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At 6:03pm on July 18, 2010, Frankie:] said…
Hello their...how are you?
At 2:55pm on July 11, 2010, Federica said…
Awwww=)=) Spain won the match and now they're the Champions of the World=) I'm very happy for them;) and the octopus Paul guessed the winner again!! Yeah, that animal is a genius=) ahah^^ sweet!!=P

Yes, you told me that;)=P and you're absolutely right^^ Tomorrow I'll see 2 episodes=) I can't wait=)=)=)

Oh yeah!! I'm sooo happy for the new album and fortunately the new single will come out soon as you said=) wow!! so September will be a great month for you eheh=)=)

Have a good day^^
At 3:54am on July 10, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah.. Spain will play the final match against Holland!!!^^ I don't know if you know about the octopus "Paul" that guessed all the winners of the World Cup matches=) and it said that Spain will win against Holland! how sweet=))

Oh well done=)) Now here there are the summer sales.. I must go shopping=);)
I've already seen 4 episodes because this week I saw it twice.. on Monday and on Wednesday=) wow wow wow=) I'm so happy that Dean is safe & sound^^<3 I already love Castiel! I must say that he's also so handsome=) ahah^^ I can't wait to see the other episodes^^

AhahXD wow^^ it's really nice that you get on with him=)

Finally the new album of Lp will be out on 14 September!! I like the name "a thousand suns"=) Now we must wait for it until September=)

Have a good dayyy=)=)
At 2:17am on July 5, 2010, Federica said…
Well on Saturday Argentine lost against Germany.. 4-0!!-_-" so.. I won't support another team as I promised=)

Oh don't worry if you can't reply immediately=) You must enjoy your holiday=P wow!! you went shopping.. I hope you bought a lot of clothes;)
Tonight the 4th season of Supernatural starts=) I'm sooo happy=P I can't wait to see it and to know Castiel=)

No, I haven't.. I'm an only child=) and do you get on with your brother??^^

Have a good day=)
At 11:38am on June 30, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah Spain won yesterday=) and also Argentine won all the matches..=) well I hope not to bring bad luck to the teams^^

AhahXD the important is to have fun^^ so.. what are you doing now?? or what are your plans for this holiday of 2 weeks??^^

Have you got any brothers or sisters??=)

Have a good day=)
At 4:01am on June 28, 2010, Federica said…
well.. I don't go for England anymore because they're out too=/=) I think that I bring bad luck to the teams which I support!! ahahXD before Italy, then England, after that Messico! Phew!! so.. now I go for Argentine!!^^ If they lost I won't support another team, I promise=) Yeah=) Spain is a good team^^

Yeah.. I hate her when she does so.. well she always does so=/
AhahXD well the boys of my class would like to play the real soccer with the all rules.. but with us girls they can't=) hihiXD we just run after the ball without purpose=)XD

Wow=) so enjoy your holiday my friend^^
At 10:45am on June 26, 2010, Federica said…
oh yeah we are out too=( so.. don't go for Italy!!! We couldn't believe, it's a shame!! I must say that we were really weak in soccer this time!! they were too slow.. they seemed tortoises!! but I'm happy for the coach because I hate him;) so now... I go for England^^ and u??

Oh I think that volleyball is very beautiful as sport=) yeah.. I'd like to try hockey but I don't know where I can play it=/ Phew!! I also want to have the opportunity to play all those sports at school.. but I have a stupid teacher who sometimes tells us some very stupid stories and sometimes we have to do the round dance instead of playing sports!!!!! Please=/ GRRR=@
Wow you used to play soccer=) well done^^ actually before I hated soccer so I never thought to play this sport and now I believe that it's too late to start=/

Ahah!!XD I don't also understand like some people can use it because.. it's impossible!! I tried 2 days ago but.. I should transfer my drawings with a pen but I can't!! and if I make a mistake?? No, no I can't do it=)

Have a good weekend my friend^^
At 4:52am on June 24, 2010, Federica said…
Oh I'm sorry for Aus!!=( but.. yeah!! GO for Italy=) ahahXD Hope they'll win today against Slovakia..=/

Ahhh=)=) Sorry! I thought ice-hockeyXD Oh I can't roller blade at all=) but I can ice-skate a bit=) Oh you play a lot of sports at school=) wow!! I like volleyball very much because I played it some years ago so I'm pretty good at it.. and I like soccer too but I'm a dead loss at it=) ahahXD but when I score (rarely) I'm very pleased with myself=) hihi^^
but I'd like to try hockey=)

Well.. in Italy there a lot of people named Federica but not too many=) But I'm not that Federica=) her drawings are great!! But she makes them with Photoshop.. I guess!!^^ One day I also try with that program=)

Have a good day=)
At 5:18am on June 23, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah!! it was very bad for us.. the champions of the world defeated by NZ!!=/

Oh.. you play hokey=) how sweet^^ it must be very fun=) so you can ice-skate!! sometimes in winter I go to ice-skate!! I enjoy it a lot even if I'm not really good at it=) but I try!!=P I didn't think that at school you can play these sports.. it's great XD here in Italy at school we play volley-ball, football and basketball... but now I'm going to the swimming pool to swim a bit^^ I love it!!

Have a good day=)
At 4:20am on June 22, 2010, Federica said…
Well.. no they didn't win against New Zealand=( They drew 1-1!! we couldn't believe!! NZ scored but they were offside.. and Italy scored with a penalty kick=/ so.. they weren't beautiful goal=/ we had a lot of opportunities to score but.. nothing!!=( What a pity!! so next match we have to win!!

Oh well for Australia=) mmm.. I don't even know who they are=) ahah^^
Do you play a sport?? I don't remember if I've already asked you=)

Have a good day^^
At 2:02am on June 20, 2010, Federica said…
Well.. at least your teachers don't do anything so you have a very free holiday in the summer=) Oh yes.. Internet is a special friend of mine=) it always helps me with Latin and with other subjects^^ ahah;)=P

Yesss=) Today they're gonna play against your neighbours=) well I hope they'll win since last time they won the world cup=) so they should win against New Zeland=)) well.. I'll wait for the match to know^^

Have a good Sunday=)
At 1:52pm on June 18, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah it's between 2nd and 3tr levels... but our teachers think that during the summer we forget everything we did this year.. that sucks I know=( well I agree with my language teachers because we have to do exercises but other subjects... are useless=( above all Latin=(( well fortunately I can find the translations from Latin into Italian on the Net=) ahah^^

Well.. Italy played last Monday against Paraguay and they drew 1-1=) they're gonna play this Sunday against New Zeland=)

Have a good day=)
At 4:01am on June 16, 2010, Federica said…
Wow=) I'm happy that you could finish it in time=) Sure you'll take a good mark of it=) oh no problem=) I'll wait to see it^^

Lucky you!!! Phew!!=/ In every country students don't get homework during the summer.. only in Italy???? oh yes.. and we also have homework during the shorter holidays too=@

Yeah I saw that Australia lost against Germany!! I was sad=( ahah=)=)
Yes I like football actually=) so I watch the Italy matches=)

Have a good day^^
At 10:19am on June 15, 2010, Federica said…
Okay=) no problem if you can't get back your drawing from school=) but I'll glad to see it;)
Now I'm happy because in the summer I have a lot of time to draw=) Unfortunately I've to do a few homework too=/ Phew!!=( and you?? in the summer do the teachers give you homework??

Ahah yes!=) You're very lucky to be English so you won't have problems! you can go everywhere without the language problem because everybody knows your language!!;) lol^^

So.. do you follow the matches of the world cup???^^

Have a good day^^
At 12:17pm on June 12, 2010, Federica said…
Oh I hope you'll have the time to finish your drawing=) Surely it will be a great drawing=) are you gonna post it in your page of that site??^^ so I can see it=)
and yes.. you're right about the job for artists.. I think that you must be very lucky too=/ but.. who knows..?? maybe in your future you'll reveal your love for the languages so you'll study Italian=) ahah!^^ no I'm joking=) but another interesting=) I don't think you like very much the idea to study another language=)=)

Now on TV they transmit the 3rd season of Supernatural so I can see it again=)=) Yesterday I saw the 3rd episode.. oh I laughed so much when Sammy loses his shoe in the manhole!! His sad face!! ahah=D

So.. have a good day, buona giornata and Yom Tov=)=)
At 11:58am on June 11, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah.. when I had to decide which school to attend.. and you know that I wanted to go to an Art high school.. I thought the same thing.. it's very hard then to find a job.. so I decided to go to a language school=)=) but I've continued to draw like a hobby bucause I love it!!^^ LOL^^ (I like this word too much "lol"^^) By the way how is your Art course going??=)=)

Today??????? The LAST day of schooooooooool=)=)=) Freedom=) I'm so happy=) but in the end I'm always a bit sorry when school finishes because... I don't know but I become melancholy=)=)

Thanks=) yeah I must convince her.. I've already told her but... who knows?! I really hope to go=)=)

hihi=) buona giornata then=)
At 12:01pm on June 9, 2010, Federica said…
You're very kind dear=)

Oh wow=) it's a good thing to go to university=) eh yes you've a lot of time to decide yet.. but don't you have any idea?? what is your favourite subject??^^
Yeah.. it was very horrible!! I hated to go there.. when I woke up in the morning I felt something lying heavy on my stomach=( I didn't want to go to that terrible school=(
and you?? are you happy in your school? Surely you are;)=)

I saw that LP are going to Germany in October!! It's a fantastic thing..!!! I hope to go to one concert=) Now the problem is only to convice my mother=)=) eheh;)

Have a good day=) buona giornata (in Italian so now you know 2 Italian words.. ahah^^)
At 11:07am on June 8, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah I know you can't translate in Italian=) eheh=) but you can translate it into an easy English with modern words;) oh thanks thanks very much=)

Oh 6 years=) and are you going to university after high school??^^ I don't think to go.. because.. you know.. my aim is Australia=) ahah=)
Oh yes... now in the new school I'm happy, I get on with my classmates and I go well=)=) in the first school my classmates were all... so unpleasant and everyone is snooty!! When I arrived in class no one told me hello or they never helped me on tests.. in that school everything is like a competition and the teachers didn't help me at all=(
fortunately I changed the school^^

Have a good day^^
At 9:18am on June 7, 2010, Federica said…
Yeah!! it must be very difficult to understand old words in English.. well I'm gonna have to do a long work of translation=/ Oh you're very kind^^ it will be an invaluable help for me if you can help me sometimes and if I won't understand some words but.. I don't have any doubts about it, surely I'll need it=) thanks very much^^

Yes.. high school is before university right?? well and how many years does high school last there? Here the school before university (high school I suppose^^) lasts 5 years and I'm in the 2nd too, so 3 years yet.. well..... I failed one year.. the first year of high school=/ I should be in 3rd=) but.. it doesn't matter=)

Have a good day=)
At 6:03am on June 6, 2010, Federica said…
Oh well okay=) it's better if they don't want to eat people=) I'll always swim then=)

Oh yes=) you've understood perfectly.. like Shakespeare=) old and different words and sometimes I don't understand what they say.. and it's so boring to look up a word in the dictionary=/ Actually I never do it=) I think next year I'll study something of Shakespeare in English!! Surely it will be very difficult=/
Sorry but are you already in high school or you will be next year??

Have a good day=)

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