I have my bike back, I dunno exactly why he stole it but he came with some really dump excuses^^
and I didn't feel quit good, these past months. So they tested my blood, but they couldn't find anything.. the docter thought I was just depressed, but there's no reason for me to be depressed. the stupid thing about it is that I'm so badly tired when I come home at 4 'o clock, I barely can hold my eyes open.. but except that I'm healthy, I'm glad it's going better with you ;D

kiss n hugs
At 2:20pm on March 20, 2010, Caitlin said…
hey sorry I didn't response, my computer crashed ;/
how are you? (:

At 6:07pm on March 13, 2010, D4niel said…
you're welcome .
At 8:49am on March 12, 2010, Petra Nagy ☆☆☆ said…
Na halliiii, mizus??
Régen beszéltünk mááárrr :))))
Elvagy foglalva gondolom... Hogy vagy manapság?
én még élek de nem sokáig szerintem... XD
elegem van mindenből..... mindjárt érettségi :S:S nem akarom....
hogy töltöd majd a hétvégéd?
ha van időd akk írj pussszzz :))))
At 1:50am on March 7, 2010, Mike Jueo Zhu said…
check out the video... XD
At 7:46am on February 24, 2010, d3d3lgohan said…
Salut Linkingabo :) how r u? r u still sick? or better now ? ^^ Hey u put "hey bro" but i'm a girl xD . It's great that tu parles un peu français :) if u want i can help u with pleasure ^^. Haw so u draw, me too i love to draw :D anyway i put some of my drawings there ^^, have u put some of yours? :P So i love to play video games, to read & to watch some mangas =P my fav is Naruto!! :D do u like the mangas & video games? ^^ What others band do u like? ^^
bye see u soon :)
At 6:31am on February 20, 2010, LPBaruska said…
Ahoj :) Mno mohl by jsi napsat aspoň některé názvy filmů na které jsi koukal, tak zhruba pro představu :) Na popcorn movie night se to může hodit ;) A docela by mě to zajímalo :) a tobě už je lépe? Doufám že jo, nebylo by dobré aby jsi celé prázdniny proležel ale doufám že jsi si aspoň odpočinul ;) Noo kdyby jsi přišl teď tak by mě to opravdu moc potěšilo je tu dost sněhu takže by se dal nějaký program vymyslet :) Ale prochladl by jsi asi ještě víc, plus ta š a než bychom došli sem, je tu dost kaluží a auta, takže bychom byli jako vodní skřítkové :) Myslím že v létě bude více času, záleží i na tom na jak dlouho by jsi chtěl přijet, ;) Něco vymyslíme dovtedy ;) Taky záleží na tom jak to máš se školou, jestli se ještě v květnu nepotřebuješ učit ;) No je to tu pěkné, mám příbuzného v Americe který tu byl před rokem a říkal že viděl už mnoho míst ale tohle je jedno z nejhezčích :) Tak aj já se ráda podívám jednou do tvého městečka, :) Navíc tady jsou lidé jako ty vítaní, jak už jsem řekla, předvedeme "pravý maďarský jazz " :) A děkuju moc :) doufám že se cítíš líp, hezký víkend a ať to tam všem na muni natřeš :) A pokud by jsi měl problémy s profesorama, stačí říct:) aww nějak jsem se rozepsala :) Noo kdyby jsi měl cokoliv s čím se chce podělit, budu ráda :)
At 3:22am on February 20, 2010, Nemi said…
HEY! soooorry 4 the late replyy!
aaw, u have been sick? are u better now? :)
so what have u been up to lately? =) take care :D
At 1:13am on February 20, 2010, VickyLP said…
no i am not sick yet but a lot of my friends have been sick this was awful...half of my class was missing...i am so glad i am ok! hahaha! btw are u ok now, or u are stil sick?
At 12:51am on February 18, 2010, Nici said…
you are welcome :))
thank you too....i´m fine... :D
At 9:27am on February 17, 2010, ExDzire said…
im currently is a LPUer too... but only for a month x] coz i bought SFTU last year(i think) and it has free one month LPU membership trial... :P i havent redeem the code till last 2 weeks x]

his name is adam i think... as far as i know.... he's the admin in LP sites and in charging other community websites of LP accounts like facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. u probaly know him in LPLive as well...

hmm... maybe it's coz of bad weather... coz ur country is freaking cold... so its kinda obvious to fell sick easily :S or maybe u got it from someone else.... i remembered that i had chicken pox last year... but idk how did i got it... i just suddenly got infected by it :S and that caused me to stay at home for bout 2 weeks x] and missed out a lot in the college as well -.- XD

ahhh... i see... i'll only use twitter when i feel like i want to use it x] like when there's somethin happened or i had a really weird/bad dream... XD usually i dont have much stuffs to tweet bout :P

my week.... is... boring xD we celebrate lunar new year this week... so i dont have class for a week... but becoz of this celebration... most of the shops r closed... especially those who r celebrating lunar new year as well... i was mostly staying at home doin nth except sitting in front of the com and mindleely surfing the net or play some games... x] other than that... this year of lunar new year is pretty much very boring for me :P my family and i r usually would go back to hometown... but this year they've decided not to go... the drive is bout 9 to 11 hours and we only stay there for 2-3 days... it's real damn tiring especially when we're driving to there...

and wbu?? :D how's ur week so far?? ;)
At 7:18am on February 17, 2010, Caitlin said…
yeah today you can vote to win M&G tickets for the show, so I'm a bit nervous :x not that there's any change I win.. 15.000 people vote.. :( but that's like to only white light at the moment.. my bike has been stolen yesterday.. so I feel really bad :/ some fat guy who wore a grey jogging pants has stolen it.. (i saw it on the security camera) I hope he can be caught.. anyways I'm gonna play with that orchestra and choir etc. at some dutch festival and it's gonna be on TV so maybe someone uploads something haha ^^ damnit.. the clarinets have in one song a small solo, so they're probebly gonna zoom at us o.o xD
hmm I hope I can sheer up :(
but how's your day? I hope you feel much better as I do.. ^^

At 7:04am on February 17, 2010, PollyLp said…
i've already got well =)

jaaaams they are so tasty) my Grandma cooks them wonderful!
with's russian national dish!!very tasty too.

oh,we met with friends and spinning poi(those things with fire)
it was reaaaly superhooper bla bla bla day))we've had much fun

n' how you doing now?


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