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At 5:09am on August 1, 2010, Deepak Senapati said…
Hope i could be one of ur friends who u will remember for ur entire lifetime..... Happy Frienship day..
At 10:35am on July 31, 2010, haniyeh641 said…
Hi dear friend =) first of all, sorry for my really late reply. i had gone to a vacation for a week. it was good. i kinda had fun in it =)) but the place i went was exteremly hot! =3 omg!..and after that, i was busy with school..even tho it's summer here but my school put some classes for us :(( that's so bad. i wanted to be free in my summer =\..ah...and also i had problems with my internet connection. but now i got a new server that is faster too. that's just cooool :D i needed it alot =)...so now i got a chance to write u :) so how have u been lately my friend?
LoL!! ya, some of coachs r so stupid! sometimes ordinary ppl can think and manage the team better than them :P...that's a great thing. i think swimming is so enjoyable =) i went to sea yesterday and it was alot of fun :D even tho my swimming is not good at all but i like it too. so keep on doing that :)
thx, oh LoL!! u want my name? ok, here it is ;D hehe :)...many kisses and hugs back to u dear federica =) have a coOo0oOol day. take care and bye byye :)))
At 10:05am on July 10, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
woohoo! Go Spain :D I hope they win :P
Yup, I've heard about the octopus.. hehe the octopus is a genius! And should be the richest animal in the world right now XD YES go octoPaul go! lol

lol I told you! Cas is really awesome :D Yup season 4 is great :)

I guess it is nice, yeah :)

w00t! I already heard, it's awesome!!!!! I can't wait till September! :D Two of my favourite bands are releasing an album in September AND Supernatural season 6 comes back on TV! How awesome is that?!?! :D
Well, the single comes out in August, so that's pretty soon :)
At 6:45pm on July 7, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
Awww that sucks! :( I think Spain's still in.. I haven't really been checking. lol.

Aww thanks :) Well not really that many, but I did buy some :P
Oooh, cool :D I can't wait to know what u think of him ;)

Haha we used to fight a lot when we were younger, but not any more, now I don't even see him much any more! He's almost 21, so he's in University & he has a girlfriend & everything XD He goes out all the time. But I guess when I do see him nowadays, we usually get along.
At 10:13pm on July 3, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
Yay! :) haha cool, so we're both backing good tames now :P
I wonder if they'll both end being in the grand final! That'd be funny. ;)

I'm sorry the reply is so late, I haven't really been checking my emails much =/ I slept over at a friends house a couple of nights ago, and I've been out shopping & everything usual. :P I don't really have that many plans.

Yeah, I've got an older brother. U? ^_^
At 10:39pm on July 2, 2010, Diegodo613 said…
At 10:35pm on June 28, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
oh really! lol that sucks! haha I'm sure you're not brining em bad luck! :P
Yeah I was thinking of going for either Spain or Argentina, so I went with Spain XD

lol yeah that sounds like us too! -I mean, how we are now, rather than how I used to play before :P

:D yeah!
At 9:40pm on June 27, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
awww. lol alright, ur going for england? hmm I was thinking of going for Spain, I've heard they're really good ^_^

wow. yeah teachers can be really annoying sometimes >_> Well kinda... back when I was at my old school I had lots of friends that were boys, so we used to play together xP hehe I don't think we really played proper games though, just kinda messed around kicking the ball to each other :P

lol, same! I have no idea how to do it either =P
I'm on holidays now!! =D =D For 2 weeks! woohoo! XD
haha, so I sure will have a great weekend, thank you! Hope you do too! :D
At 8:52am on June 26, 2010, haniyeh641 said…
Hiiii my friend (: how r u?
ur welcome dear :)...ohh ya, but i am sorry. italy couldn't go to upper level. they could do better i think. they deserved more =/.....hehe, ya. most of the girls don't like soccer nowadays. i am happy too that u like it =))
aww, sorry :P so i guessed wrong ;) LoL!!....sampdoria is a good team too :)
i do too :) and i've been spending lots of my time with my friends. and that's cool =)....well, sometimes i play badminton, or soccer. but just for fun :) how about u???
well, have a good weekend federica and take care. kisses and hugz to ya :* bye bye :)
At 7:59am on June 26, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
lol yeah xP
awww Italy lost! :( :( I saw the end of that game -I was sleeping over at my friends' house -the one that's got Italian parents- so they were watching. I'm sorry, I think u guys are out too!! :( Devastating!
haha who do I go for now??

aha, cool ;P yeah, u get to choose out of quite a lot, I guess ;) But I really hate some of them, so I usually just stick to cricket for Summer sports & Hockey for the Winter. I've neevr played volleyball. I have a friend who does though, she's really good at it & she loves it :D
haha soccer's not bad, but I'm also not very good at it. I used to play quite a bit when I was younger, actually :)
Yeah, hockey's fun! You should give it a go sometime ^_^

lol okay :P yeah they are really great! :D Yup a lot of it was made on photoshop. I've tried to use it, but I can't really do muchl. I have no idea how to use it like some people do. THey create the most awesome things on it! xD
At 9:04pm on June 24, 2010, Zahra QWERTY! said…
ciaoooooooo carissima Federica!<3
è un lungo tempo senza te... come stai?
volevo soltanto dirti che mi manchi troppo...
sarò presto con te cara e c'è troppo da dire...
spero che stia molto bene e felice
take care:*
At 4:09am on June 24, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
Also, I was wondering, are there a lot of people named Federica in Italy?
Coz I found this: http://nimloth87.deviantart.com/ She's also from Italy & named Federica! [I'm presuming it's not you??] lol, so I thought of you ;)
Her art's really amazing! :D
At 1:24am on June 24, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
=/ Well Aus won against Serbia, but we've been kicked out of the competition because we didn't have enough points :( Aww well, I'll go for Italy now, I guess! ;)

Oh, no it's not ice hockey xP Just field hockey! & I can't ice skate :P I can roller blade [not very well, but kinda] but I can't ice skate >_br /> Haha, yeah we verse teams from other schools, it is pretty great :) there's a couple of sports, they change though for winter & summer, -all up there's hockey, netball, volleyball, soccer, Australian Football, tennis, cricket & probably others I've missed. :P But I like hockey the best. ^^
haha cool. have fun! ;)
At 12:58am on June 23, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
awww! too bad! haha yeah I bet you'll win the next one ;)
lol exactly! It's some random country in Africa! haha.

I play hockey, but only in school ;) It's pretty fun though ^_^ Do u?
At 4:05am on June 21, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
Yeah :D lol me too! ;) The internet is amazing XD

lol, yeah I think they will.. I dunno have they played yet? :O
Australia drew 1-1 with Ghana. I don't even know what the country is & they managed to draw with us! lol :P

At 12:27am on June 19, 2010, haniyeh641 said…
hellooo =) oh, thx alot :D ur name is so beautiful too :)
cool, so enjoy ur holiday my friend :) yep yep, i love summer 2 ^^...not exactly...but i know i gotta have fun in this summer :) hehe..
ya, i watched that. and i think italy is a good team. they can win the worldcup like the last time if they try :)...yes. i love soccer too. u do a great thing =] what is ur team? mine is chelsea =)....let me guess ur fav team..hmmm,,,inter milan?!?! =) i think it should be :)
so how have u been lately my friend? i hope u to have a beautiful day =) take care, kisses and hugs back to u :* byyye :)
At 10:25pm on June 18, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
haha, actually our teachers think we forget eveything over Summer too! They just don't really do anything about it xP Yup! The internet sure helps with translations... as well as a lot of other things too ;)

Ahh. Well u guys did better than Aus anyway! lol. hmm you're against our neighbours next :P I don't think New Zealand are very good at soccer either. I'm not sure actually. I know they're quite good at Rugby. But I'm sure Italy will be able to Beat NZ ;)
At 4:38am on June 17, 2010, SPNkitkat said…
thanks :D

:( That sucks! Why do u guys get homework over summer anyway? I mean, it's between 2 different year levels, isn't it? So do they already know what you're gonna do the next year? :S

lol yeah, it was kinda sad xP aww, that's cool. How's Italy doing in the World Cup then? ^_^
At 10:36am on June 16, 2010, Valentina gave Federica a gift
At 10:36am on June 16, 2010, Valentina said…
Hello fede=) all qst volta è ufficiale...si va in inghilterraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=)=) e nn dalla mia tris nonna di 200 anni=) l'ho chiamata e stranamente nn è raggiungibile...bah kissà xk=) si vede ke sotto terra nn prende il cell=)=) ahah=)=) vabbò fede così ora siamo iscritte=) cavolino qst è il nostro primo viaggio da sole...il primo di una lunga serie ovviamente;) il prox magari sarà dai miei parenti americani...se riesco a trovare l'indirizzo ovviamente=)=) magari cercando in soffitta lo troverò=) vabbò fede ti saluto...un bacione=* tadoroooooooooooooooooooo tantissimissim=)=)


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