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At 6:59am on April 13, 2013, Karina Tursbekova said…

cool! ха-ха-ха! печенька у Шины спер ?!

At 9:22am on December 15, 2012, Simra. said…

Hiee ^.^

How are you?I seriously was finding you in my friend list babex :)

How are you,huh?

IMissYou :*

At 8:55am on October 9, 2012, Christina Petrova said…

Я еще тут в ноябре еду на концерт Papa Roach, тоже хорошая группа :) блин, такой год удачный в плане концертов... ащее :)

At 12:40am on September 9, 2012, Christina Petrova said…

Ох я тож теперь в ожидании следующего концерта, начинаю откладывать деньги :)

At 11:42am on September 4, 2012, Christina Petrova said…

нет нет, не на Rock'm'ring, а на закрытом концерте в Admiralspalast 5 июля))) там мита не было к сожалению, зато стояла недалеко от сцены :) они простт шикарны =) звук идеальный, Чез уже на третей песне весь сырой был, хоть выжимай )))

At 9:49am on September 3, 2012, Christina Petrova said…

привеееет =) я тут так давно не была, ужас, все на LPU зависаю :) Лето офигеееееенно прошло! :) я была на концерте в Берлине!! Это было удивительно! столько эмоций *-*

At 5:33am on July 19, 2012, Simra. said…

Where are you sugar pant? :D

At 3:26am on July 8, 2012, Simra. said…

And which season or seasons have you checked out?I'm waitin for season ''8'' to come out NOW!! So damn excited 'nd no worries!If you cant speak good English it doesn't matter cux for me it's the best...at least you're trying to talk to me ♥ :)

At 3:21am on July 8, 2012, Simra. said…

Oh k :)

Btw you know wht?O.O

I'm a "DIE-HARD" fan of Supernatural....man hw could even people ignore that friggin' awwwwwhhhhsssuumm (awesome xD) show?How cold they?o.O I love Dean Winchester♥ (Jensen Ackles)♥

Ohhhh,God!I have no words for Supernatural & him...and oh,yeah!I like Sammy (Jared) too :D

At 5:48am on July 7, 2012, Simra. said…

Yo ;) cuz you're craXy 'bout football man,that's why I called ya "football freak" -.-

Btw, i'm good and sad for the finishing of Supernatural :'( U noe it?o_O

Wow!!!U grew up,huh?Now university?! That's pretty kool but hard....


Best of luck for your preparations! :D

At 7:32am on July 6, 2012, Simra. said…

Hie babe ;)

How are ya doin' Football Freak?:P

Long time no talk?o.O

At 9:35am on June 8, 2012, Simra. said…

Hiee !^^

Luckily,my has been finished...But you're still in the fiery pit! :P 

I'm just terrified from my result day...it's on this Sunday ! :O

I'm good :) Btw do you know the series Supernatural?

And yeahhh!You're right...I also felt a bit uneasy while listening it I mean (I hate to say this) but it wasn't their kinda stuff :/

At 8:42am on May 26, 2012, Simra. said…

Hiee ^^

How are YOU buddy?

'Cause my PC was out for a damn repairing :/ And I know that it has been a very long time but it's alright we'll still keep in touch :)

Btw what's goin' on huhh?

Have you heard that new audio of them?(BURN IT DOWN)

At 6:03am on April 16, 2012, Dora LP Bourdon Kiritsi said…

hey i'm fine.....how about you?

sorry for my delay for anwser to you but i haven't got internet so...i think that you can understand....now i relax because we have Easter and i'm study for my exams....you?your news?

what about your school and your exams....did you heard the new Linkin Park song???

At 2:03am on March 26, 2012, KP said…

hey honey..!!!!!!!!!!

missed ya.......

hAD examsssssssss ;(

real madrid rules!!! yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 12:48am on March 24, 2012, Francis Pascual said…

hi,how are u? :)

At 11:39pm on March 17, 2012, AGATA KOSTRZEWSKA said…
Ok:-) don't worry I'll tell you about all concert you can count on me haha:-D
At 3:08pm on March 16, 2012, AGATA KOSTRZEWSKA said…
Really! I'm so sorry that you can't be on their concert in your country.:-( have a nice day. Don't worry maybe next time and you must hope in that:-*
At 9:18am on March 12, 2012, AGATA KOSTRZEWSKA said…
Of course!:-*
At 10:59pm on February 24, 2012, Arundhati <3s mike shinoda said…



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