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At 11:27pm on November 9, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

:) You must have been online late! ;) ;P Hi! Sorry I didn't see this while I was still online ;) Would have been nice :) Have a good one!!! :)


At 1:18am on November 5, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Lovely to hear from you again, Felipe!!! :) :) :) So glad your internet is working again - hope you're not so tired as you were last time you talked to me, also :) I have been quite tired myself lately, though I don't know why ;) Thanks - glad there's nothing to forgive (phew! I get a bit insecure at times ((((((((((hugs))))))))))).

Yes, I have never found happiness to exist in the things my culture tells me to strive for - I find it more in nature and just being myself and being accepted as I am, etc. :) I think it is a repeated phrase because it has proven true for so many over the many years of life that there have been to this point in time. ;) I like that, our commonality of experience in some things as human beings :)

Glad you will continue to talk to me - I really enjoy hearing what you have to say and being able to share some of my thoughts. With many people they do not get an outlet. ;)

I think all of us find it hard to understand what Thom Yorke is singing a lot of the time! :D :D :D :P He can be fairly indistinct or use strange pronunciation :D :D :D Luckily for him he makes up for it with extraordinary singing and his band-mates with excellent interesting music. :) :) :) I've worked out just about all the lyrics to Pablo Honey, The Bends, Ok Computer and Hail To The Thief but the other albums I am not perfectly sure of all the words yet ;) 

No worries about the late reply, just got a bit worried that I'd offended or something. :( Get a bit insecure now and then, as I said above - sorry about that. ;)

I am well, have had a lovely day (though the weather is quite steamy today! Maybe we will have a rainstorm sometime later - tomorrow or next week?) - went to the market for some fruit and vegetables, got some nice ones quite cheap, which I was glad of :) :) :) Hope you have been spending your days doing things you like :) :) :)

Peace and love to you too, and you take care also. ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) Lots of good wishes,

Aaralyn xo

At 11:50pm on November 2, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Hi again Felipe - as you can probably tell, I was rushing too much and not thinking enough while writing that last comment to you - Good Will Hunting does not say you don't have to do a high-flying job if you're highly intelligent, it kind of advocates that you do what you can with what talent you have, among other things in your life. I guess I just liked that both Will and Sean chose not to be egotistical about their intellectual talents and didn't choose high-flying jobs even though they could have - they wanted to choose things more suited to their interests, and in Sean's case, things that helped people out instead of always taking from people when he had so much to give. :) Hope you will come back to talk to me :( I'm sorry - sometimes I feel a lot of anger about things in my past and if I am rushing at the same time, it all just sort of spills out willy-nilly and doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense. Hope you will forgive me :(

And yes, I wrote when I couldn't think straight cos of rushing - I don't like doing that, but I do it if things want to pour out of me - but it doesn't always work out well :( :( :(

Anyway, lots of good wishes and I hope you've had a good day :) :) :)



At 2:48am on November 2, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

That is great, I am so glad you liked the movie too (didn't want to waste your time with it ;P)!!! Maybe you can do like me in your life - get a job that does not take too much from you or require too many hours of you, so you can do your musical and artistic stuff on the side - and maybe after a while, you will be able to support yourself from out of your own creativity, like Linkin Park do, and not need that other job any more? :) :) :) :) :) :) :) That is what I do at the moment and it is okay - I would like a different job than I have right now, though, as they do not treat their workers very well and I would prefer to do a job that is more about interacting with people and perhaps helping them in some capacity? I am keeping my eyes out but a bit uncertain what sort of job to go for ;) But my music is going well in the meantime :)

I liked how 'Good Will Hunting' says you don't have to do some high-flying job if you are highly intelligent - I believe intelligence is a tool, which can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes, and it doesn't mean you are a better person than anyone else if you have a really high IQ, it just means there are certain things you can easily do that others find a lot more difficult to do, so you can choose to do some things with your life that others may not be able to do or at least not be able to do without taking a lot more time to do it. I like that, 'cos my family brought me up to value intelligence above pretty much all else, but I find intelligence is useless until you do something good with it - it is merely a tool and can be used for nastiness, not just for good, or it can be squandered away in telling everyone 'I am so intelligent' when really, what does that matter? If you do really well on IQ tests but never use that intelligence for any good purpose, what good is your intelligence to yourself or anyone else, or the world? Purposeless!


If you are like me, you will enjoy their album very much!!! :) :) :)


I have only known a very few people like yourself, also - it would be a very wonderful thing to know more. :) :) :) I also have very few people I can talk to about these things.


Glad you try to get out of it every day - important :)


Yes, Australia is very nice, lots of nice things to see and do and a fair few pretty good people also (some not so though :( ). I love travelling around when I get the chance :)


I like 'Ode To My Family' too! :) Also 'Dreams', 'Linger', 'Zombie'......... :)


Hehehe - yes, love music! :) :) :)


You are like me, I also don't wish to write when I can't think straight to say something how I feel it and mean it - I don't like cliche phrases either, though I do use them now and again ;) Thankyou!


All my good wishes for everything to you, too, and I hope you have a lovely day and night :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Aaralyn xo

At 1:24am on November 1, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

No worries :) Glad you can download movies - I am the same as you, can't afford to buy or rent. I borrow movies from the library when I can (which is free - a wonderful thing! ;)) - have never downloaded a movie as I don't have internet on my home computer, but I'm glad you can. :) :) :) I'm hoping I can find the ones you mentioned at the library :)

Yes, it is true, some people do not want to even try to tolerate some of the things that could happen to them. :(

I think I will tell you about my friend next time as I haven't much time today and I would have to think a while to know how to put it. ;) Maybe I will send it to your inbox instead of as a comment.

Yes, that is a good phrase you mention :)

There are just a couple of Mumford & Sons songs that are scary in parts (though still great to listen to!) - like 'Dust Bowl Dance'. That song seems a bit vengeful and I don't fully understand what he's meaning with the words - maybe if I did I wouldn't find it so scary? (embarrassing :P).

I love the 'No Surprises' lyrics too! :) :) :) I have been busy with friends so have not been able to sit down and work out what the titles are to my favourite songs (some of them I don't remember their names, just some of the words ;) Comes from listening to the music without looking at the lyrics and names ;) Whereas for the first 3 albums I know all the words and names pretty much of my favourites :) Cos it was before I had a computer, so I always looked at CD cover while listening (now they are all downloaded from cd to computer ;) :P).

Thanks - you're a lovely man. I appreciate your words very much.

I understand not being able to shake off the immense concern over what you do - I guess I have only been able to somewhat shake that after years of apologising to people for things I thought may have come across wrongly to them and therefore hurt them, etc, plus noticing how resilient many people are - only quite big things seem to badly affect a lot of people, in my experience, though those who have been through a lot of difficult things and not dealt with how those things have affected them yet do tend to be wounded by very small things or by things that don't seem possibly wounding (simply because they are things that remind of difficult things in the past, though they are not difficult in themselves). That is what I find in my life, anyway, because I have been around a fair few people from difficult pasts, often unacknowledged. I will hope for the depression to abate for you, and even leave you entirely much of the time, in your future, like has happened for me. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I find you a treasure for my heart also, I did not expect to find someone who would talk of the things we do here (though I always hope to find people like that, no matter where I go or what I do ;)).

I am having a lovely day (a friend took me for a drive to some nice streets where there were lovely old buildings and lovely parks and gardens too, plus to the beach to look at some big passenger ships (my friend loves those ships ;) and is going to come back and watch a "Cranberries Live' DVD that he bought, which I am looking forward to as I love the Cranberries also - the lead singer is one of the few female singers I really really love because she has guts as well as beauty in her singing, and meaningful lyrics also :)). She wrote a song called 'Cordell' about a friend of hers who committed suicide - which was a big deal, since she comes from Ireland, where it is considered a sin against God to kill yourself and they think no person who suicides will get to heaven, which is pretty harsh, given it's often an impromptu act by a severely depressed person - so I liked her guts in singing what she sang about her friend. :) I like brave but caring people :) I always wish to be like that too :)

I hope your day is very beautiful also ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

See you! :) (I wish literally, but certainly figuratively, I hope ;))

(Thanks - my name is Celtic, it means 'with song' which I like :) I think your whole name is lovely too - it has a lovely flow to it. :)) xo


At 2:47am on October 31, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

It's a pleasure writing to you, Felipe - it's not often I get to talk to someone as lovely and such a thinker as you - I am so glad to be able to share ideas etc with you also, very much! :) It's wonderful! :) (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))

I would be interested in whether the movie gives you any great feeling also (particularly the parts with the doctor and Will alone). ;D But don't stress if it's hard to get hold of, I can cope without your thoughts ;) But if it was as good for you as it was for me, I'd like you to see it just for the help it could give you :) :) :) No other reason really :)

That is a very sad ending - I don't think not causing people problems is a valid reason for not existing (I actually have written a song that's kind-of about that because a good friend of mine in high school killed himself because he felt he would cause too much of a problem for his mother if he went on living - there's more to it than that, but I won't tell you it unless you want to hear it. I tried to convince him not to - that life is important to live even if you cause your loved ones some difficulties in living it how you need to for your own soul's good - but then 2 months later, when we returned to school, we found he had killed himself on the last day of the holidays :( :( :( He was one of the best guys I knew, back then - the world needed him, he should never have taken such a wonderful heart out of the world :( :( :( ). I believe part of living is to learn to deal with troubles and difficulties, both small and large, in a good way that is helpful to the good growth of our own souls and also the wider world's inner (and environmental) wellbeing. No worries about telling me the ending, though :)

I'm glad you like Mumford & Sons - I think they are so great, both lyrically and musically (though a little scary in some songs ;P ;D)!

I will have to get back to you about my favourite Radiohead songs: my first favourites when I first heard them were Creep, No Surprises, Let Down and Paranoid Android ;) Not always for the words! But definitely for the music :) I'll have a think about my absolute favourites now :) Idioteque is great though :) :) :)

I'm not much depressed at the moment - largely to do with some lovely friends like yourself on Linkin Park, which is great :) True - hard to ignore bad Things That Could Happen ;) - well put!

I also have never been able to understand why people choose to harm people on purpose and can feel fine about it, or even good about it! With my past, that is the hardest thing for me to deal with, because I can't understand their motivations for doing the things they did to me and others around me. I also feel incredibly bad if I hurt anything or anything. I was a vegetarian also, but had to start eating fish also because for some reason my body does not process an entirely vegetarian diet at all - everything came out my other end unprocessed and I got quite sick :( With fish as well, everything processes well and I can function, which is a relief, but shame that I can't be fully vegetarian. :(

Thanks - my situation has gradually gotten better and better over the years and I choose to think it will continue to do so :) :) :) I hope if your situation is bad (which I suspect it either is or was???), that it gets better for you also, much much better. :)

Yes - it is wonderful to meet such a good heart over the ocean from me. :) Thankyou. ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

I am well - I hope you are too :) Lots of good wishes and hopes,

Aaralyn xo

At 9:59am on October 30, 2011, Georgia18 said…
thanks  ;)
At 2:01am on October 30, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

No worries - thanks :) :)


Maybe if you get to watch the full Good Will Hunting one day you will like it - maybe depends on the sort of life you've had, I think. ;P I totally get why you love 'Into The Wild', given it's message :) I have never seen those other movies but I will try to get hold of them so I can see if I like them as much :) I have heard of 'The Butterfly Effect', though, and if it is about our actions having wider implications than we think, I believe that ;)

I love Radiohead!!! They are one of my other favourite bands, along with Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Mumford & Sons and The Fray. I always identified with the words to 'Creep' also! :D :D :D I also ponder things I do a lot, have ever since I started adolescence ;) And suffered depression for a long time, though I have managed to lose it (the depression, that is! ;P ;D) some of the time over the last few years, which has been a relief - it's amazing what negative self-talk will do in making you really depressed (plus going through very difficult stuff)! I've tried to stop that, though I'm finding it a bit hard lately, cos of difficult memories and feelings coming up and what I was taught about not being supposed to think about them or feel any 'bad' feelings about them or whatever. :(

I always hate seeing people get hurt also (((((((hugs))))))) and also hate seeing injustice and not doing anything (though sometimes I just don't know what to do and it makes me feel so pumped up with adrenaline that has nowhere to go when that happens, buzzy arms and legs and chest......aaagggghhhh!!! ;) I hope you don't get shot in the head one day (funnily enough, I've often thought I'll die of someone shooting me or some other way of killing me also - bit terrible to think about :( ).

Yes, hard life, and as long as I take all my precautions that I've been taking for some years now, I stay safe and things are well with me these days. Thanks for your gladness. It is lovely to be able to share my happiness over my sister and I. :)

It is the longest post you have done, and really great to receive - thankyou. :) :) :) (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Lots of good wishes to you, and I hope you are having some lovely days (and I'm glad you're not depressed now, and I hope you get to find better times in your life, because you are one of the nicest guys I have talked to, and so good-hearted that I would love you to find many good times and help to spread the good things around so more of the world becomes better-hearted and more caring and loving like you).

Peace, love, hugs & kisses to you too (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))


At 1:49am on October 29, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

No worries :D

Thanks - I manage though :)

My sister and I are both very happy to not be alone in this anymore, so it's great! Thanks :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I don't know if I need to talk about it now, but at a time when I do, I will try to remember you don't mind me sharing with you - thankyou very much :) :) :) Likewise, if you ever need a listening ear over anything, I would love to give that to you because you are such a lovely-hearted guy. :) :) ((((((((((hugs))))))))))

I love that music too, very much - thankyou, it is like a summer's day with people you like who treat you very well and are having a lovely time with you :) :) :) The movie is good too, yes :) What are your favourite movies ever? I love 'Good Will Hunting' (though not really for the romantic side of it - bit cheesy for me, that part - but for what goes on between Sean the psychiatrist and Will, and also Sean's reminiscences about his wife and what he remembered most fondly ;)). I can't bring to mind any of my other favourite movies at present, but I definitely have others :) :) :)

Thanks for the hugs, amigo - hope you enjoy whatever part of the day you are in when you next get this.

Lots of good wishes and hopes for you,

Aaralyn xo :) :) :)

At 4:11am on October 28, 2011, Aaralyn D said…
P.S. I like the quote on your current pic :) And your orange beanie :D :D Fun! :) :D :)
At 3:30am on October 28, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Well, when I was 12 a broke my back, so it changed the shape of my back, then I was working as a receptionist in a place that did not have a good desk or chair for me and it made my back worse and worse until I could no longer stand or sit or walk okay and I had to stop working there and could not do anything for a while :( :( :( And since then it is easy for my back to stop working right :( But I try to keep from aggravating it so I am not in pain. :) Sometimes my work makes it hard though.

I do not find it boring to translate everything, but I don't mind how you choose to talk to me, it is just lovely however you do it. :) I do enjoy the further things you can express in Spanish that you can't quite figure out how to in English, though :)

Yes, a bit of hippie in the heart is a good thing, I agree :) :) :)

I am well and having a pretty spectacular day (night at present, but I have loved it since Wednesday evening because I got the best news of my decade then - want to hear it? My youngest sister has finally started to remember some of the really bad things that happened to us when we were growing up, so I finally finally finally have someone who knows what I have been through because they were there too! And we can be finally there for each other to help each other through the difficult memories and things that come up - and it's finally safe for me to give her my phone number cos she won't give it to unsafe people any more :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I am just so happy to not be alone in my memories and not to be unable to safely spend time with any member of my family any more - one I can spend time with safely now!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Hope you don't mind me sharing, I just feel like telling the whole universe of this loveliness :) :) :) :) :) :)).

I know how you feel about how large the universe is and it making you feel lost in emptiness - I felt that way often before I figured out my place in this world. I hope it is not too long of a journey for you to find yours :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Adios amigo ;) :P :D (((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))

At 11:14am on October 27, 2011, Georgia18 said…

viejo pero es genial!


i'm fine. I just came home from my tennis training and i'm laying off. Hoy en día yo no tenía la escuela, porque teníamos una ceremonia y también a nuestro director dio distinciones a los mejores estudiantes. I was one of them! Y mañana no tengo escuela de nuevo, :)  because it is national ceremony and it's the parade of schools, army and other organizations. Voy a desfilar con los scouts.

At 10:52am on October 27, 2011, Georgia18 said…

you are right!

Vi algunas some de las tapas de la guitarra, y they are awesome! bien hecho!

At 10:38am on October 27, 2011, Georgia18 said…


peace and love! That's only what we want for a better life!

At 4:15am on October 27, 2011, Georgia18 said…

hola amigo!


gracias for joining to my group "Environmnental Friends".

I'm learning Spanish so i talk you in English-Spanish. But still my spanish suck...lol.

At 11:47pm on October 26, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Feel free to write to me in Spanish - I can use Google translate ;) You express yourself really well in Spanish, I really like that :)

Yes, human beings are often at fault for the disharmony in the world, sadly. I wish we all acted like caretakers of this world instead of just trying to take whatever we can get from it. :)

I'm a little bit hippie too - though not fully ;P

;D I like your comment about the strike :D

'My back gave out' means my back stopped working properly (I was in agony and stooped over so far, I couldn't stand up anywhere near straight and had pains shooting down the fronts of my legs, sitting was agony, standing was agony, walking was agony - even lying down hurt heaps, though not quite as much, thankfully - but it was hard to straighten my back enough to lie down, took ages to relax my muscles enough to straighten enough for sleep).

I love how big the sky is and how far away the stars and planets and all are - it's magnificent! I love being so small in this huge universe. :) It puts things in my world in perspective :)

Pleasure - peace and love to you too :) :) :) Aaralyn


At 7:28pm on October 25, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Yeah, nature gives you a whole different perspective, hey?! :) :) :)

Sometimes it takes a while to find out what you want and where you fit in life (took me ages!!!) - as long as you're searching, that's the important thing :) - you can't find if you don't look. ;) So don't worry, if you sometimes think you're doing the wrong thing cos you haven't found what you're meant for yet (which may change in different parts of your life - who knows?). ;) Free education's a good thing to fight for - I hope you manage to learn many things you are interested in regardless of the strike. Do you have a library you can go to? Or look on-line at correct information (can be hard sometimes on internet to know what's just someone's hogwash and what is actually true)?

I did sound engineering traineeship for a year before my back gave out - hope you get to do it - it's great (I do a lot of the editing for my album myself to save money). :)

Thanks re recording hopes - I wish the same for you! :)

Don't worry about your English, it is very easy to understand what you are saying, and there are only a few things you don't quite say right, so really, don't worry about it! :) ;P

You have a lovely day (my day has really beautiful weather - I hope yours has whatever weather you would enjoy today, too :)) and I will talk to you again next time :) And guess what?! It rained so much the other day that the underpass under our train station was flooded so we had to walk over the road crossing to get to the other platform! ;D Rain is amazing sometimes :)

Enjoy yourself, and peace to you too, and take care,

Aaralyn :) :) :)

At 11:15pm on October 24, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

That's great, the movie :) I sort of do that in my own way, without going into the wild long-term, but it'd be great to do that :) I hope you do it if you still want to :) You seem to be in touch with yourself, though? Which is nice :)

I work part-time at present (that's why I can afford to do a bit of recording :)) - how about you? And yes, to me the recordings are sounding great - ta! :) :) :)

You take care, too, and I hope you have a lovely day :) :) :)


At 2:50am on October 24, 2011, Aaralyn D said…
And that is such a beautiful poem!!! And is how I feel about nature also :) :) :) Thanks :)
At 2:22am on October 24, 2011, Aaralyn D said…
Eddie Vedder (my other favourite singer in the world!) did the soundtrack to that movie!!! :) I have seen part of the movie (it was on tv late one night when I had to get up early next day) but not all of it yet. The part I saw had a great message - I don't know if the rest does? Thanks for letting me know the words :) :) :) Hope you had a lovely weekend :) :) :) I was a bit unwell Saturday and otherwise occupied Sun so didn't get here to say hello and have a chat :) I hope you're having a lovely week so far - I did some lovely recording of lead and rhythm rock guitar today :) Talk to you next time :) :) :)


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