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At 11:01pm on December 4, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Sorry my reply is so late! I've been sick still and not managing to get to the library because of it :(

Oh, strong winds! We had some of those (though only 60km/h) not so long ago also. I guess in Melbourne where I am we often get the weather changing every five minutes, also, although today it has been lovely sunny weather all day, which has been really lovely. Canada sounds like Australia - some parts here are very hot and humid a lot, some cool and rainy a lot, some more temperate, some scorching hot and not a cloud in sight often enough. And 90% of our population lives on the coast, because most of inner Australia is desert! Not the best place to live, the desert, though parts of it are beautiful ;)

I think I would like to live in the part of Canada that was only cold for 2 months, if I ever got the chance to live there :) :P ;)

Have a nice one - lovely talking to you again! :)


At 7:25pm on November 29, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

I'm like you, grew up too poor to visit any other countries (except New Zealand, when I was 9, but back then it was cheaper to fly to New Zealand from Melbourne than to Queensland, plus under 12 kids prices were a lot cheaper ;)). I have lived in most states of Australia and visited all but the Northern Territory, tried to see as many of the natural beauties here as I could (and still plan to see more :)). Would love to see Canada's one day :)

Yes, we have free health care here, too, which is great or I'd have a lot of trouble ever managing to afford the doctor. :) I wish all countries had free health care, for the sake of the poor, disabled and unemployed etc. :)

Hope you're having a nice one - it's raining here right now but quite a nice day regardless - and summer begins tomorrow (does your winter begin tomorrow, or later on, or already begun?).

Thanks, Aaralyn

At 11:10pm on November 27, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Me too! I'd love to visit just about every country in the world (just not the war-torn ones or ones dangerous to visit in other ways). I hope I get the money to some day. :)

At 1:57am on November 27, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

That's right, we do have seasons in reverse :) :) :) Sorry for late reply, been very sick with fever and stuff :( Hope to talk to you again soon - Canada is a beautiful country, I'd love to visit all the natural parks there and have some maple syrup pancakes! :) I love maple syrup :) Talk to you next time :) Aaralyn

At 10:25pm on November 21, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

Yeah, I've liked them since I heard them in the back of a friend of a friend's car (Hybrid Theory album, loved Crawling and Pushing Me Away and One Step Closer. Been sick or I'd have replied sooner :) I also like that they try to make a difference. :) It's great - and their very real lyrics. ;) Have a nice one :)

At 10:30pm on November 15, 2011, Aaralyn D said…

They are all great, hey! :) :) :) Have a nice one :) :) :)



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