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At 11:07pm on February 6, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Excellent - I read the book and enjoyed it :) :) :) Have a lovely one!

At 9:45pm on February 1, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

I know what you mean - I think the last 5 years or something we've had 45-48C days over summer and it was too much!!! This year, 10C less than that so far, which is much more doable (thought still pretty bad when it's muggy - humid - as well, which it has been lately).

I managed to read some of the book last night, and enjoyed what I've read so far - thanks for sharing your like! :) :) :)

Hope you're having a good time,

Aaralyn :) :) :)

At 8:27pm on January 31, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Bit like our summer so far has not been super hot like it has been most years recently (though still pretty darn hot!!! :) :) :D). Do you like it less cold or prefer colder winters?

I just borrowed When Gods Die today (it got transferred from another branch where it was residing yesterday)! I'm looking forward to starting it, though it may have to wait til tomorrow cos I have to get house ready for house inspection tomorrow (landlord trying to sell so frequent potential owners going through the house - frustrating, not having place to ourselves very often at mo! :( ). Hope your day was good yesterday and is going nicely today :) Best wishes :) Aaralyn

At 11:36pm on January 30, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Funnily enough, my library has every single book in the series that's out so far! I just looked it up! That is pretty cool, I reckon! :) :) :) Not usually the case ;) That's nice that you have a laptop and can download onto it. I would like a laptop one day - can't afford it as yet. ;) I'm not fond of reading on computer though - much prefer a hard copy - easier on my eyes. :) But my housemate is like you, reads pretty much everything online or downloads it to his laptop and reads it on there. :)

We had a cooler day today (20C) after our 31-34C days recently - nice to have a breather from the humidity ;) How's it there? Freezing? Hope you're enjoying things :) Aaralyn

At 1:57am on January 27, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Forgot to answer your first question. Recently the Government was planning to make gay and lesbian marriage legal, but so many people kicked up a stink about it, they ended up not going the whole hog, so gay and lesbian people are able to be legally partnered but don't have the full rights of a married couple. It's a lot closer than it was, though, which I think is good. Maybe later it will go the whole hog. :)

At 1:54am on January 27, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

I've read Jack Whyte's books and liked them. The Sebastian books sound really good - I'd love to give them a go! :) For some reason I love stuff with viscounts and all in them :) :) :)

Keep enjoying the Robert Jordan books :) :) :) Good memory to you! ;P :D Hope your weather is alright for you today - ours is a little hot now but was quite nice during the day, in my opinion. :) :) :) I need to find another good book to read but I've somehow lost my library card - I may have to get a replacement! I may have left it with the librarian last time I was there. Not sure - usually put it in my wallet, same place every time, so unusual not to have it. ;)

Have a nice one!


At 9:59pm on January 23, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

They do have the new series with the kids of previous Degrassi kids here - I don't watch it though, don't watch much tv at present. But I absolutely love Merlin (it's my favourite show) - watch it every Sunday that it's on - and I love Grey's Anatomy and The Mentalist, though I've been having a break from most tv (other than Merlin) for a while so haven't seen the latest series of either. I agree, 90's tv was better. :)

I love to read too, and fantasy is my very favourite genre, then historical fiction and mysteries, funnily enough! :) :) :) I love Robin Hobb's Assassin series best (though the first book and first 40 pages of second she hasn't really got into the beautiful spirit of her characters yet, but from then on it's all gold, in my opinion!). I haven't read Robert Jordan - I'll have to give him a try. :) Lately I've been reading some historical fiction and mysteries (I find it hard to find good fantasy authors I like in the library - they mainly have Forgotten Realms or similar stuff, which I enjoyed as a teenager but now find most of the writing too terribly done to enjoy. :( They do have Robert Jordan and Robin Hobb, though, and some others.

I agree with you about the American government wanting to get away with horrendous things (like seeking oil in Iraq but blaming it on them possibly creating weapons of mass destruction), so that their citizens and the wider world wouldn't stop them (if they weren't in on the plea for oil already, which I believe Britain and Australia were, unfortunately, because we have certainly benefited from Iraq's oil, as well as East Timor's oil, which I just found out more recently and realised Australia's sudden move to help East Timor become independent wasn't based on unselfish motives but on getting control of a major oil field of theirs in exchange!!! And they didn't even do a complete job of helping East Timor become safe from Indonesian military takeover - Timor are having so much trouble from Indonesian military now and our government doesn't care at all because they have the oil they wanted and that's all they ever really wanted. That makes me so mad!!!). Is there oil in Afghanistan too? I wouldn't be surprised. :(

I know what you mean about the media only showing bad stuff about Pakistan and Iraq and Iran and all - same in our country, and I've had a couple of lovely Iraqi friends who had to flee their country because of being a persecuted minority group. They said Iraq was very modern in every way - women got to attend university and get jobs as doctors etc, and didn't have to cover up completely unlike in some Muslim countries, and most people just wanted to live happily together, it was just the extremists who made things hard for everyone. And I lived in a share house with a lovely Irani guy who said a huge number of Irani people from Persian background hate being under Muslim rule and do not live like that (following Muslim rules, esp not the strict dress etc) behind closed doors, but are forced to on pain of death or imprisonment when out on the streets. I've tried to tell that to a lot of people here but they believe the media mostly, unless they've been friends with someone from one of those countries themselves.

Hope you're enjoying your day - it's very hot here! ;)

At 12:38am on January 22, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Yeah, one of our territories (northern Territory) is mainly desert, so lots of land without many people. The other (Australian Capital Territory) is Australia's capital, so not that many people because it's just one area rather than big like the states, so not nearly as many people as the states have.

An Australian writer did a talk for us when I was in high school and she said she was amazed at how ignorant the media in America likes to keep their people. She said when they were translating her work into American (which she thought was unnecessary since they speak English too!) they wouldn't let her use the term 'bunny rug' (which apparently is a baby blanket - I'd never heard of it but seemingly it's an Australianism, according to her) and a lot of other more common (to me, anyway) terms in her book because 'Americans wouldn't understand it'. I thought that was crazy because I like it when there are a few terms in a book that I don't understand, and as long as I can look them up to find their meaning, it's fine. She said she even asked if they could put in a glossary of terms for things Americans wouldn't know, instead of changing the words, and they said, "No. Americans don't like having to look up terms in glossaries, it's spoils their reading enjoyment!" How crazy is that?! So I think a lot of American's ignorance is the fault of their media trying to keep them ignorant.

I agree, I don't like the violence or 'pimps and hoes' etc on American tv, movies and in their music either. Saying that, I do like 'Big Bang Theory' and other fun, mild, interesting or meaningful American shows, and their decent movies and music, but the nasty, violent and hyper-sexual ones I detest.

I guess in Australia a lot of people are influenced by all the American stuff that comes here, so we have the violent/sexual music and so on too, but we have a lot of decent stuff also. Our films aren't often too well written because the film board has stupid rules about how the films should be (i.e. having people talking in that ocker Aussie accent that no-one but those out in outback QLD & NSW country farms have anymore, etc) that make a laughing stock of most movies they put out. I've heard that the old directors of the film board have carked it (died) recently, and apparently the new ones are making some good changes to the rules, so some better films are able to come out now. How glad am I!!! Does your film board have silly rules? I used to like watching the first season of Degrassi Junior High when it came out in Australia years ago, and I liked Northern Exposure - fun sort of wierd. Was Northern Exposure produced by Canadians or Alaskans? :) We don't get much from Canada anymore, unfortunately - I like those shows better than the general American stuff, felt much more fun and interesting and a bit more real to life. :)

At 10:25pm on January 19, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Helping out as stage hand sounds pretty great! Do you get to do it often?

Yes, we have Government loans for Tertiary (i.e. university and technical college) study that we only have to pay back if we're earning enough to do so, and not too quickly, which is great. It's nice that Canada has that too :) :) :) We have states and territories here (there are 5 states and 2 territories). The territories have a much smaller population per amount of land than the states.

At 9:25pm on January 18, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

I'm so sorry about the loss of your job and not being able to find other work. (((((((hugs))))))) I hope you are able to find one soon, or something else to keep you going. I've been in that position before - no fun :( Do you have any community centres in your area (if they have something like that in Canada) where you can do arts and crafts or little mini courses in things while you're looking for work, or know of somewhere you could do some volunteer work? That's what I did when I was home with no work to go to. Keeps you less depressed (for me, at least) because human contact is very necessary to our daily living, I believe, or that's what I found for myself anyway. :) All my good wishes and hopes to you. (((((((((hugs))))))))) At least it's meant you have time to yack (talk) to me every now and then ion the meantime - I've enjoyed that :) :) :)

At 10:18pm on January 16, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Hi again, Lindsay :) I am finally feeling a lot better because the doctor has finally put me on a different asthma preventer - asthma came because of a bad chest infection I had, the doctor said, though it took them a while to figure that out. ;) So I'm not coughing or finding it hard to breathe much anymore because the preventer is working for me. :) :) :) I'm very happy! How are you? I hope things have been going well with you and you've been having some nice times :) :) :)

At 9:18pm on January 9, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

That is cold!!! I'm not jealous, though I wouldn't mind experiencing it once to see what it's like! Glad you had fun at a bar and with your mum for Chrissy and New Year. :) I've been enjoying some beach and countryside outings on my holidays - it's been lovely! Hope you've enjoyed your time post New Year's :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Have a good one, Aaralyn

At 7:12pm on January 2, 2012, Aaralyn D said…

Thanks Lindsay :) :) :) I finally got to go to the beach yesterday - it was great (38C - very hot so being in the cool water was wonderful! I needed my sunscreen and all thought :D ;P ;) How was your Christmas and New Year. Christmas was pretty uneventful for me - fine, and New Year was nice and laid back this year, given I'm still somewhat sick. ;) Hope yours were nice :) :) :) Aaralyn

At 10:07pm on December 21, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Thanks!!!! :) :) :)

At 9:38pm on December 21, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Indeed - happy Christmas if you celebrate it, and if you're in a snowy area, enjoy the snow! I'll be enjoying our 32C heat on Christmas day :D ;P ;) I want to go to the beach and have a swim in the waves! :) :) :) Best wishes for the new year, if I don't talk to you again til then :) :) :) Aaralyn

At 8:20pm on December 19, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

I so agree about his scream in Given Up - I don't quite manage to get to the end of it either!!!

I reckon they don't just cut corners to save money but to also make sure you have to buy the same product again before too long, which I hate! I want to have enough money so I can make a company called 'Built To Last' or something, that makes buildings and cars and equipment of all sorts to last for a long time, and make them to look nice too (A lot of our new buildings are concrete slab buildings, no beauty at all - I don't know that any good architecture from our time will be left standing in 100 years, or maybe even in 50!). That would be great if I could, but I may have to just hope that someone/s else choose to do that, who do have a lot of money to spare. A friend of mine wrote a song about how badly things are made these days, called 'Pushing Cars' - I like his words (and I like the music too :)) - if you want to listen, it's at The Sketching Room - Pushing Cars (just press that and it'll take you there :)).

It's the same here, small companies can't compete so the big companies take most of them over and there's hardly any competition left so they can charge masses and get away with it. :( I don't like the fast food venues here but we have a lot of nice cafes that aren't chains, and they have good decent food, and some of them don't charge too much for it (though some do ;P). Wendy's is pretty cheap and nasty over here.

At 1:36am on December 18, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

I so agree with you about bands singing with voices sounding like machines - I hate it! Give me a good old beautiful normal voice to listen to and I am so much happier and enjoy it light years more! But I wonder if record companies just do that so they can spend less time in the studio recording - just fix up any issues by making everything sound like a machine, no worries, cheap cheap? Yuck!!!! And yeah, I've watched Linkin on internet video too and was glad that they can do all that beautiful singing and rapping on stage. :) Chester's amazing, being able to go so long with the screaming and singing without losing his voice :) :) :) I hope to see LP when they come to Australia next (haven't been able to afford to see them until now, and they didn't come to Australia this year :( :(

Hope you can find the book free on internet - would be nice :)

Hope you're enjoying yourself - I'm still sick but getting better, I think, finally :) :) :)

At 10:13pm on December 13, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

There are a lot of Indians and Pakistanis in Australia too - in Melbourne, many of them are our taxi drivers and petrol station attendants, among other occupations. ;)That's cool that Canada is so Multicultural too - I like everyone's different way of living and different foods and clothing etc :) :) :)

Yes, Australia was where England used to send their criminals (i.e. a starving person stole a loaf of bread, they were sent to Australia on a ship and if they lasted the journey, they could start a new life and have better prospects than they'd had in England - the poor had a chance of getting ahead in life if they were shipped to Australia. But Adelaide was settled by non-convicts who just wanted a chance at a better life in a new land, so people there were a bit snootier to begin with, because they didn't come from convict stock. ;P Parts of Western Australia were also settled by non-convicts wanting a chance at owning land and having a prosperous life (some found it a lot harder life than they bargained for, depending where they landed. ;) If you ever get the chance to read 'Rabbit-Proof Fence', the beginning of it recounts the settling of one part of Western Australia in the beginning days of white settlement. :) It's a great story, in my opinion. :)

At 7:55pm on December 10, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Sounds lovely, being let out of class to play int he snow :) :) :) Nice teacher :) :) :)

Australia has no official second language like Canada has, but there are so many people from so many different countries here - lots of Vietnamese, Sudanese, Greek, Italian, many Islanders from Polynesia, Chinese, Malaysians... (also people from Russian type countries, Middle East, western Europe) - that there are a lot of people who speak a lot of different second and third languages. I know a very little Indonesian, German and Italian and am trying to learn a little Spanish and French (I would love to learn Vietnamese but would need to find someone to teach me ;)). My city, Melbourne, is one of the most cosmopolitan in Australia, along with Sydney. :) My first primary school had about 99% Vietnamese kids in it and just a few Anglo, etc, kids :)

Hope you're having a good one :)


At 9:52pm on December 6, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Sounds like a great place to live! :) :) :) I would love to be somewhere where there's snow one Christmas - it is sometimes rainy but always at least 15C here at Christmas, if not 30C or above and very sunny ;D Here, it wouldn't be Christmas without flies, pretty much :D ;) :P


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