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At 2:28am on July 4, 2013, Jess Wong said…

Hi QinG,

Sad to hear about that…I would be mad too knowing there is a show but with such a bad timing and all…Hope finally you can make it!
Two of my friends that I met last time at the Japan Summit will come here to join me for the HK one! After that I will join my HK friends to the concert. So I am so looking forward to that day. Again, wish you can take the time out to the show in Malaysia!


At 8:51pm on May 23, 2013, Jess Wong said…

Hi QinG

Really wish you can make it to Hong Kong! I read somewhere that people say Lushington (the organizer) said that there will be no concert this time for Singapore…Don’t know it’s real or not though…Anyways, for the LPU Summit only, it’s worth the travel, right? Hope that you can squeeze a few days out of your busy schedule.


I believe I just think to much , I should be happy for Chester that he can sing in a band that he admires so much since he was a kid. More good music from him, that’s a good thing!


At 7:11pm on May 22, 2013, Jess Wong said…


GREAT News! As you may know already, the next LPU Summit will be hosted in Hong Kong on 15 Aug!!! Very attractive, right? Find some time to come here if possible? Don't miss it ^^

Fingers crossed on 1 June to be able to successfully get a pass for the summit!!!


At 2:24am on May 20, 2013, Jess Wong said…

Hi QinG,

Really hope that LP will add a show near you. If not, is it possible to plan a 2-day trip or something? 

BTW, do you know that Chester has joined STP as their lead vocalist? I have mixed feeling about it. I'm just afraid this would more or less affect LP. Maybe I think too much... haha...



At 1:58am on May 8, 2013, Jess Wong said…

Hi QinG,

How are you lately?

I am so excited LP will come here again and I have already bought my ticket! Can't wait for Aug!

More and more stops will reveal soon, really hope that they will play in Singapore too, I don't want you to miss it.  


At 12:57am on October 11, 2012, Jess Wong said…

Hi, QinG

It was such a long trip, glad to hear that you enjoyed it a lot.

While you were there watching LP live at Carson, I was sitting at my home watching the show at the same time. Can I say that we have watched a show together already? Haha~

I am happy for you cause not only you can watch LP live but also can keep the whole show that was being professionally shot!

How time flies! It been a year already since the last time I met LP. Like you, I am eagerly awaiting for their return. Yep, if possible, why not go together? ^^

At 1:30am on August 29, 2012, Jess Wong said…

Hi, QinG

When will you start your trip to the US? In ten days, you will get to see LP live again! Wow~Hope everything goes well. I am sure you will have a great time over there! Enjoy!

I also hope that after their Australia tour, they will come over to places near us or even better to our cities! Just can't wait for their return! I miss them! 

At 7:51pm on August 19, 2012, Jess Wong said…

HI, QinG

Wow! Congratulations! You are gonna have a really special and exciting experience of your life!

You are still a LPU member right? Members can have early access to the shows! What a great arrangement from LPU. You will get the first row without having to line up early in the morning! Enjoy the show and the trip. Take care and be safe! I’m waiting for your report when you come back!

Yep, I also heard that they will play in Australia next year, it’s the Soundwave Festival. If you go there not just for LP, it would be worth going there since Australia a such a nice place! I love the sky and nature over there ^^

At 12:35am on July 6, 2012, Jess Wong said…

Hi QinG, how's your plan now? I hope everything is going smoothly.

I love the new album a lot that I listen to it every day. I am happy for you cause you can have a chance to listen to those songs live much faster than most of us. Hope that next year they can come to Asia, I can’t wait to attend their shows anymore.

At 10:50pm on May 20, 2012, Jess Wong said…

Hi, how are you lately?

Wow, you are planning to go to the USA for the shows? I've never thought about watching their shows outside of Asia. Have you confirmed already? If so, hope everything goes well and smooth! Maybe some day we can enjoy a LP show together!

At 11:41pm on September 18, 2011, Jess Wong said…
Hi~my trip to Japan was totally worth it!!! I can't explain how good I am feeling right now. Last time, I told you I didn't have any ticket to the JP concerts. But on 10th Sept, I still went to the venue to look for hope. And I found it!!! I BOUGHT my ticket to that night's concert!! Super excited since I was being pushed to the 1st row after LP came out!! At the end, I got Phoenix's guitar pick!! The 2nd  day summit on 11th was super nice as well. The last part was the M&G, I was brave enough to ask for a hug from Chaz finally!! Oh..what's more, a girl who attended the summit couldn't attend the concert at night. She just gave me her ticket for free!!!! WOW...I was the luckiest woman in the world, do you agree? XDD And after the M&G, we were allowed to enter the venue first! So 1st row for me for the second night!!! Of course, both shows were awesome as well. I was really having a great time of my life!!! Now I am so sad cause my amazing LP week has over.....
I hope on the upcoming BKK show, you will have a great time of your life too!! ^^
At 8:10am on September 9, 2011, Jess Wong said…

hi QinG

Everything goes perfect except I cannot buy a ticket to the JP show...oh...

Anyways, got a really nice HK M&G and an awesome show!!! Also, the view of my seat is so great! At one point, Chester stared at me for 7 seconds and pointed at me!!!!! Best moment ever!!!
And I just returned hotel from the A Thousand Suns Horizons. Didn't expect it would be that great!! After hours of lining up, I got the 1st row!! Chester sang The Messenger!! They are so close to me!! Super nice guys. At the end, they all came down to sign autographs!!! What more can I say, this surely exceeded my expectation!!!

At 3:44am on September 4, 2011, Jess Wong said…

Yeah..we are not going to BKK anymore, I will go to Japan alone instead...

For the BKK concert, I haven't bought ticket yet, that's why I changed my mind to JP real quick after hearing about the LPU summit. However, I don't have a ticket to the JP show either since only the Japanese can buy it online. Just hope that when I arrive JP, the tickets aren't sold out yet. Anyways, at least I can watch the HK concert and attend the summit. BTW, I have been selected to go to the HK M&G. Are you a LPU member? if yes, did you apply for the BKK M&G?

At 5:20am on September 1, 2011, Sylvia said…
Yeah, I went to their concert in Jakarta 7 years ago. It's been very long, now finally going to see them again! So I'm very excited!! :D
At 6:58am on August 31, 2011, Sylvia said…

Ahh ok.. :)

So have you ever met the band before?

At 6:53am on August 31, 2011, Sylvia said…

I see.. :) So is it a full concert here in sg?

By the way, do you know where I can find LP tshirt here? Buying online is too expensive for me, as they charge for shipping also.. :|

At 6:45am on August 31, 2011, Sylvia said…

Hi.. :) Yeah I have someone to go together with.

How come you go to BKK to see them? Why not watch in sg instead?

At 12:24am on August 30, 2011, Jess Wong said…
Sorry QinG, haven't check my email for a while. After knowing September is the rainy season in Bangkok, I think it would be so inconvenient to attend the concert since the venue is outdoor. I was thinking to wait for the September weather forecast to come out to see if it's suitable to go or not until I see the LPU Summit in Tokyo. Now, I'm going to Tokyo instead. Just booked my flight. Although I still haven't bought my concert ticket since the ticket selling website needs to register with a Japanese Address or telephone number...I hope when I arrive there, it's not yet sold out. Anyways, can't wait for it. Hope we both have an unforgettable night with LP~^^
At 2:15am on July 8, 2011, Jess Wong said…
If I can finally go, I 'll tell you to see if we can meet up there ^^

How long do you expect the tickets for zone A will be sold out? I’m afraid when my trip is decided, there will be no tickets any more...
BTW, did you see any other concerts at the Aktiv Square? It seems to be a really large outdoor area. On the concert day, when will you arrive there?

At 12:18am on July 5, 2011, Jess Wong said…

I’m really looking forward to the HK show. Next month, I am going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m not familiar with their songs, so I should have started listening to them more. But all I wanted to play right now is LP whose songs I almost listen to every single day. Can’ help it cause LP is my favorite band for so long. You must know how I feel ^^

Hope my friends are OK, and then we will be able to enjoy the same show at the same time.


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